Anonymous Venetian-CTRC Ion Sava

01 June 2014

A production of the "Ion Sava" Center for Theater Research and Creation   The Anonymous Venetian is a play about a short, last meeting between two people who experienced a great love from an early age and whom life, with its unforeseen twists and turns, separated. They find each other again for a day. They live it with the intensity of a lifetime. Both of an ardent and unpredictable disposition, they are caught in a movie-like love, a love that in the end goes beyond a....death in Venice; nothing can separate them, no matter the obstacles... More details     Translated by Bianca-Lidia Zbarcea MTTLC, University of Bucharest

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17 September 2014

Musical play that is not a Music Hall” A project carried out under the programme “9G at NTB” (A New Generation of creators)   If we were to define the genre we cannot call it as being a concert, a musical play, a musical improvisation or an acting exercise. It is only a play in which you shall laugh…really, 3 actors and other 20 partners… or musical instruments. The tonight orchestra transforms the concert into a theatre performance, as the backstage actions are more spectacular than the stage performance. Instruments are getting crazy and the artists are a dispersion of sounds. A humourous story, where three characters are fighting for the (constantly) impredictible path of supremacy on stage. A concert in which are stored a cheerful, sonorous and rhythmic story. Are you ready for an hour of musical and theatrical marathon which goes, at the speed of light, from Mozart to rock…and chansonettes? Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for maximum laughter. More details     Translated by Gheorghescu Iulia MTTLC, University of Bucharest

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02 October 2014

A production of the "Ion Sava" Center for Theater Research and Creation   Details of the show 

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Buy Nothing Day - CTRC Ion Sava

05 November 2014

“Buy Nothing Day” is a fresh show which feels the young generation’s pulse in a brave and witting manner. Loaded with vital messages from the present-day social, political and economical spheres, “Buy Nothing Day” tells us about the change that emerges from every individual. The play makes a call to humor (without drifting into sarcasm), activism (with no suggestion of extremism) and to contemporary, scintillating artistic solutions in terms of sound, set and design. Kim Atle Hansen is a Norwegian play writer, actor and activist, author of several plays about problems of today’s society. He works at Norske Theater, and “Buy Nothing Day” is his most known play, set so far in the UK, Brazil, Italy, The USA and Russia. “This text is destined rather to a performative convention than a type of emotionally motivated game” More details  Translated by Podaru Gina MTTLC, University of Bucharest

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The Two Character Play - Ion Sava Center

29 November 2014

The play of the famous American playwright was translated and performed for the first time on our stages. The Two Character Play is an autobiographic story, in which life and art intertwine, and the spectator is invited to do an exercise of imagination. Tennessee Williams, the author of fragile worlds and glass menageries, opens himself to us, confesses and whispers his story and that of his sister. ‘But you don’t know Miss Rose and you never will, unless you come to know her through my play. This is why I will put her on the bookshelf or on the theatre stage for you’. Iris Spiridon takes her out of the shelf and brings her on stage, in a paper reality that imitates life to such an extent that it comes to be identified with the ideal fantasy of a book. It is a book (conceived and completed by the scenographer Cristina Milea) who has all the cards to enter another book, namely that of records, if not for the dimensions (as existing data on the Internet shows), then most certainly for the beauty and the poetry of the image. Inside its pages, Istvan Teglaş and Ioana Mărcoiu come to life in The Two Character Play. ‘Among the themes of the play one can identify claustrophobia, isolation and mental illnesses. Two actors, Clare and Felice, the same as the characters who interpret them, don’t manage to clarify themselves and evade their damaged mental state, no matter how hard they struggle. The spectators are also faced with the dark truths of what being human means while they are watching The Two Character Play. It is an illusion without illusion, a play without a script, a grain of truth which lacks discernment.’ – Iris Spiridon Translated by Manuela Chira Cristina    

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Organic - CCCT

14 February 2015

The show brings forward a dire subject, taken from today’s topical news – organ trafficking – and tells a realistic story... but envelops it in a black comedy of good quality. The American dream and the life of emmigrants in a chameleonic ideal world takes on dramatic accents, as well as comical ones. Just imagine what the Bundys from the well-known comedy series would look like, if they lived off organ trade, instead of shoe sales... Organic is a very present and engaging show, displaying grave accents, humor and irony, all accompanied by musical, theatrical, choreographic and visual surprises. Translated by Ioana Axenoi - Pănescu   Details   

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After Hours - CCCT

20 September 2015

Building on a joke, After Hours develops a dialogue of the absurd superficiality surrounding us, into a scenic discourse about communication or its absence, about loneliness or refuge. A simple story, highlighting through bursts of laughter, small or big life issues. One night, two men meet in a bar… They are drinking, joking, telling stories. An encounter like any other between two people having nothing in common. Until alcohol or despair pushes them towards confessions. Jealousy, hidden plans, adultery, depression… And a twist of fate… like in life! The two are not complete strangers to each other and the encounter was premeditated. “We communicate more and more "poorly" by using the same verbal "crutches", not for accepting the other’s presence, but moreover to confirm to ourselves that we are always right. We have become selfish and have forgotten to truly listen to the other. Very often, we enter a bar and notice that people at the tables are clinging to a glass of alcohol, staring blankly and not communicating (anymore). We have parallel paths and we are afraid of leaving the "citadels" of our ego. We have become "solitary". After Hours is an absurd and comic discourse, or comic and absurd, narrating about loneliness, social inadaptability and emotional numbness. The starting point is the beginning of a joke: "Two guys enter a bar". The two "rogue heroes" are resorting in a "no man's land of non-communication" to the well-known arguments of a talk over a drink: politics, money, women, cars, literature”. – Radu Iacoban   Translated by Simona Nichițeanu   Details   

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Europe Hotel - CCCT

18 November 2015

"Europe Hotel is about the clash between two worlds, that of the Byzantines - (Eastern Europeans), knocking on Europe’s doors from the desire to escape the terror they are experiencing and manifesting itself under many forms and on several levels and the Well-to-Do World of Western Europe, respectively. Seven scenes in which we encounter the characters in their own, self-created purgatory – a drunken patriot, a whore, young people run away from home on their honeymoon, etc.  The show builds around our relationships as people (as citizens of Eastern Europe) with Western Europe. It aims at answering the following questions: How did Western Europe help me personally?, What did it provide to me as individual? and How am I regarded in Europe? - Andrei Raicu    Translated by Simona Nichițeanu   Details  

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Eden - CCCT

15 March 2016

Eden talks about loneliness in the couple and the despair caused by the lack of trust in oneself and in the other, about the orgies of boredom born from this despair. Apparently, a simple story, namely a he and a she, each one with his/ her thoughts, with his/ her projection on incipient love and the current lack of attraction, but especially, with the drama of the marriage bed. She is fat and believes that this has caused the chasm between them. She starts turning into who she was when they met, he observes, but cannot help it or does not wish to escape the mirage of erotic phantasies and unrequited desires. An intoxicating world swarms around them, among parties, alcohol, sex… in a paradoxical night of self-awareness. Eden is a comedy on the tragedy of loneliness or the tragedy of people becoming ridiculously lonely, because they have chosen to live together. “Eden is a show about loneliness. Loneliness as a disease of the human soul. Billy and Breda are the prisoners of their own loneliness. Although a couple, they live their lives separately, without communicating, without opening up to each other, without love, without mystery. They are becoming a contemporary Adam and Eve, inhabitants of an obsolete paradise in which they drown as time passes, haunted by dreams, phantasies and memories, sinking into their own platitude”, explained director Cristina Giurgea. Eden is the fruit of the collaboration between the Irish Embassy (who has given a grant to a master student for enacting an Irish text), the “I.L. Caragiale” National University of Theatrical and Cinematic Arts of Bucharest and NTB (through the “Ion Sava” Centre for Theatrical Research and Creation).   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu   Details  

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Placebo (D)Effect - CCCT

07 April 2016

A lively, engaging and provocative show, about the artificial world we inhabit, about the loneliness caused by excessive communication, about the human in us and about the danger of technological progress. About the things we have forgotten or replaced with technology, about the fear to return to the real life … because the virtual one has become more satisfying. The Placebo (D)Effect is a show with a guaranteed therapeutic effect. Because both the laughter and the thrill, but also the stories told with honesty, the dance and especially the music belong to our human identity. A show reminding us of the importance of real life. 3 stories, 3 relationships and an encounter like a therapy session, where the only therapist is the theatre. 100% 9G at NTB. 100% about the world nowadays.          Translated by Simona Nichiteanu       Details  

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