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50 seconds

by Daniel Oltean

50 seconds

by Daniel Oltean

Eugen Gyemant
Maria Nicola
Alexei Ţurcan
Assistant Director:
Alice Gyemant
Daniel Oltean

Premiere: 13.12.2018

Duration: 1 h 20 min / Pause: No

09 Feb 2023 20:00
23 Mar 2023 20:00

40 lei

20 lei (reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)

"50 Seconds" is the play for which Daniel Oltean won the UNITER Award for Best Play of the Year in 2017.


"An instant and, suddenly, all the suffering disappears."

The show "50 Seconds" is a lucid and tender investigation into the human mind, a show about what is happening within us when we are not paying attention, and of the care we need to show our thoughts.

In the office of a forensic prosecutor, the investigation is in full swing. This, although from a legal point of view, is all clear and the case could already be sued. At least, that is what the documents, the evidence, the criminal proceedings ...

However, a prosecutor is stubborn to see the twisted mechanisms of the mind of a young man who has already acknowledged his guilt. The question is: why? The case is settled, the file is complete, the facts are clear, and the statements clarify everything.

However, beyond the administration of the evidence, there remains the meeting between two people and their stories, because not always the victims are just those mentioned in the minutes ...

With passion for details and inspired by real facts, Daniel Oltean, a very special author (prosecutor, theatrology expert and graduate of drama writing), contemplates people with attention, tenderness and understanding, achieving a minute dramaturgical analysis of all our uncertainties. Together with the actors in the cast, director Eugen Gyemant (at his first NTB enactment) assembles scenes of unrest, humour, poetry, cynicism and unrecognizable fears in a puzzle that we have to complete on our own. Because key pieces are hiding behind words, in a world where love seems to be insufficient.

The stage set created by stage designer Maria Nicola rebuilds the scenery of an investigation office with over 100 witnesses, but it could also be a courtroom, a hospital salon, or an autopsy room.

The alert pace of the show builds on tensions, strong emotions and brief, contrasting sequences that describe almost cinematographically the human relationships between son and mother, defendant and prosecutor, between men and their loneliness, between each of us and the thoughts that overwhelm us.

A relevant show about the surprising labyrinth of the mind, about empathy, loneliness, and the points of anchorage we seek in others, when everything is falling apart within us.


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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The Black Box Hall 20:00 Buy tickets
The Black Box Hall 20:00 Buy tickets

The show “50 Seconds” at the Studio Hall of the Bucharest National Theater is both a lucid investigation, probing, dialogue and a source of rich metaphorical meditations. Playwright Daniel Oltean frequently plays with language, elaborating a complicated lace of voices and points of view in the attempt to portray the anxieties of the protagonists.  

Director Eugen Gyemant (in his first enactment at NTB) proposes a careful reading of the text in a rigorous fit with Hitchcockian highlights. 

The young director of the stage is wonderfully able to build and to re-assemble themes, motifs, situations in a show that attempts to decipher the world in all its absurdity, transforming it into a huge puzzle about the fragility of thoughts that humanize or, on the contrary, dehumanize us. "  

Madalina Dumitrache, Bel Esprit - Emotional Mosaic - 50 Seconds  

"Diana Dumbrava, Alexandru Voicu and Lucian Iftime achieve a true performance. In the first place, because each character is surprising, the actors keep their suspense up to the end, probing not only their personality but their versatility, their interpretation being permanently on the fragile, but fascinating edge between detachment, non-persistence and rigorous precision in the use of means. Memorable! Inspiring!

It is not only a show built with clarity, honesty, cleanliness, craft and passion, but it can be a genuine anthropological experience. "

Razvana Nita, Acta est fabula - In his mind - as a deserted shore, on a working day  

"To talk about death, you need, first of all, courage. (...)

Beyond revealing the intricate mechanisms of the human mind, the show" 50 Seconds ", text by Daniel Oltean, directed by Eugen Gyemant, enacted at the National Theatre of Bucharest , bears impregnated the metaphor of death. As a symbol of liberation. In response to inner searches.  

Daniel Oltean's text has a special emotional load, appeals to the empathy of the audience, causes meditation themes, at the same time, with special arguments, investigating a homicide case (...) a performative highlight stands out: Alexandru Voicu. Although giving the impression of approaching the role with lightness, he leads with an almost astounding naturalness a not in the least comfortable character (...) The type of the rational actor, calculated in gestures and glances, he rages inside after intense experiences and conveys his monologues emotion and content. "

Elena Coman, Yorick - The last breath: 50 seconds and you're gone  

"Daniel Oltean puts into practice his rich prosecutor experience and he originally builds a three-character play about a young man who has murdered his mother, an investigation on the case, simple at first sight, because the son confesses his guilt. Being a fine psychologist, Daniel Oltean shows that the appearance is questionable when you look deeply at the substratum of inter-human relationships (...)

The playwright owns the science of shaping solidly, in various evocations, each character, mother, son, and investigator, a lonely man with personal issues. The text is resourceful for both actors and the director. "

Ileana Lucaciu, Spectator - Spectators challenged to be righteous  

"Built on Agatha Christie's consecrated structure, but a reinvented one, I would venture to say even brought to postmodernism, the play written by Daniel Oltean is more than generous with all three characters who conquer, one after the other, the foreground.

And the question with which you leave the room is which of the two "survivors" has adapted better for the situation, the investigator or the son? About the mother, we can not speak in the present tense, although, to crown all, she is in an insidious and even harassing foreground at certain moments.

A very well-built performance with a triad of excellent actors in the value of a very well-intentioned director and attentive to subtleties, here is a brief description of 50 Seconds from the IL Caragiale National Theatre of Bucharest. Go to see it and you shall understand how valuable / precious become the seconds in the key moments of our lives. "

Nona Rapotan, Book Hub - The dead have the most questions!  

"50 Seconds" by Eugen Gyemant is a mystery story articulated, full of evidence, fake leads and twists that keep you with the mind awake and breathless. And a psychological exam for the spectators.

One leaves the office of this fascinating and intriguing criminal prosecutor with the feeling of an ongoing investigation. In which all certainties actually end up a question mark. Who shall be held accountable and how. Who is to be blamed. Who is indicted. When and how the crime was committed. Who will be absolved. And of which murder.

"50 Seconds" is a wonderful exercise to exploit the relationships between people's loneliness. Between the truths of the individuals, confronted hallucinatingly, resharing righteousness with each new touch.

... a well-rounded show full of tension, suspense and excitement, with poetry and even humour. Black. "

Luciana Antofi, Blog - The need to absolve in order to be absolved:" 50 Seconds" in an hour and a bit of theatre 


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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