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Five Women in Transition

by Rodica Popescu Bitănescu

Five Women in Transition

by Rodica Popescu Bitănescu

Rodica Popescu Bitănescu
Zina Dumitrescu
Ioan Diana
Literary Secretary:
Violeta Popa

Premiere: 21.01.2003

Last performance: 27.03.2019

Duration: 1 h 30 min / Pause: No


40 lei

20 lei (reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)

Five remarkable actresses bring to life with talent, fun and sensitivity the feminine typology of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Simple and honest dialogue, private conflicts and emotional confessions flare up during at a girls' get-together. The party brings out into the open a colourful range of moods and feelings.

The Host: Rodica Popescu Bitănescu                      The Teacher: Liliana Hodorogea
Cesonia Postelnicu
The Librarian: Magdalena Cernat                      The Business Woman: Vivian Alivizache
The Young Lady: Iuliana Călinescu                     
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