AmfiteatruThe outdoors Terrace and Amphitheatre


At the beginning of the year 2015, the construction works for the project: Stability and safety works in the exploitation, functional, technological and organizational optimization of the institutional ensemble ’’I.L. Caragiale’’ National Theatre of Bucharest have been approved. Due to insufficient funds, the set-up of the Outdoor Theatre (Amphitheatre), has not been possible within this project, being only completed from 2016-2018, out of internal institutional funding. 

In order to keep the designation of the old hall Amphitheatre, which has been decommissioned after the NTB reconstruction in the time frame 2011-2015, the new outdoor space shall bear the name Amphitheatre.

Amphitheatre is an outdoor space, where summer shows shall be presented exclusively in the warm season, which we estimate (depending on the weather forecasts) in the months of May and October

At the Amphitheatre, shows from the current and future NTB repertoire shall be performed, adapted to the conditions of this new acting space. Within the programme Open Doors to Everyone, NTB actors are invited to propose projects especially dedicated to this space.

The Amphitheatre can be rented out to other theatres, independent companies, dance groups, musical bands, freelance artists etc. for hosting theatre plays, concerts, recitals, fashion shows, jazz evenings, based on a Legal Rental Agreement of the Space and having the agreement in principle of the NTB management for the suggested event.

The space can also be rented to companies, firms, institutions interested in organizing events specific for their scope of business.

The basic prices for renting the space shall be established by order from the Ministry for Culture and National Identity, to which the NTB is subordinated.

Under certain circumstances, NTB can conclude partnerships with third parties for the production of shows / events in the Amphitheatre, under conditions established through Partnership Agreements.

Contact for renting the space: Organisation and show production direction (director Constantin Vânătoru). Secretariat tel. 021 / 314 56 92.

Technical information:

The structure is located at the altitude +24.50 m / wing A1. At the same altitude, the following spaces are located:
- The actual ”Hall”, with a surface of de 431,56 sqm;
- 5 fitting rooms (93,33 sqm);
- The foyer and space for the actors’ regrouping (103,22 sqm);
- The technical booths for lights and sound (17,40 sqm).

The maximum capacity is 299 numbered seats for spectators, arranged on seat rows in steps.

The performance space, with a surface of approximately 230 sqm, has a wood imitation floor, practical from an acoustic point of view and more appropriate for the artistic act, covered with a stage carpet. There is no surmounted stage, but traversables can be installed. The space does not have an attic, nor backstage: the scenery can only be fastened through counterweights. 

The reflectors for the stage lighting are located under a metal semi-cylindrical canopy with a diameter of 2m, located circularly above the acting space.

Plan situatie terasaUseful information for the audience:

The audience access to the Amphitheatre is made through the Grand Hall entrance, from the foyer at the ground floor of this hall, with one of the 5 elevators (3 on the left side and 2 on the right) situated in the back of the foyer, pressing the button for the 4th floor, marked with the inscription Outdoor Theatre or on the 2 related staircases.

Being an outdoor space, roofless, the following rule shall apply in case of rain:
- If the rain starts before the starting time, the representation shall be suspended (either rescheduled, the tickets remaining valid, or the money for the tickets is reimbursed)
- If the rain starts during the representation, this is suspended, without the possibility of rescheduling or reimbursement of the ticket price.

The terrace on the NTB roof is located 2 floors (= 47 steps) below the Amphitheatre level and can be accessed:
-  Ascending directly from the foyer at the ground floor of the Grand Hall, with one of the 5 elevators (3 on the left and 2 on the right), located in the back of the foyer, pressing the button for the 3rd floor, marked with the inscription Outdoor Cafe, or on the 2 related staircases.


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