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M from Murphy

M from Murphy

Andrea Gavriliu
Andrea Gavriliu
Andrea Gavriliu
Alexandru Petre
Light design:
Cristian Simon

Premiere: 19.08.2020

Duration: 1 h / Pause: No


40 lei

16 lei (cu reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)

Production by the Ion Sava Centre for Theatrical Creation and Research under the 9G programme at NTB.


The show is not recommended for people under 12 years old.

As life is what happens to us while we make other plans and as making mistakes is human, but more human is to blame others and because, after all, if something can go wrong, it will go wrong, the "M from Murphy" show is laughing our daily fatality off.

"M from Murphy" is a choreographic puzzle based on Murphy's famous laws. Andrea Gavrilu and the eight performers speak, by means of movement, about the little paradoxes in our life, about those imperfections that unite us and tear us apart at the same time.

A physical, "lively", playful show filled with humour, in which the essential communication tools are the performer's bodies and voices - those of the actors and dancers. The body becomes a comic language and expresses with dynamism and self-irony new meanings, which cannot be captured through words.

I have always had the impression that Murphy's laws speak of failure with serenity, irony, and a certain candour. In this context, the eight performers inserted their own vision of our Sisyphean existence into a construction based on chance. Thus, eachperformance will be different from another in terms of gravity, wind and ... "stone, paper, scissors".

"M from Murphy" is a show whereby I wanted to join eight bodies, which come from different languages ​​of movement, shaped by various dance styles (and not only). It is a juxtaposition of cultures. I imagine all these layers as components of a large Rube Goldberg machine, whose mechanism is dance”. Andrea Gavriliu


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

  Alexandru Chindriș
Eva Danciu
Roxana Fânață / Teodora Velescu
Mariana Gavriciuc
Pedro Aurelian Gâfei
Flavia Giurgiu
George Alexandru Pleșca
Tavi Voina

"Eight young actors compose through movement some of the famous "Murphy's Laws" quips for an hour. And it is funny, and it is fresh, and it is smart. First, the atmosphere inspired by the musical illustration chosen by Andrea Gaviliu has an eclectic journey that is itself amusing. From contemporary rhythms to cheerful songs of the past decades, the actors' movements are accompanied by a shrill and meaningful sound universe in the construction of this entertaining toy.

Then, the energy they release, that vibe of joy of being on stage. In the current context, the meaning of this phrase - "the joy of being on stage" is even more amplified. And they convey step by step, movement phrase by movement phrase, that is all. And everything is extremely focused, careful, fine-tuned, under control. Small errors, small desynchronizations, small outages or involuntary accidents become assets of the living manifestation of the randomness of a performance very well anchored in a fixed structure."

Alina Epîngeac, Amfiteatru - "M from Murphy" and H from Humour  

„M from Murphy” is a lively and bold show, which works well one`s imagination and sense of humour. A fun and necessary emotional and artistic exercise. (...) Andrea Gavriliu encourages the actors to explore their possibilities of physical expression and proposes, this time, a concentrated show, in which a chain of fatalistic phrases is rendered through dance. Seven actors, Alexandru Chindriș, Eva Danciu, Roxana Fânață, Pedro Aurelian Gâfei, Flavia Giurgiu, Ciprian Valea, Tavi Voina and the choreographer Mariana Gavriciuc juggle (literally!) with Murphy's laws. Contrary to the saying that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong, the choreographic situations are built on an optimistic note. Because even when the artistic thread derails from the original route - a ball is dropped too soon or too late - things do not get off the rails, but the inspired actor turns the event into a new comic situation."

Elena Coman, Amfiteatru - Murphology. A Choreographic Explanation  

“Eight performers (because it is about the show, but also about performance at the highest level) - Alexandru Chindriș, Eva Danciu, Roxana Fânață, Mariana Gavriciuc, Pedro Aurelian Gâfei, Flavia Giurgiu, Ciprian Valea, Tavi Voina – are building and deconstructing a puzzle made up of lines, gestures, attitudes, pictures and theatrical signs. (...) I am convinced that if Andrea Gavriliu were challenged to a dance marathon, she could sustain it without difficulty. And the main explanation is, of course, the passion, but also an authentic and fertile curiosity, the wisdom, the courage, and the tenderness whereby she looks at the world and tries to tell it to us as well.

This show is a majortriumph (the 16th production of the generous 9G project at NTB), achieved in complicated times (but, according to Murphy, the worst is yet to come; of course you remember the famous "Smile, tomorrow will be worse"). "). Moreover, "M from Murphy" is a kind of ET in the rather dusty landscape of our theatrical orbit. As the premiere took place on the roof of the Bucharest National, I would not have been surprised at all, if at the end a spaceship had landed on the stage of the Amphitheatreand would have taken the eight protagonists, plus Andrea Gavriliu, Alexandru Petre (scenography ) and Cristian Șimon (light design) to their home, respectively back to the future.

Răzvana Niță, Acta est fabula - Murphy Does Not Believe in Tears   


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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