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by Iseult Golden and David Horan


by Iseult Golden and David Horan

Translation: Andrei Marinescu
Felix Alexa
Felix Alexa
Andrada Chiriac
Technical Director:
Theodor Radu

Premiere: 12.04.2019

Duration: 1 h 40 min / Pause: No

24 Mar 2024 19:00

50 lei

30 lei (balcon, cu reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)

Show not recommended for minors aged under 10 (physical, mental and language violence)

Brian and Donna's nine-year-old son is in trouble. At least that is what his teacher claims. He also says a psychologist should see him. But Brian and Donna - who recently broke up - never liked school, they never liked the teachers. An explosive confrontation between parents, teacher, pupils, both amusing and tense, Class is a multi-award-winning play on learning difficulties: in school, in life, anywhere.

Written in a cinematic style with non-linear, interlinked scenes, Class is a text in which the apparent simplicity of dialogues and actions counterbalances the endless depths and complexities beyond the surface of words. A play as a true snapshot of 21st century society, seen with humour and drama, a comprehensive study of the family and educational system.

The Irish Iseult Golden and David Horan are two theatre people who have been writing and enacting for over ten years in collaboration original plays and adaptations to classical plays.

Performed now for the first time in Romania, directed by Felix Alexa, Class has won the grand prize at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh in 2018, as well as the Best Play Award for 2018 by the Writers Guild of Ireland.


"Class is at the same time a social play, but also extremely humane, intimate, delicate and violent through its significance.

An image filled with humuor and sensitivity of social, school, couple relationships.

In a deeply corrupt Romanian society, including in the education system, this show is a necessary alarm signal, but also a form of exorcising our own frustrations and weaknesses.

A way of facing directly and bravely our own frailty, which we sometimes are very afraid of.

My play proposes, with humour and tenderness, a way to heal this fear of ourselves." Felix Alexa


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 




Photo: Florin Ghioca

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Ray McCafferty: Richard Bovnoczki Brian Costello: Gavril Pătru
Donna Costello: Alexandra Sălceanu Jayden Costello: Ciprian Nicula
Kaylie: Sandra Ducuță

"Class unveils the solitude - of students, obstructed by emotion, of parents, often impotent, of teachers, always exhausted. Outside those vividly decorated walls, there are the harsh laws made by the "strong ones," who never enter that space. The stage director does not fall into the sentimentalism net and does not exploit the sensibility chord, leaving the harsh reality visible. Such performances could become a reflection vector for all viewers. "

Madalina Dumitrache, Bel Esprit - Education, a Burden? - "Class"  

"It is a high-class show, a truly authentic theater, without so-called "modern" metaphoric effects, often leaving audiences out of breath, after being amused about previous sequences of the plot.

"Class" is a disturbing show, with a topical theme, handled by director Felix Alexa with no obvious references to the disoriented reality of our society. "

Ileana Lucaciu, Spectator - Impressive glimpses from the ... school of life   

"... an event show.

Such a disturbing mirror-show of family, school, social environment could not be unforgettable with just a special text and a super director. Five wonderful actors have contributed to it, as well.

Class, a remarkable show, dramatically continued in the mind of the viewers, also after leaving home. "

Mircea M. Ionescu, Taifasuri, April 25th, 2019 

"It is certain that no one is winning out of this chaos, but we have only losers. Parents no longer want to be parents, but they seem to be good at formal education, and they find themselves advising or prescribing, teachers are becoming increasinglypoor-spirited and / or overwhelmed by the avalanche of issues they need to find answers to as soon as possible, children have more and more problems of adaptation and / or learning, which greatly complicates their existence, and their relationship with everything that means external environment becomes impossible. The school becomes a social field in which actors act in an eternal quest for a role, and where conflict becomes the only possible social relationship, until at least one of the engaged parties loses irremediably (function, authority, trust, etc.). "

Nona Rapotan, BookHub - Class - learning difficulties are also for adults  

"The show by Felix Alexa is a slice of life told with time leaps, both to be interesting and to maintain a plausible suspense.

The actors assume the common features of these characters, and turn them into mouthpieces of geniuses.

"Class" is a clean show that tells a story that we already know about fears, failures, family issues and dysfunctional relationships with institutions that should help us. "

Alina Epingeac, Yorick - "Class" - a school for parents and teachers, who flunk  

"Descended from the tradition, not at all lost or dusty, of the English „young and furious” of the 1960s, the theatrecast to the people by the Irish Iseult Golden and David Horan comes to shake and scream, just by calling things by their proper name. How easy it looks ... and how hard it is, in reality!

Through the dynamic and expressive translation by Andrei Marinescu, it finds, with the aid of director Felix Alexa, a homogeneous, convincing and emotional acting team that admirably replenishes the writing.

(...) Sandra Ducuţă, she turns Kaylie into the true and only ray of light of this terrible story. With an artlessness and freshness seemingly stemming from another world (the one we can hope for a little purity), this beautiful and smart little girl gives a real performative recital, as if she had been there forever, on the stage of the National Theatre".

Bogdan Burileanu, Liternet - Still young, but more furious - Class  

"The best Irish play of 2018, ”Class" by Iseult Golden and David Horan, enjoys a first-class enactment at the National Theatre of Bucharest, thanks to director Felix Alexa and a team of irresistible actors.

Beyond the apparent simplicity of dialogue and action - with an intelligent sequence of scenes and mainly cinematic editing - "Class" is a test. To which the audience does not have to give answers but to ask questions after leaving the theatre. This is, I believe, the great challenge of the experienced Felix Alexa. "

Horia Ghibutiu, Blog Journalist - "Class" at NTB: school is not a game    

"An emotional story about failure in education. Of the education system as a whole (from Ireland, Romania, or any other part of the world), which drags its feet and fails to adapt to the social changes and individual learning needs of the students.

A cinematic clipping of certain slices of lifeembedded in the text and in a show that successfully combines them, building the consistency and force of the story brick by brick, in order to show us how the wall to which the cracks are already being cracked will be broken. A strange mixture of humour, candour and drama, with a tragic ending for all the parties involved. Or, what does evil look like, based on the best of intentions? "

Luciana Antofi, Blog - The lesson about fiasco in education: "Class" with Professor Felix Alexa at the National  

"Issues of addiction, neglect, and broken families are gradually slipping into the classroom. Prejudice, helplessness and anger are colliding. Emotional vulnerability also makes its place in this social context that director Felix Alexa chose to explore. The two children with "learning differences" are impersonated by Ciprian Nicula and Sandra Ducuta. Their performance is so real that it is impossible not to think for a moment what is hiding in the soul of such children. The entire show raises questions and challenges for the spectator. "

Simona Ionita, Book Agency - "Class" or how to look inside ourselves  

"All the actors stand out in Class, including Richard Bovnoczki, Gavril Patru, Alexandra Salceanu, Ciprian Nicula and Sandra Ducuta. Under the excellent wand of the director of Felix Alexa.

The excellent production Class of the National Theatre of Bucharest, in the idea that now in the 21st century, the spectators are more interested in such a topical, real and thought-provoking text than in the Cherry Orchard or The Seagull. 

Denis Dinulescu, The Ink Bottle - Class, NTB premiere   

"The show enacted by Felix Alexa features three decisive qualities: it is a topical play, it is awfully close to us and we witness an exceptional enactment. These also represent the pillars of an accomplished show from all points of view, through the striking simplicity and the complexity revealed between the lines".
Georgiana Ene, Metropolis Newspaper - Class, a Meditation on Several Topics  
"The enactment from the Black Box Hall of the National Theatre of Bucharest will fill halls and I am positive it will remain on the billboard for a long time, thanks to the direction, the stage design and the actors succeeding in transforming a not too brilliant text into a major emotional and social experience".
Tudor Sicomas, Radio Theatre Magazine - When School Destroys You   


The playwrights examine the concept of class membership and the role of the social class in determining how children develop their potential both in school and as adults. Writers claim that the education we have received since childhood has roots so deep that it affects our interaction with others and how we react to people. The contrast between the middle-class teacher and working-class parents is emphasized repeatedly and not only at language level. The play has humour, but also raises serious educational and social problems, including the one of the resources allocated to each individual's learning needs, as well as the difficulty of solving educational and economic disparities.


A play that attacks an exclusivist institution: school as a microcosm of middle-class order.


A passionate tragedy of the 21st century ... an extremely credible, humorous and dramatized snapshot of Western culture where, for certain people, gender, class and power differences can spark an extremely toxic mix of anger, resentment and despair .



Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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