Ion Caramitru Hall

Ion Caramitru Hall


With a 917 seats capacity, Ion Caramitru Hall, built in the style of the Italian box stage, is one of the most well-equipped halls in Europe. It can be compared with the Great Hall of the new National Theater of Budapest or with the Olivier’s Hall in the London National Theater.

The impressive technical possibilities of the stage are offered by: 5 stage traps (3 x 15 m) which may climb up to 4.80 m high and fall down to 2.20 m deep from the stage level; a 14 m diameter revolve on a 15x16 m slide at the stage level, 11 slidings (5 right, 5 left and one rear) and a mobile orchestra pit housing maximum 16 musicians. The fly tower is equipped with 65 grids and 2 lateral gridirons that can climb up to 35 meters high, each flying 250 kg. All gridirons are operated manually. The stage width is 10 - 16 m, and the back height 5- 9 m.

In its current configuration, Ion Caramitru Hall features 607 floor seats and three rows of loges-Dress Circles - 80 seats, Grand Circles first rank - 104 seats, Grand Circles second rank - 100 seats and Official Loge - 26 seats.

The loges arranged in three rows, the unique design of the ceiling and the purple colored seats bring a touch of royal elegance to the Bucharest National Theater Grand Hall.

The Front of House at Ion Caramitru Hall consists of The Marble Foyer (ground floor) and The Tapestry Foyer (top floor), decorated with busts of many theater persons of figure created by famous artists, along with very impressive tapestries. At the first floor foyer there is a tapestry considered to be the second in the world as a surface: “The World Theater” (740 x 2250 cm), created by artists Serban Gabrea and Florin Ciubotaru within a 10 years’ work period (1969-1979). The tapestries “Ode for Motherland” by Gheorghe Iacob and Ion Almășan (1154 x 880 cm) and ”War and Peace” created by Ion and Ariana Nicodim (1100 x 900 cm) complete the monumental tapestry ensemble.

Translated by Anca Roxana Constantin van der Zee

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