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Magic National

Magic National

Ion Caramitru
Florilena Popescu Fărcăşanu
Live music:
Emy Drăgoi, 3D Pro`ect, Jazz Hot Club Romania, Lucian Maxim
Lighting design:
Mircea Mitroi
Andrei Florea
Sorin Brehuiescu, Călin Țopa
Assistant Director:
Cristiana Gavrilă
Scene director:
Viorel Florea

Premiere: 19.12.2015

Duration: 2 h / Pause: No


100 lei - Loja Oficială

50 lei;

40 lei;

20 lei (reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)

Concert - Show


Ladies and Gentlemen…. The National Theatre is laughing, singing and dancing in an event-show, a theatrical show, an occasion to go back to the joy of a perpetually new and nostalgic music. With a retro air, but on modern rhythms, the concert-show shall bring illustrious actors on stage, without mask, only with… their music.

We shall discover an Edith Piaf, masterfully sung by Anca Sigartau, we shall reencounter Tania Popa in passionate fragments from the great Russian repertoire and the air of inter-war Bucharest shall echo from the romances, mysteriously uttered by Aylin Cadar.

Medeea Marinescu and Marius Manole propose an artistic odyssey, which shall detach us from the deafening daily routine and shall lead us to the world of heart-warming music and whispered words.

Istvan Teglas, Eduard Adam and Lari Giorgescu shall narrate stories about life and art… beyond words: pantomime, improvisation, and choreographic moments.

The youngest actors from the National troupe, Emilian Marnea, Petre Ancuta and Florin Calbajos shall surprise you with the shortest, merriest, most rhythmical concert, where they took a few dozen instruments as partners.

The host and director of the evening is Ion Caramitru… And he promises us a musical surprise in his interpretation.

Before Christmas, we invite you to Magic National on the lively and optimistic rhythms invented by Emy Dragoi, the fiddler-musician surnamed in France… the Accordion King of Jazz.


"At each representation, I am fascinated by the way Ion Caramitru recites from the poetry of Nichita Stănescu - declares Emy Dragoi for Formula As. I have never believed that a poem could state exactly how I play the accordion! Namely, if you make me play a melody a thousand times, I am capable of performing it a thousand times differently, with different nuances and highlights, even if the melody stays the same. Likewise Caramitru, he "lives" each verse, each word he utters, I know where he makes the respiration pause, he has a pace, you can dance on it, such a thing is rare! I improvise while he recites and this fills me with such a beautiful energy, that I come without being interested whether and how much money I earn, only for the sake of the encounter, of doing the show. We play with great joy, we share this state of grace between us, and I believe this is invariably transmitted to the hall.

I feel extraordinary every time, I feel something unique with each of them. I support their artistic personality with my music, for everyone to give their best. And I enjoy this fact, it makes me happy! Look, for instance, Medeea Marinescu has tackled the French chansonnettes in a jazzy manner and it had an extraordinary success, she also speaks French very well, also having the French spirit and it is exactly the same as there, like at "Moulin Rouge". Anca Sigartău plays chansonnettes from the repertoire of Edith Piaf, but it also suits her very well when she performs the songs of Maria Tanase with her personality and energy. She also sings ethno-jazz, she has a music academy, she plays the piano and composes very well. With Aylin Cadar, I have departed from a melody from an oriental scale and other pieces as well. And I also feel a special thrill when I play alongside Marius Manole. One has to listen to Marius body and soul, if one is to play with him. I can tell you, without modesty, that I am the first and probably the sole instrumentalist who can accompany Marius Manole. He is difficult to accompany, because when he recites, he enters a world where he is difficult to follow, he enters a kind of trance, he cries on my accordion, at every show. What a splendour!" - Emy Dragoi, (interview for Formula As - May 2018)

“Magic National” an ample and charming concert-show.
... the concert-show “Magic National”, a cultural event through the brilliant blending of music with poetry, through the union of arts in order to convey a sensitive emotion to the Great Audience. Through ”Magic National”, finally the Grand Hall witnesses a conquering show of well-deserved applause!
“Magic National” is a unique representation in the theatrical landscape, amazing through the masterful merging of music with the word and body movement, a delight for every spectator".
Ileana Lucaciu, Spectator – The Music and the Word, brilliantly blended  

"The Grand Hall turns into a Piazza Grande in which epochs, styles, states are reborn, leaving place to nostalgias, lyricism, voluptuousness, gags, sensuality, candour, and exoticism. Everything human.
The way in which Emy Dragoi sometimes ”jolts” the instrument reminds of the burst of tender manliness, of tacit fraternity with which a jockey curbs his stallion or a rider his motorbike – a display of contained force, of long exercised ability and in fact the candidly dissimulated translation of a passionate love.
Aylin Cadar, the explosive Anca Sigartau, Medeea Marinescu, Marius Manole, Emilian Marnea, Petre Ancuta, Florin Calbajos, Istvan Teglas, Lari Giorgescu, Eduard Adam, the exceptional percussion-man Lucian Maxim and the 3D Pro’ect orchestra, coordinated by the one and only Emy Dragoi offer surprising, refined, elegant and pleasant artistic autographs. And because any crazy island must obey the creative lucidness of a governor, this time (as well), Prospero was enacted by the tireless Ion Caramitru".
Razvana Nita, Revista Teatrala Radio – In the Great Square  

"In a retro-elegant framework, the stage of the Grand Hall of the Bucharest National Theatre, one is enveloped by the desire to find out how people used to live and love in former times. An infusion of vitality has spread along with the unfolding of the event-show Magic Naţional.
The representation is a profession of love for the glorious years of the artistic Bohemia. The work of the jeweller, the frenzy of the rhythm confers poetry to this project in which the stage director – Ion Caramitru – offers the spectators high-quality entertainment and an inexhaustible source of elation.
The ambient sound effectively structures the vital pulsation of the concert-show, like the artistic manifestations featured yearly at the Oscar Awards Gala".
Madalina Dumitrache, Web Cultura – The discreet charm of authenticity  

"The show „Magic National”, staged at the National Theatre of Bucharest, is a challenge: of the actors, to perform not in a play, but in a variety show, almost a talent show, as the ones which have seized the TV entertainment shows. The difference is that the actors cast in „Magic National” no longer need any introduction, as they are already consecrated, even the young ones, on the greatest theatrical stage of Romania. And no validation either.
"The revelation stems from the fact that the actors are producing here other kinds of acts than the ones they have accustomed us to: have you often caught Ion Caramitru or Marius Manole singing?"
Horia Ghibutiu, A musical site – NTB actors singing in Magic National  

"I left from „Magic National” with the belief that I had the opportunity to see some of my favourite actors and whom I have watched in countless plays, in surprising hypostases.
„Magic National” is a game of grown-ups, performing with an obvious pleasure, a gift bestowed on the audience who has the occasion to see the favourite actors in unconventional postures. At the same time, it is a skilfully performed musical potpourri".
Horia Ghibutiu, Journalist Blog - „Magic National”, the talent show from NTB  

"Funny and touching was the duel of the two violins of Alessia and Bianca Dragoi. The choreographic moment is present, performed by Istvan Teglas. Lari Giorgescu shows us that everything is tasteless without I.L. Caragiale, and Anca Sigartau reminds us of her complex talent, passing form Edith Piaf to Green Leaf by Leliță Ioană, with jazz inserts, with an easiness which has reaped the applause of the hall".
Maria Capelos, Romania Libera - Magic National: Theatre, poetry and improvisation  

"A genius of the accordion. When he takes his accordion in his arms and passes the belts over his shoulders, his centre of gravity shifts to his heart.

Emy Dragoi is one of those artists which take your soul in pawn, no matter what he performs: jazz-manouche, swing, Argentinian tango, score from the films of Charlie Chaplin or most genuine fiddler music, with which he grew up like with mother’s milk, in his Prahova village from Poiana Varbilau. His daughters, Bianca (aged 14) and Alessia (10), grew in the same way, with the rhythm in their blood, and if you see all three on stage, father and daughters, you cannot help but be enthralled by the spirit uniting them in music, by their nonchalant virtuosity, by their play with sounds, which triggers in you an endless joy. Great master of accordion jazz, adored in France, well-known and cherished in Romania, Emy Dragoi has full houses wherever he performs, with his musical projects, regardless whether it is the grand production "Magic National" from NTB, or "Cineaccordion", a movie score performance, or "Live Poetry", "The Jazz Caravan" and many more.

Corina Pavel, Formula As - May 2018 – The Emperor of the Accordion - Emy Drăgoi: "Play as if you played to God!" 

“And yet, this cultural „cabaret” where I have (re)discovered the actors of the National Theatre in unusual ways, would not be complete without a key presence. And it would have never had the same emotional intensity if it had not borrowed from the effervescence of a remarkable host: Emy Dragoi, with his enchanted accordion, seconded by Emy Dragoi 3D Pro’ect, Jazz Hot Club Romania and percussionist Lucian Maxim.

And if the seats from the coquet Grand Hall had chosen to disappear from the path of music, I believe no one would be truly surprised. And animated by the euphoric joy which enveloped us, we all would have started dancing.

But, even in the absence of such a palpable and incontestable wonder, I have still left home on dancing steps, my heart among the stars.

Go to the National Theatre, too.                        

It shall be magical, my dears. Mark my words!”

Alina Gosa, Bucurestii Vechi si Noi - Magic National, show of the National Theatre of Bucharest  

"If you like Richard Galliano or any other great French accordionist, you cannot help but love Emy Dragoi as well, who, not by chance, has been taught in France too. Because, yes, the French have transformed the performance of any accordion or  bandoneon melody into art, it is only that they do not have a Ciuleandra or a Skylark in the folklore repertoire, meant to show indeed what can be done with such an instrument. And in Magic National, the melodies of Maria Tanase or The Skylark can be heard heavenly.

Magic National is one of the best choices if you want something relaxing, meant to unwind you from the daily madness. Regardless whether you are jazz lovers or not, this show shall certainly conquer you. Because Emy Dragoi and the actors of the National Theatre of Bucharest know how to touch the most insensitive hearts".

Nona Rapotan, Book Hub – The Magic of a National in a Single Show   


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu  

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