Current Repertory


by Gigi Căciuleanu


by Gigi Căciuleanu

Gigi Căciuleanu
Gigi Căciuleanu
Corina Grămoşteanu
Original Music:
Lucian Stan, Marius Mateşan, Dan Handrabur, Cristina Handrabur, Cristian Stanciu, Vlaicu Golcea, Mitoş Micleuşanu
Light design:
Silviu Alexandru Andrei

Premiere: 15.06.2012

Duration: 1 h 35 min / Pause: No


50 lei

40 lei

20 lei (reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)

"I wanted to rewrite in my language, that of the choreographic theatre, what exactly our Caragiale's stormy world suggests us. Not a certain play, not one or several of his merciless sketches or stories, not one or several of his harsh moments, but the general impression that all these things put together transmit me.

A Caragiale revisited in our days when Ionescu's absurd is part of our daily logic. A show in which I wanted to explore our everyday world, where everyone is messing around.   

Not only the Romanian mess, but, generally, everyone's mess: humanity."

Gigi Căciuleanu

Translated by: Izabella Feher  

Dancing - actors: Adrian Nour
Alex Călin
Arcadie Rusu
Andrei Iancu
Diana Spiridon
Lari Giorgescu
Ioana Macarie
Ioana Marchidan
Ştefan Lupu
Relu Dobrin
Ramona Bărbulescu
Ana Vișan
Rasmina Călbăjos
Bianca Bor

"The last season ended apotheotically with Gigi Căciuleanu's magical staging "Mess Around", in which Mr. Iancu, who is ours in so many ways, gained planetary dimensions. Through the presentation in dance steps of some iconic texts from the writer's "portfolio", the work of this classic writer from Romanian literature opened up towards the world. Thanks to the genius of the choreographer, he could also be understood by a Japanese person or a Chilean or by any other person in the world.

...a splendid show which explores in a most original manner the potential of the works written by our number one playwright..." (Gabriela Lupu, România liberă, 21 June and 20 September 2012)                                                

"Mess Around" is a vivid show about a world which did not die, a demonstration of style and inventiveness, a very agreeable show and an intelligent crossing through Caragiale's work. (Dan Boicea, Adevărul, 22 June 2012).

It is royal, it is splendid, it is a parade through Caragiale's world, made in dance steps by carefully chosen artists, in order to embody an older big dream of the great choreographer who conquered the entire world, Gigi Căciuleanu. (Alice Năstase-Buciuţă, Tango magazine, 13 July 2012).

...his exceptional success is not exclusively due to the value of the creator and his team, but also, and this can be clearly seen, to the pleasure of inventing on the canvas of the satirical writer's work. (Doina Papp, Bucureştiul Cultural, 7 August 2012).

Up to this moment, the show from the National Theatre from Bucharest is the first memorable event from the "Caragiale Year". Once again, it is proven that Gigi Căciuleanu is a very valuable artist, who proposes us this time, a truly contemporary Caragiale (...), a unique show about our reality inspired from the immortal Caragiale. (Ileana Lucaciu, blog, 18 July 2012).

The show is produced in partnership by the "I. L. Caragiale" National Theatre (under the auspices of the "Ion Sava" Theatrical Research and Creation Centre) and by the "Art Production" Foundation, supported by JTI and the Romanian National Library.    


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