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Catch-up in the Dark

based on Edna Mazya's Games in the Backyard

Catch-up in the Dark

based on Edna Mazya's Games in the Backyard

Ada-Maria Ichim
Radu Stoian
Assistant Director:
Teodora Budescu
Teodora Budescu
Set design concept:
Samuel Mihailovici
Musical composition:
Aurel Ciucur
Light design:
Cristian Ciopată
Daniel Octavian Nae
Scene director:
Daniel Buglea

Premiere: 10.05.2019

Duration: 1 h / Pause: No


30 lei

16 lei (reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)

Production under the Auspices of the Ion Sava Creation and Research Centre under the 9G Programme at NTB


Show not recommended for minors under the age of 12

"Catch-up in the Dark" is a reinterpretation of the title "Games in the Backyard", one of the most performed plays by Edna Mazya. Written in 1993 and based on a real case that deeply affected Israeli society, the text reconstitutes the drama of Dvori Manhes, a 14-year-old girl and a group of 4 teenagers accused of rape. Everything starts from a game, but - "as in any game" - failure to comply with the rules can at any time lead to the loss of control, having serious consequences for all participants ... The viewer is offered both perspectives, that of defense and the accusation. The roles are reversed, one by one, the victim becoming guilty and the accusers presenting their innocence.

The young team of creators explores, with psychological intuition, sensitive topics, such as abuse, both physical and psychological, or the failure of the legal system. The play does not offer answers, but rather invites the viewer to reflect on human nature, the understanding of the other, the discovery of the truth.

"The real case that underlies this text is not an isolated one, unfortunately, and television news or shocking reports do not always manage to convey a message or be totally emotional. I think that through the energies of this show, through the mirror that the theatre illuminates in front of the spectators, we will be able to bring such abuses to the surface and raise a flag. The show will address, first of all, young people, whom we hope to bring to the theatres to understand that childhood games have repercussions in the future, that what we learn in childhood remains valid throughout adult life." Radu Stoian, director


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

Gidi Betser / Lawyer: Adrian Georgescu Sela Borohov / Lawyer: Florin Crăciun
Asaf Saharov / Lawyer: Radu Stoian Dvori Manhes / Prosecutor: Alexandra Spătaru
Shmulik Kuper / Lawyer: Adrian Loghin

“Alexandra Spataru turns Dvori into an ordinary teenager, that is to say rebellious, who wants to look older than she is, although she does not control her impulses, and the prosecutor is composed, with a warm, but contained humanity. The boys have different characters, with Asaf (Radu Stoian) as the alpha male of the group, with Sela (Florin Crăciun) and Gidi (Adrian Georgescu) as his lieutenants, who follow and imitate him, and with Shmulik (Adrian Loghin), the loser, harassed by others, from whom he "borrows" the abusive behavior to defend himself, thus becoming, in turn, a harasser.

Catch-up in the Dark is a show to be seen especially by the young audience, possibly accompanied by discussions with psychologists, teachers and doctors. Given the lack of sexual education in schools, the recrudescence of sexual assaults on minors, a Justice that protects the aggressors and cultivates misogynism, the theatre can be a voice for victims and can provide a ground for debate. ”

Oana Stoica, Old Dilemma - Victim and Perpetrator  

"Catch-up in the dark is no longer a mere game. The experiences that young people are living nowadays behind the block easily become traumas. Their games always have an aggressive component, which is an unfailing pretext for incidents. The NTB show recalls into question the subject of Edna Mazya's play, which is quite enacted in our country. Through the perspective of a young team of creators, we are witnessing a process without denouement. I followed the facts, whether or not I believed the perpetrators, now it is the responsibility of each spectator to establish their verdict. And to do something.

Elena Coman, Yorick - Victim and perpetrator. Game over   

”Catch-up in the dark is an opportunity to meet outstanding performers for the future of our theatre, but also the chance of a performance stirring emotions and thought about how we look at teenagers today. Radu Stoian, as director, speculates the theme of the play not to condemn a case of violence, abuse, but to judge the state of the young generation left on its own from an educational point of view and faced with irresponsible adults. "

Ileana Lucaciu, Blog Spectator - Catch-up in the dark. An achievement of the young generation 


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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