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The National Theatre for Children

The National Theatre for Children

Premiere: 22.04.2001

Duration: 1 h 30 min / Pause: No

The Media Hall
05 May 2019 (The Media Hall) 11:00
12 May 2019 (The Media Hall) 11:00
19 May 2019 (The Media Hall) 11:00
26 May 2019 (The Media Hall) 11:00

20 lei


Interactive theatre, shows for children aged 4-10 



The Abracadabra National Theatre for ChildrenCelebrates 18 Years!

The story, goes on ...

Once upon a time ... so do all the stories start. On a spring day, more precisely in the flowers’ day, Palm Sunday has opened a new playground for children: the Abracadabra National Theatre for Children. Hosted by the beautiful halls of the National Theatre of Bucharest, every Sunday, children were invited to climb on stage and become the heroes of the stories. The author of this theatre game was the Magician of Stories who, for 10 years, had entered ... the TV setsof the Romanian homes.

The magic of stories was brought to the stage of the theatre, and the children could continue playing, they were actors - performers who played the characters of the stories. An interesting concept appeared in the theatrical world through the association between the National Theatre of Bucharest and the Abracadabra Foundation.

The Magician of Stories, together with his assistants, managed to put on stage every Sunday stories known or unknown, for old and young children, and so the show became a feast for the whole family.

18 years have elapsed since the beginning of the story. We changed halls. The face of the building, but also the inside of the NTB, has changed. Thousands of spectators - actors have passed on the stage. Heartfelt thanks because thanks to you, dear young and old children, this project exists!

To celebrate this "Full age" we have prepared two magical shows ( April 14th and April 21st, 2019) - related to Romanian Tales and Celebrations.

If you were viewers in this project, the Abracadabra National Theatre for Children, and if you liked it, please give us a sign, because the story ... continues ...

Thank you and we love you, we wish you "Beautiful Holidays"!

Magi and his team


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 


The National Theatre for Children is a project initiated by the Abracadabra Foundation, which is run by the actor Marian Ralea in partnership with the National Theatre of Bucharest. Here, children go on stage and become the fairytales' heroes. As in a true magical place, the children, "armed" with only simple elements of costumes and décor, learn how to conquer their fears and bravely fight the evil spirits and dark forces found in old and new Romanian fairytales.

The Fairytales Magician and his crew invite the theatre's little spectators to a theatrical season, titled Romanian fairytales, which will be full of events and novelties,. Playing Theatre will once again be the key element of the Sunday get-togethers so loved by the little ones and also by parents and grandparents.

Soon, a new project for both young and older children will come to life. It will appear under the title "Theatre as a Game" and will be a Club for initiation in theatre.

The National Theatre of Bucharest has changed its appearance. The complex modernisation process includes both the current theatrical season and the ones which are to follow. In this context, the Theatre for Children is challenged to redefine its mission in this new, complex and powerful cultural centre. We invite you to whiteness this transformation.

The entrance to the Media Hall is from Batiștei Street, on the newly built avenue linking the Studio Hall to the Great Hall, through NTB's Ticket Agency. All tickets cost 20 lei. Running time: 2 hours. 


Translated by: Ivan Diana Ioana

MTTLC, The University of Bucharest

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The Magician: Marian Râlea                      The good fairy from Wonderland: Adina Cristescu
The Clown: Florin Pârvu                      The Children Troupe: Copiii din public
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