Current Repertory

The Suicide

by Nikolai Erdman

The Suicide

by Nikolai Erdman

Translation: Maşa Dinescu
Felix Alexa
Diana Ruxandra Ion
Light design:
Felix Alexa
Felix Alexa
Felix Alexa

Premiere: 23.05.2009

Duration: 2 h 15 min / Pause: No


60 lei

50 lei

20 lei (reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)

Great theatre directors such as Meyerhold and Stanislavski have desired to stage this bitter comedy, but Stalin himself has banned the play. The follow up? The author, an outstanding playwright, was deported to Siberia and died anonymously. After his death, "The Suicide" has brought Erdman international recognition. A play written with insane courage, in the midst of a brutal totalitarian regime, a desperate cry for the right to whisper. A performance of shocking and painful modernity, about the crisis of a man lost in the waves of a society in crisis.



Semion Semionovici Podsekalnikov: Dan Puric                      Aleksandr Petrovici Kalabuşkin: Costel Constantin
Serafima Ilinicina: Adela Mărculescu                      Maria Lukianovna : Ileana Olteanu
Aristarh Dominikovici Grand-Scoubique: Marius Bodochi                      Egoruşka: Marius Manole
Margarita Ivanovna Peresvetova: Tania Popa                      Viktor Viktorovici: Silviu Biriş
Kleopatra Maksimovna: Florentina Ţilea                      The Priest Elpidi: Andrei Finţi
Raisa Filippovna: Lamia Beligan                      Zinca, the woman with the child: Rodica Ionescu
Nichifor Arsentievici Pugaciov: Mihai Călin
Răzvan Oprea
                     The Seamstress: Iuliana Moise
The Waiter, The Boy: Vitalie Bichir
Mihai Cuciumeanu
                     The Child: Rareș Ularu
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