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The Magistrate

after Arthur Wing Pinero

The Magistrate

after Arthur Wing Pinero

Translation: Valeriu Moisescu
Dan Tudor
Dan Tudor
Dan Tudor
Original Music:
Dan Tudor
Andrada Chiriac
Florin Fieroiu
Technical Director:
Costi Lupșa

Premiere: 01.10.2023

Duration: 2 h 40 min / Pause: 15 min

26 Apr 2024 19:00
08 May 2024 19:00

80 lei

60 lei
30 lei (cu reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)

Who would have thought that the life of a magistrate next to a young, charming wife and a teenager set on the naughtiest of deeds could be easy? When the daily routine is disrupted by the appearance of his sister-in-law (caught between a love affair and a bet at the horse races) and his "retired" friend-colonel - both holders of a vital secret concerning Mrs Posket's morality - one could say that the life of magistrate Aeneas Posket is quite complicated! But when the lawman himself is "caught" in situations on the edge of the law, then you can believe that it's not the hand of fate that's at work, but the condescension of the finest farceur in Victorian English theatre, Sir Arthur Wing Pinero (1855-1934).

A creator of parlor comedies enjoyed by a diverse audience, Arthur Pinero, often compared to the French boulevardiers for his fine satire of the morals of English society in the late 19th century, is still successfully staged today, with "The Secret of the Poskets" ("The Magistrate") being one of the record-breaking plays to have opened at the Royal Court in 1885.

Relying largely on the team with whom he shared the success of "Titanic...", Dan Tudor - director known for his shows with huge public success - invites us, this time, to escape into a burlesque comic fantasy, overflowing with bold colors and energy, moments of fun and amazing gags reminiscent of the masters of silent film Mack Sennett or Buster Keaton, but also of more recent kings of humor Jacques Tati, Louis de Funès or Peter Sellers. Let's discover together the secrets of a world hidden under the mask of puritanism thanks to the inventiveness of the directors and the terrifically funny performances of the actors.


Translated by Andreea Codrea-Boeriu

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Mr. Posket: Dan Puric Agatha Posket: Monica Davidescu
Charlotte: Irina Cojar Cis Farringdon: Ionuț Toader
Colonel Lukyn: Dan Tudor Captain Horace Vale: Marius Rizea
Mr. Bullamy: Dragoş Ionescu Mr. Wormington: Tomi Cristin
Wyke: Mihai Munteniţă Beatie Tomlinson: Fulvia Folosea
Popham: Afrodita Androne Inspector Messiter: Marcelo-S Cobzariu
Achille Blond: Daniel Badale Isidore: Andrei Duban
Marlene : Oana Constantinescu Policeman Harris: Axel Moustache
Policeman Bird: Vlad Vîlciu Policeman Fox: Adrian Dima
Policeman Wolf: Ionuț Gurgu

"Relying largely on the team with whom he shared the success of "Titanic Waltz", Dan Tudor - director known for his highly successful performances - shows a complete faith in Arthur W. Pinero's text, grafted according to the taste of the times, but also an uncompromising confidence in the acting forces of NTB, which he exploited with finesse. When comedy is taken seriously, things can be more easily controlled, and the artist's role in (re)-humanising an increasingly debauched universe is more obvious, justifying the need for burlesque."

Mădălina Dumitrache, Belle Esprit - "The Magistrate"  

"A foxy, tousle-haired Dan Tudor no longer cares what people say, he only cares how much people applaud his performances, which are always built on a story that combines drama and comedy and delicately touches on tragedy, that does not shy away from burlesque and does not shy away from the text. What's more, he reconfigures it in his own image, taking into account the psychological structure of today's audience, especially when adapting classical texts.

He doesn't update formally, replacing the classic phone with the mobile phone, but with respect for the author, jumping in to help him, eliminating what has become too outdated and reconfiguring certain scenes to give fluidity where he sees a possibility.

Actor Dan Tudor merges perfectly with director Dan Tudor and vice versa.

Playwright Arthur Wing Pinero's text (...) holds many British-style islands and islets that provide the entire cast with oases of acting bliss.

The unusual moments, realistic and surreal, are the most successful, but also those built on burlesque in this vision accentuated by Dan Puric's acting, both in his rigid aristocratic positioning and in the numerous pantomime moments, especially in the final part, where the character of Mr Posket appears literally and figuratively wrecked after his nocturnal affair, when his beloved wife, Agatha, played frantically by Monica Davidescu, has her own affair with Colonel Lukyn, played remarkably and impeccably made up by director Dan Tudor himself.

Dinu Grigorescu, Rinocerul Magazine - Three hours of comedy by Dan Tudor - The Magistrate  

"In the staging in Bucharest, Aeneas Posket, the main character of the play, is portrayed by Dan Puric, who takes this role to a high level of humor and tragic farce. I say this because through his mimicry, his movements and gestures, he creates amusement without saying anything. He's the type of character who doesn't notice the problems in his own family, but doesn't have to, when he himself is a caricature in British society. Puric combines choreographic and acting elements to build a complex stage character, and I can say that his energy, the energy he introduces into the character, guides the rhythm of the show. (...)

If you want to see a boulevard comedy, it's worth breaking three hours for the experience of the show, but also for Dan Puric's exceptional acting."

Andrei Bulboacă, Ficțiunea Magazine – Eight Reasons - The strangeness of the Poskets   


Translated by Andreea Codrea-Boeriu

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