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Allegro ma non troppo

by Ion Minulescu

Allegro ma non troppo

by Ion Minulescu

Răzvan Popa
Florilena Popescu Fărcăşanu, Maxim Corciovă
Răzvan Popa
Video Director:
Răzvan Popa
Video Projection:
Andrei Florea
Video Editing:
Daniel Bârzescu
Light design:
Ionel Docan
Eduard Ivan, Călin Țopa
Technical Director:
Costică Lupșa

Premiere: 12.12.2014

Duration: 1 h 35 min / Pause: No

04 Feb 2023 20:00
19 Feb 2023 20:00

50 lei

40 lei

20 lei (cu reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)


 As a renowned playwright whose plays were so successful in his time, Ion Minulescu is best known as the poet of the Novelettes. His plays deserve to be rediscovered for their lively dialogues, the quick wit, the simplicity of the plot, the intellectual verve and the originality of the writing.

It is an emotional comedy, full of love entanglements and dramatic cliff-hangers. A satire of manners with a millionaire, a wife and a playwright, but also other picturesque characters – a mistress, a bargain maker, a servant – will captivate you, for an hour, with the charm and savour of the inter-war period.

We will witness unexpected appearances and turnabouts, a creative blend of theatre and reality and adultery committed before the husband’s very eyes, disguised as a fictional play. In the end, it is a plea for the naturalness in theatre, which must draw from life.


Translated by Bianca-Lidia Zbarcea

MTTLC, University of Bucharest

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The Painting Hall 20:00 Buy tickets
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Ion Marian: Gavril Pătru
Răzvan Popa
Titu Micșoreanu: Marius Rizea
Mr. Cutui: Eugen Cristea Cocuța Micșoreanu: Costina Cheyrouze
Monica Davidescu
Mrs. Noemi: Aylin Cadîr
Ileana Olteanu
Florica: Victoria Dicu
Raluca Petra
Policeman: Costică Lupșa

"The great and pleasant surprise of this proposal of the National Theatre of Bucharest is the text. Very well-written, organic, with humour and suspense, it offers consistent scores, but also the prerequisite for a dynamic and creative directorial construction.
The show signed by director and actor Razvan Popa is, beyond doubt, a pleasant one, honest, with enough accomplished moments, a production which shall certainly reap the appreciations of the wide audience".
Razvana Nita, – Life Beats Theatre–Sentimental Carousel   

"It is a well-paced show (allegro, ma non troppo), balanced, invigorating, a show elegantly overflying that which can be overcome by time. We cannot help but salute as an act of culture the courage of the National Theatre management to remind us about the existence of a drama author and to prompt us to (re)discover Ion Minulescu".
Mariana Ciolan, RadioTheatre Magazine – Plea for Theatre   

"Allegro, ma non troppo, dramatic writing lesson, articulated with present talent by the outstanding performance of Gavril Patru and Marius Rizea. ... I only anticipate that it shall be sold out for a long time".
Mircea M. Ionescu, Taifasuri, no.509 / January 22nd, 2015 – What a Year Debut in Bucharest!

"...Fashionable subject in the time of Minulescu (really only then?!), adultery has always attracted spectators and earned applause. In "Allegro, ma non troppo", the topic is generous, treated with mastery by the comedy author.
A light show, but "allegro", with great humour, which shall fill the halls for years to come, wherever it shall be performed!"
Mircea M. Ionescu, Taifasuri no.513-2015 - The King of Romance–Applauded at the National!

"Director Razvan Popa has created a period show and nevertheless, a show bringing an oasis of peace, humour, love and sentimentalism specific for the respective era, but also for its author, ingredients which, I believe, were and are matching the taste of the theatre-loving audience.
The world knows Ion Minulescuas a poet and very little as a drama author, maybe also because nobody has thought so far of proposing such a show".
Pusa Roth, Leviathan Magazine - Allegro, ma non troppo

"The lovers of traditional, decent, elegant theatre shall be thrilled by this play, without swearing, without nudity, where the loose part is placed in a hygienic subtext, from where it does not do injury to the pudicity of the old-school spectator.
As a genre, the show Allegro, ma non troppo is situated between vaudeville (without couplets) and boulevard theatre, the topic being over-exploited by the playwrights of all times: the wife cheats on her husband, the man cheats on his wife, the mistress and lover form a beautiful relationship. (...) Even if only for Florica Victoriei Dicu is it worth spending the money on the ticket".
Gabriela Hurezean, Muses and Arms – NTB Premiere: About Affairs, ”allegro, ma non troppo”  

"This type of plays does under no circumstances tolerate sophisticated or egomaniac religions. Razvan Popa has understood and put into practice this reality, has honourably performed his duty, proposing us a rather good show. A show which can very well be defined through the very words composing the title of the play. (...) The dominant feature of the entire show is soft normality".
Mircea Morariu, Theatre Nowadays no. 4-5-6/2015 – Mutually advantageous hoaxes 


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

Presented within the The Mircea Albulescu Theatre Festival, Campina 2018

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