Lelia Marcu-Vladu

b. 28.06.1981, Ploiești

Plays in current season :

Kiritza or The game of...

Assistant choreographer

From 2007 to the present, she has been collaborating with the master choreographer and director Gigi Căciuleanu, within the "Gigi Căciuleanu Romania Dance Company" on projects: "Oui Ba Da" (2007), Comedy Theatre; "Our Stuff" (2012), NTB "Folia, Shakespeare & Co" (2014), Metropolis Theatre; "FabriKa" (2015), Small Theatre; "A Minute of Dance or Uf" (2015), Small Theatre, "L'Om DadA" (2016) NTB; "Emoji Play" (2016), Excelsior Theatre; 'TragiComedy' (2017), ONB; "Aller-Retour" (2018), Sibiu Philharmonic, "On the Roof" (2019), TNB; "Jungle TeVe" (2021), Romanian Playwrights’ Theatre; "To Be AND Not to Be Caragiale, Always Different" (2021), "Kiritza or the Game of... " (2021) at the National Theatre Bucharest and the Young Actor's Hop Gala (2018-2021).

"One Step Ahead", TV series, Media Pro Studios, 2006 - 2007


Professional Activity

1999-2003 - Employee of the Cultural Centre "Tinerimea Română" in Bucharest in the Dance Company "Orion Balet" led by choreographer Sergiu Anghel

"Les Marries de la Tour Effel" (1999), "The Seasons" (2000), "Misa Prophana" (2002)



1992 - "The Man Who Speaks Alone" by Matei Vișniec, directed by Mihaela Săsărman, choreographed by Mihaela Santo, Odeon Theatre

1995 - "May the Grass Grow on Moments", choreographer Mihaela Santo, Timișoara National Opera

2008-2010 - "...and Juliet" and "The Free Besieged', choreography Amalia Strinopoulou

2006 - 'Chicago', directed by Ricard Reguant, choreography Ana Eva Cruellas, NTB



2012 ‒ „Testament”, directed by Fineta Grigorescu

2015 ‒ „Paganini”, script and direction by Mick Davis, Metropolis Theatre


Ballet Teacher

Small Academy of Arts, Bucharest, 2001-2005


Ballet teacher, choreographer, coach and performer

„Passe-Partout Company ‒ Dan Puric”, 2007 - 2010

„Don Quixote” (2007), „Two of Us” (2007), „Us” (2009), „Royal Fashion” (2010), „Butterflies and People” (2010)



Choreography High School "Floria Capsali" in Bucharest, class of Prof. Anca Mândrescu, 1991 - 1999

Cultural management internship, "Felix Meritis" University Amsterdam, 2004


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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