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The Dinner Game

by Francis Veber

The Dinner Game

by Francis Veber

Translation: Tudor Ţepeneag
Ion Caramitru
Florilena Popescu Fărcăşanu

Premiere: 30.10.2010

Duration: 1 h 40 min / Pause: No


100 lei - Loja Oficială

80 lei

60 lei

30 lei (reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)

With a savoury, comical approach to the renowned theme of stupidity, Veber's play starts off with the farcical idea of a dinner between a group of intellectual, snobbish and sarcastic friends, a dinner whose guests candidate, without being aware of it, to the title of the perfect fool. At the end of such a postponed dinner and of a humorous feast, which unfolds exactly by the book, the author serves, for desert, a life lesson dealt with French refinement and subtlety:  who is, in fact, the fool?...

If you want to enjoy yourselves, forget all about your worries, be amused, laugh and laugh again, then go watch this savoury, well structured, vivid, alert, forceful comedy, which features a perfect cast.

Francois: Horaţiu Mălăele                      Pierre: Ion Caramitru
Marlene: Medeea Marinescu
Aylin Cadîr
                     Cheval: Alexandru Bindea
Christine: Costina Cheyrouze
Teodora Mareş
                     Leblanc: Dorin Andone
Tomi Cristin
Archambaud: Alexandru Georgescu                     
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