I do not feed on grand illusions and that’s the probable source for my enthusiasm. I trust what I receive from my audience and in what I believe I can offer.

Silviu Biriş

b. 06.10.1973, Bucureşti

In the current season the actor plays in:

Rumors The Mousetrap The Threepenny Opera

Parts at NTB:

  • Brown - "The Threepenny Opera" by Bertolt Brecht, directed by Gelu Colceag, 2024
  • Mr Two, Witness E - "Machinal. The Musical" after "The Adding Machine" by Elmer Rice, directed by Alexander Hausvater, 2022
  • Ylai - "The Nouveau Criminals" by Edna Mazia, directed by Ion Caramitru, 2019
  • Mr. Paravicini - ’The Mousetrap’’ by Agatha Christie, directed by Erwin Simsensohn, 2018
  • Mace - "Pearls, thread yourselves" by Victor Eftimiu, directed by Dan Puric, 2015
  • Lenny Ganz - "Rumors" by Neil Simon, directed by Ion Caramitru, 2013
  • Valer - „Tartuffe" by Molière, director Andrei Belgrader, 2009     
  • Viktor Viktorovici - „The Suicide" by Nikolai Erdman, director Felix Alexa, 2009
  • Nicolau - „Molto, gran' impressione" by Romulus Vulpescu, director Dan Tudor, 2009     
  • Charles Edstaston - „Catherine The Great" by George Bernard Shaw, director Cornel Todea, 2008  
  • Aurelian - „My Sex Life" by Cornel George Popa, director Sorin Militaru, 2007
  • Lăcustă Vodă - „Sanziana and Pepelea" by Vasile Alecsandri, director Dan Tudor, 2006
  • Valter - „The Idol and Ion Anapoda" by G.M. Zamfirescu, directed by Ion Cojar, 2006
  • Amos, Mr. Cellophane - „Chicago" by Maurine Dallas Watkins, director Ricard Reguant, 2005
  • Tom Junior - „Sweet Bird of Youth" by Tennessee Williams, director Tudor Marascu, 2005
  • Gennaro - „Lucrezia Borgia" by Victor Hugo,  Cristian Ioan, 2005
  • Arthur - „The Egoist" by Jean Anouilh, director Radu Beligan, 2004
  • Young Bick - „Love" by Lajos Barta, director Grigore Gonta, 2004
  • Parcalabul Sandru - „The Sunset of the Sun" by Barbu Stefanescu Delavrancea, director Dan Pita, 2004
  • Souls - „Midnight Summer's Dream" by William Shakespeare, director Felix Alexa, 2003
  • Roby - „Three Sisters" by A.P. Cehov, director Yuri Krasovski, 2002
  • Waiter- „Carnival Adventures" by I.L. Caragiale, director Gelu Colceag, 2002
  • „The Other Cioran" - show by Radu Penciulescu and George Banu by „Cioran's Notebooks", 2002
  • Rasmus, Prosecutor 3 - „The Transformed Peasant" by Ludvig Holberg, director Lucian Giurchescu, 2000
  • Stanley - „Death of a Salesman" by Arthur Miller, director Horea Popescu, 1999
  • The Prince, The Third Brahman, A shadow, a voice - „The King and the Corpse" by Vlad Zografi, director Andreea Vulpe, 1999
  • Flower boy, Gondolier, Receptioner, The telephone (turkinsh and english), Guard 4 - „Travels with my Aunt" by Graham Green, director Petre Bokor, 1998
  • A choir member - „Filoctet" by Sofocle, director Andreea Vulpe, 1998
  • A Voice, a pimp, Man in the park - „Roberto Zucco" by Bernard Marie Koltes, director Felix Alexa, 1995
  • Activities outside NTB: 

Theatre Parts:                                         

Sibiu / Bucharest

  • Lieutenant Zuniga - „The Tragedy of Carmen" by Peter Brook and Marius Constant after Bizet, director Ion Caramitru, UNITER production in the project „Sibiu, European cultural capital 2007"

    Lucia Sturdza Bulandra Theatre:
  • Rica Venturiano - „A Stormy Night" by I.L. Caragiale, director Teodora Campineanu

Literature Museum

  • „Hide and seek" by Tudor Arghezi, poetry show, director Anca Colteanu

Casino Victoria Theatre:

  • „Ionescopade" by Eugene Ionesco, cabaret show, director Andreea Vulpe
  • Nils Hollgersson - „The Wonderful Adventures of Nils Hollgersson" by Selma Llagerlof, director Ion Lucian

Constantin Nottara Theatre:

  • Cristofor Bellea - „Be Good, Cristofor" by Aurel Baranga, director Diana Lupescu, 2007 
  • „The Costumes", pantomime  and step show, director Dan Puric

Variete Globus Circus

  • Fred Astair - „Little Paris", director Brânduşa Novac, 2006

Parts in movie:

  • Raoul - „The Rest is Silence", director Nae Caranfil, 2008 
  • Dragoş - „Stuff That Bear", director Bruno Coppolla, 2005
  • Alexandru cel Mare - „Final Countdown", Parafilm International and ZDF production, Germany, 2003 
  • Gheorghiţă - „Death Triangle", director Sergiu Nicolaescu, 2000
  • Radu Herskovici - „Terente, King of the Swamps", director Andrei Blaier, 1996
  • Gigi The Cameraman - „ Direct Broadcast from Paradise ", director Cornel Diaconu, 1994
  • Radu - „Stone Cross", director Andrei Blaier, 1993


National Art Theatre and Cinema University, Bucharest, Acting section, class of 1997, professor Ion Cojar


Male minor character prize in „Sânziana and Pepelea" by Vasile Alecsandri,
FestCo 2007

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