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The Nouveau Criminals

by Edna Mazia

The Nouveau Criminals

by Edna Mazia

Translation: Etgard Bitel
Ion Caramitru
Assistant Director:
Patricia Katona
Light design:
Chris Jaeger
Florin Fieroiu
Florilena Popescu Fărcăşanu
Costumes Assistant:
Corina Boboc
Călin Țopa

Duration: 2 h 30 min / Pause: 20 min

21 Mar 2019 (The Grand Hall) 19:30
31 Mar 2019 (The Grand Hall) 19:30
11 Apr 2019 (The Grand Hall) 19:30

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20 lei (cu reducere pentru elevi, studenţi şi pensionari)

Show not recommended for minors under the age of 14.


With The Nouveau Criminals, the successful Israeli author Edna Mazia offers you the opportunity of a five star encounter, with characters which shall attract you to the saraband of events which you shall not escape unless you let laughter envelop you and lead you towards relaxation with no way back…

You shall cry with laughter at the challenges faced by the „nouveau criminals”… The humour and wisdom of an honest family of our days shall persuade you that it is worthwhile confronting fate even if one becomes its toy, even if the whole world has gone mad and ... even if „everything is but ...a great brothel”!!!

Edna Mazia (born on July 24th 1949, Tel Aviv, Israel) Drama author, writer, screenwriter and theatre director. She graduated from the MA studies of philosophy and theatre at the Tel Aviv University, where she later taught creative writing courses. At the Kameri theatre of Tel Aviv, she directed the plays of her best friend,  Anat Gov: Best Friends, Lysistrata 2000, Oh God, House Husband, Warm Family.

Her rich activity in the theatre field was preceded by some film scripts written for Israeli director Amos Gutman. With the play „Mischakim Bechatzer Ha-achorit” (Games in the Backyard, 1993), a docudrama inspired by a group rape case which has shaken the country, from the kibbutz Shomrat – 1993, followed by „Sipur Mishpahti (A Family Story, play in two acts, Or Am Publishing – 1997), and by „Hamordim” (The Rebels), play in two acts, Or Am Publishing – 1999, inspired by the political activity of her parents, Edna Mazia conquered her fame as a playwright well anchored in reality and she earned major awards and distinctions.                              

Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 


Photo Florin Ghioca

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The Grand Hall 19:30 Buy tickets
Dorina: Virginia Mirea                      Arie: Andrei Finţi
Anca: Alexandrina Halic                      Bambi: Teodora Mareş
Ylai: Silviu Biriş                      Sarit: Afrodita Androne
Naomi: Ileana Olteanu                      Sigal: Aylin Cadîr
Diana Sar
Miki: Cosmina Olariu                      Șimșon: Daniel Badale
Haim: George Piștereanu                      Client: Mihai Verbiţchi
Șlomo: Alexandru Hasnaş                      Roy: Viorel Florea
Police Officers: Alexandru Popescu
Nicoleta Tase
                     The Young Boy: Aris Bănuţoiu
Hava Nagila interpretation: Emy Drăgoi                     

"The Nouveau Criminals" is the type of show whose recipe contains all the ingredients of certain success: a mixture of humour and tenderness, sensational actors, a seductive story since the very first retorts, a directorial vision that relies on performers, but also on an engaging pace and surprising proposals. (...)

But, undoubtedly, "The Nouveau Criminals" is Virginia Mirea's most glorious show. Unique actress, she acheives here a fabulous score, energetic, comic-dramatic, filigree, and magistral. Dorina is a strong and frailmater familias, an explosion of vitality, magic, delicacy and courage. " 

Razvana Nita, Acta est fabula - When Life Gives You Lemons ...  

"The show The Nouveau Criminals stands out through an accuracy that does not only signify the clarity and sobriety of the scenic construction, but also the truth of the text (built in the manner pièce à thèse). The merit of the stage director, Ion Caramitru (assistant director Patricia Katona), can be found in the ambience suggestions (the interpretation of the song "Hava Nagila: Emy Dragoy), but especially in exceptional acting performances. Nuanced and discreet, the directorsthrow a moralizing glance and launch interrogations about family, couple, adultery, prostitution, love, success in life / success, and prompt the modern spectator to seek their own truth. "

Madalina Dumitrache, Bel Esprit - The Irresistible Chaos of Passion - "The Nouveau Criminals"  

"Without exaggeration at all, I confess that the show represented a true artistic "delight". "The Nouveau Criminals" performed with great success in Tel Aviv at Cameri Theatre (with the famous and talented actress of Romanian origin Sandra Sade as lead actress) promises to become the "hit of the year" in Bucharest, on the stage of the National Theatre.

With a team of exceptional actors (...) in a delicious and ingenuous direction by the incredible Ion Caramitru and in a wonderful translation by Etgard Bittel, the play "The Nouveau Criminals" on the stage of the National Theatre of Bucharest enjoys an infallible recipe for success.

Amazing situations, dizzying twists and spicy incidents, delicious happenings and entanglements, inherent clashes between generations, spiced up by the hilarious retorts of a senile grandmother, all directed by Ion Caramitru's sensitive wand turn under the eyes of spectators into a well-rounded show of excellent quality ".

Doina Meiseles, 7.3.2019 • The Weekly Journal, Israel  

"The subject chosen is shocking, with upheavals, with a retort of savory humour and witty substratum, all about a family of ordinary people, wealthy at some point in the past; Dorina, the core man of the family, is struggling to earn money and chooses a suprising... solution. (...)

Virginia Mirea’s "debut" is hilarious; having the experience of the past where the actress has proven the science of playing comedies or drama, she minutely deciphers Dorina’s profile, the woman obsessed with the family’s financial crisis, but ingenious in finding rescue solutions that are however morally questionable. Virginia Mirea lives intensely every moment that Dorina undergoes, with sincerity in the manifestations and constant care to support the various relationships with the demands of the family - the mature children and the husband, but also the "guests" in the flat, the external reactions being doubled by the suggestions of the character’s inner states, emotionally exposed at the end of the performance. Another surprise of the show is caused by Alexandrina Halic in the grandmother's character possibly afflicted withAlzheimer's; with delicacy in her expression, with emphasis on the grandmother's possible illness, the actress humorously emphasizes her slick attitude towards her relationships with those around her." 

Ileana Lucaciu, Spectator - Comedy Offer ... with a Moral   

"The actors with whom Ion Caramitru has embarked on the road have, indeed, a working material that they can use to their heart’s desire, the measure of personal talent and, of course, the directorial rigours. Heading the bill, Virginia Mirea is honoured with a role matching her personality; and in turn, she honours her debut on the stage of the National with a touching, warm and amusing performance at the same time. Without much talk, she is sympathetic and credible, aiming straight for the soul of the spectators she manages to touch and entertain at the same time. "

Bogdan Burileanu, Liternet - Prostitution and Punishment ... Nouveau Criminals   

"A light play, with a strong message , a vaudeville, and NTB is also located on the boulevard, a show that must be seen at all costs. A premiere that, we are certain, shall have a longer career.

The show Nouveau Criminals by Edna Mazia, directed by Ion Caramitru from the National Theatre, features a special programme brochure, because it is illustrated by Horatiu Malaele."

Denis Dinulescu, The Ink Jar - Premiere of Nouveau Criminals by Edna Mazya at the National Theatre   

"Virginia Mirea plays an exceptional role in Dorina! "Nouveau Criminals" is a delightful evening show, from the category of those who transport you into the characters’ adventures and, in the end, you are actually returning happier. Not because the people were out of trouble, but because you had a more than interesting inward journey!"

Eveline Pauna, Blog - Nouveau Criminals   


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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