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As of June 15th, 2020, the performances return to the NTB Amphitheatre, a unique place in Bucharest, located above the National Theatre. At this point, the Amphitheatre is the only stage in Romania built in the open air, located inside a theatre, provided with modern professional equipment and which meets the safety conditions of spectators and artists in order to carry out their activity safely, according to the rules to prevent the spread of Covid 19.

In this first stage of resumption of performances, in order to strictly comply with the recommendations of social distancing, out of the 300 seats of the Amphitheatre, only 60 are offered for sale to the audience.

The actors of the National Theatre will be the main characters of the outdoor amphitheatre this summer, but the programme we have prepared will include independent productions, concerts, film screenings and many other cultural events.

The summer season will open in June with performances from the NTB repertoire, tickets will be on sale starting with Saturday, June 6th, 2020, simultaneously, at the theatre’s box office and through the platform.

For the July show schedule, tickets will go on sale on Saturday, June 12th, 2020.

Spectators are kindly asked to arrive at the theatre at least 30 minutes before the start of the show, in order to comply with the access rules. ATTENTION! Please read the access regulation!

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NTB Amphitheatre Schedule

August 5, 21.30 - The Beauty of Venice in September

August 6, 21.30 - Romanian Diary. 1989

August 7, 21.30 - Romanian Diary. 1989

August 8, 21.30 - Romanian Diary. 1989

August 9, 21.30 - Romanian Diary. 1989

August 11, 21.30 - Matilda and The Grave-makers

August 12, 21.00 - Magic Serial Show with Aylin Cadîr & Emy Drăgoi  

August 14, 21.30 - UFO

August 15, 21.30 - UFO

August 16, 21.30 - Vivien Leigh

August 20, 21:00 – Loose Knit

August 21, 21:00 – Twenty years in Siberia  

August 22, 21:00 - Magic Serial Show with Medeea Marinescu & Emy Drăgoi  

August 23, 21:00 – Once Upon a Time in Romania  

August 25, 21:00 – The Man who saw Death

August 26, 21:00 – Anonymous Venetian  

August 27, 21:00 – Loose Knit

August 28, 21:00 - Matilda and the Grave-makers  

August 29, 21:00 - Allegro, ma non troppo  

August 30, 21:00 - Allegro, ma non troppo  

September 1st, 21:00 - Once Upon a Time in Romania  

September 2nd - HOP Gala

September 3 th - HOP Gala

September 4th - HOP Gala

September 5th - HOP Gala

September 6th - HOP Gala

September 8th, 21:00 – Romanian Diary. 1989  

September 9th, 21:00 - Romanian Diary. 1989

September 10th, 21:00 - Romanian Diary. 1989

September 11th, 21:00 – The Beauty of Venice in September  

September 12th, 21:00 - The Man who saw Death

September 13th, 18:00 - The National Theatre for Children  

September 13th, 21:00 - Vivien Leigh


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