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The Threepenny Opera

By Bertolt Brecht

The Threepenny Opera

By Bertolt Brecht

Translation: Isaiia Răcăciuni, Ion Cantacuzino și Gelu Colceag
Gelu Colceag
Kurt Weill
Liliana Cenean, Ştefan Caragiu
Roxana Colceag
Choreography Assistant:
Alina Petricä
Musical coordinator:
Marius Leau
Musical training:
Ligia Dunä
Voice training:
Elena Moroșanu
Lighting design:
Laurențiu Iordache
Lighting design assistant:
Alexandru Stănescu, Iulian Pătrașcu
Sound design:
Bogdan Gadola, George Puiu
Video design:
Mircea I. Anca
Assistant Director:
Patricia Katona
Delgated producer:
Mădălina Ciupitu
Technical Director:
Andi Tuinea, Costi Lupșa
Ana-Maria Barangă, Tatiana Oprea

Duration: 3 h / Pause: 15 min

25 Apr 2024 19:00

80 lei

60 lei

30 lei (cu reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)

In Soho, London's revue theatre district, the seductive gangster Mackie-Siș makes the most of his conquests by taking Polly, daughter of Peachum - the "king" of beggars - to the altar. Feeling their business in danger, the Peachums wage a "war" against the dreaded interloper who, with the help of the police, is imprisoned and sentenced to death by hanging. As if by magic, Mackie is saved by a pardon order from the newly crowned Queen, who welcomes him into the nobility, making him a knight!

First staged at Berlin's Schiffbauerdamm Theatre in 1928, Bertolt Brecht's "The Threepenny Opera", set to music by Kurt Weill - a stinging satire on corrupt bourgeois society - conquered from the first musical chords and became one of the best-known and most performed works of German culture.

Present in the midst of the great problems of European life, the prominent playwright and theorist brings to the fore issues of pressing topicality by proposing solutions from the position of revolutionary and theatre reformer. The famous songs, couplets interspersed in the text and sung by different characters, with a pronounced denunciatory and accusatory accent, commenting on facts and expressing an attitude, support the well-known Brechtian theory of the critical distancing of the spectator.

Copyright holder: Suhrkamp Verlag


Photo Florin Ghioca


Translated by Andreea Codrea-Boeriu


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Ion Caramitru Hall 19:00 Sold Out
Mackie the Knife: Marius Manole Mr Peachum: Mircea Rusu
Brown: Silviu Biriş Mrs Peachum: Tania Popa
Polly: Aylin Cadîr
Teodora Calagiu
Lucy: Medeea Marinescu
Low-Dive Jenny: Emilia Popescu Filch: Rareș Florin Stoica
Ciprian Nicula
Money Matthew: Ovidiu Cuncea Hook-finger Jakob: Alexandru Georgescu
Robert the Saw: Mihai Verbiţchi Wally the Weeper: Orodel Olaru
Jimmy: Silviu Mircescu
Mihai Munteniţă
Smith: Daniel Hara
Mihai Munteniţă
The Reverend Kimball: Eduard Cîrlan Whores, Blinds, Beggars: Andreea Alexandrescu
Irina Noapteș
Beatrice Rubică
Oana Laura Gabriela
Cristiana Ioniță
Roxana Colceag
Blinds, Beggars, Constables: Rareș Florin Stoica
Eduard Cîrlan
Alexandru Nicolae Mihai
George Olar
Tiberiu Enache
Horațiu Furnică
Adrian Justin Ilie
Orchestra: Lucian Maxim (percuție / percussion)
Ligia Dună (pian / piano)
Marius Leau (vioară / violin)
Marius Grigorescu (clarinet)
Cristian Nicolae (trompetă / trumpet)
Ciprian Partenie (trombon / trombone)
Răzvan Mihai Grigorescu (chitară / guitar)
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