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Europe Hotel - 9G

after Goran Stefanovski

Europe Hotel - 9G

after Goran Stefanovski

Translation: Ioana Ieronim
Andrei Raicu
Andrei Raicu
Mihaela Popescu și Livia Vișănescu
Stage Movement:
Andreea Belu
Alex Halka
Sound design:
Alex Halka
Light design:
Cristi Niculescu

Premiere: 18.11.2015

Duration: 2 h / Pause: No


30 lei

16 lei cu reducere (ultimul rând)

Show not recommended for minors aged under 14: scenes that may affect them emotionally, scenes of sexual nature; contains powerful short-term sound effects.


Production under the Auspices of the Ion Sava Creation and Research Centre under the 9G Programme at NTB


"Eastern Europe – the Byzantium – is a closed, vertical, patriarchal, rural society, devoid of tolerance and democracy. Without the possibility of freedom of expression, in any aspect of public and private life. This is the world of ethnic fundamentalism. 

On the other side stands Donald Duck – the symbol of capitalism. He lives in an urban, fast, democratic, post-industrial and consumerist society. He has no family. He is like a cowboy whose life depends on speed and the response capacity when entering "saloon". Donald Duck is the emblem of sterile right-wing politics and of metaphysical failure.

Donald Duck’s entrance into the Byzantium is what happened to Eastern Europe in the last two decades." Goran Stefanovski

"Europe Hotel is about the clash between two worlds, that of the Byzantines - (Eastern Europeans), knocking on Europe’s doors from the desire to escape the terror they are experiencing and manifesting itself under many forms and on several levels and the Well-to-Do World of Western Europe, respectively. Seven scenes in which we encounter the characters in their own, self-created purgatory – a drunken patriot, a whore, young people run away from home on their honeymoon, etc. 

The show builds around our relationships as people (as citizens of Eastern Europe) with Western Europe. It aims at answering the following questions: How did Western Europe help me personally?, What did it provide to me as individual? and How am I regarded in Europe? Andrei Raicu 


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu


  Eduard Mihai Cîrlan
Alexandra Laura Badea
Alina Ilin / Iulia Verdeș
Cosmin Dominte
George Lepădatu
Ionuț Niculae
Mădălin Mandin
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