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The Idol and Ion Anapoda

by G.M. Zamfirescu

The Idol and Ion Anapoda

by G.M. Zamfirescu

Ion Cojar
Liliana Cenean, Ştefan Caragiu
Literary Secretary:
Claudiu Cristescu

Premiere: 27.01.2006

Last performance: 29.11.2019

Duration: 1 h 45 min / Pause: No


50 lei

40 lei

20 lei (reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)

Bittersweet comedy about the pursuit of happiness, written by one of the most important interwar Romanian playwrights. The protagonist, a subtle rationalist, builds up his own personality through love, gentleness and an unflinching faith in the purity of moral values.

Ion: Dan Puric                      Stavaroaia: Adela Mărculescu
Mioara: Ileana Olteanu
Cesonia Postelnicu
                     Frosa: Irina Cojar
Valter: Silviu Biriş                      Aristotel Matac: Alexandru Hasnaş
Icu Danicel: Afrodita Androne                      Icu Dănicel: Erika Băieşu

"Exceptional professor and theoretician of the art of the actor, director Ion Cojar proposes a genuine theatre show, moving, traditional through a new approach of the play, unveiling impactful traits, with direct reference to the news of our days.

Director Ion Cojar does not force in any way the note of topicality, collaborates with scenographers Liliana Cenean and Ştefan Caragiu, as well as with an admirable team of actors and proves that since always principles and morals have undergone moments of crisis.

The success of the emotion emanated by this show, challenging us to think about the meaning of principles and moral, is due to the directorial project, embodied by the actors beyond reproach".

Ileana Lucaciu, România Liberă – Leisure, 2006 – A show for anyone’s soul

“If you like romantic comedies, I heartily recommend this show.

If you don’t like them, never mind: the show recommends itself, through exceptional actors. Dan Puric and Ileana Stana Ionescu are extraordinary, but also the entire cast is at great height. The direction of maestro Ion Cojar, based on the careful work with the actor and the emotion of the spectator, is the second strength of the show.

A bitter comedy with a happy-end, about an awry man who succeeds, without intending it, to transform the ugly duckling (Irina Cojar in Frosa) into a beautiful and especially loved woman. A sensitive, yet humorous „Pygmalion”; Romanian yet elegant, interwar yet topical.

A show tackling with modesty and tenderness the idealism, humanity and love. And one more thing: the joy of theatre, the joy of the actors to perform for you and your joy to watch them, to laugh and cry to a beautiful story. Nothing more and nothing less”.

Maria Manolescu, Time Out, 3-16 March 2006 – The Idol and Ion Anapoda  

„In the comedy scattered with petty sorrows and disturbing music, Frosa (Irina Cojar), the orphan servant, resurrects the myth of Cinderella turning into a woman, whose beauty and intelligence no one would have suspected. The text by G. M. Zamfirescu was staged by one of the best theatre theoreticians currently in Romania, Ion Cojar”.

Dan Boicea, Adevărul – 2006 - „Molly Sweeney” and „The Idol and Ion Anapoda” trigger the war of quality on the Bucharest stages 

„Firstly Ion, performed by Dan Puric, was the less eternal good-for-nothing which earned him the nickname Anapoda, but the fierce defender of some principles which might seem strange in the eyes of the ones accustomed to compromise. Puric, the matchless mime, the bold author of shows, also proves to be an excellent performer, who knows how to pass briskly from states of nervousness and extreme agitation to a meditative calmness of a Buddhist monk. Very good is also the young Irina Cojar, great granddaughter of G. M. Zamfirescu, performing the rather difficult role of Frosa. (…) Ileana Stana Ionescu, who already impersonated Stăvăroaia before, confers her now more colour. The authoritarian host with the chambermaid and her two tenants is tender to the granddaughter, dreams about the fortune she shall acquire through Mioara’s marriage to the „Tired death”, stoically welcomes the disappointment, but also displays erotic inclinations towards Ion. Her performance is so provoking, that almost every retort or gesture is rewarded with applause”.

Octavian Sava, Cronica Română, 17 October 2006 - "The Idol and Ion Anapoda" at the National 

"The first enactment with "The Idol and Ion Anapoda" signed by Ion Cojar took place on the stage of the National Theatre in 1980, the billboard registering, for eleven seasons, resonant names of our first stage: Ileana Stana Ionescu, Adela Mărculescu, Coca Andronescu, Mihai Fotino, George Paul Avram, Ion Marinescu. Now still at the National Theatre of Bucharest, Ion Cojar rediscovers for the second time the profoundly human meanings, the moral principles detaching from the comedy of G.M. Zamfirescu, a show in which the performing virtuosity blends with an impecable directorial undertaking. Moreover, today’s enactment has a rediscovered topicality, rediscovered in the permanence of social morality and customs, naturally combines humour with lyricism and a core of bitterness.

The stage designers Liliana Cenean and Ştefan Caragiu were in consensus with the directorial concept, creating the intimate atmosphere of the "Black Box" Hall, a functional scenery with epochal scent, actually a "showcase" from which the comedy heroes emerge, each one from his isolated room, in order to reveal themselves to us in the spacious salon – living room. The plot is as simple, as charged with meanings".

Eugen Comarnescu, Cronica Română, 2006 - The rediscovery of a savoury interwar text 

"An undeniable merit of success then and now belongs to Ileana Stana Ionescu. The years were gentle on her. Ileana is as young, explosive, with a temper dominating everyone and enthralling the spectator. (...)

A harmony stemming from her extraordinary instinct for the stage, the seriousness and honesty with which she approaches each role. Not only the character is enlivened by her, but also her entire life experience, her most profound thoughts flow over the character. A harmony which, as a matter of fact, is also felt by the other colleagues when they join her and by the audience, of course".

Irina Budeanu, Azi – 2016 - Stăvăroaia with Ileana Stana Ionescu 

"Under the lens of the author’s lucidity, Ion Cojar has transformed bitter comedy, with succulent, but cynical humour, proving that the most elevating tendencies and human feelings must not only remain illusory and ridiculous through their honesty and be concealed. Not only the world of G. M. Zamfirescu, but also our world is a world of sentimental tricks, of derision which we acknowledge when we know our own limits, the one bringing us, sometimes, brutally down. Thus, in the extraordinary vitality of characters, contradicting their traditional lyricism, lies the key to originality and success of this enactment. The producer has distilled and modernized the spirit of Gemi, thanks to the exquisite acting performances".

Mădălina Dumitrache, Catchy – The discrete charm of old-fashioned comedy – The Idol and Ion Anapoda 

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