The Seafarer - FNT

By Conor McPherson

The Seafarer - FNT

By Conor McPherson

Cristian Juncu
Cosmin Ardeleanu
Cosmin Ardeleanu
Cosmin Ardeleanu
Stage Movement:
Bordas Attila
Cristian Juncu
Light design:
Cristian Juncu, Sarosi Ferencz

Duration: 3 h 15 min / Pause: 15 min


65 lei

53 lei

Show Presented within the Framework of the National Theatre Festival 2019
Attention! Tickets for NTF shows will be paid at the NTB Box Office in cash only!


Producer "Liviu Rebreanu" Company, Targu-Mures National Theatre

After recently quitting his job, Sharky returns to Dublin to take care of his brother, Richard. The tension between brothers is obvioussince the beginning and is enhanced by the appearance of Sharky's rival, Nicky Giblin, who along with his friend Ivan joins for a poker game.

Nicky Giblin arrives with the mysterious Mr. Lockhart, a refined-looking man. During a tête-à-tête, Lockhart reminds Sharky of their previous encounter, which took place twenty-five years ago, when Sharky agreed to a card game in which he put his soul at stake into a poker game against Lockhart, in an attempt to win his freedom. Sharky won the game with him as well, but provided that Lockhart would play it again.

The play culminates with the game played between the five men, apparently a harmless card game, but that is actually a game for Sharky's soul, as Lockhart reveals, in a series of Sharky's personal disclosures, that he is a Mephistophelian entity. Sharky defeats his opponent once more when, at the climax, Ivan reveals his winning hand of four aces, which he had mistakenly achieved because of his myopia.

Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 


James „Sharky” Harkin: Theo Marton                      Richard Harkin: Nicu Mihoc
Ivan Curry: Dan Rădulescu                      Nicky Giblin: Costin Gavază
Mr. Lockhart: Richard Balint                      Maria: Ale Ţifrea
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