Marcelo-S Cobzariu

b. 28.03.1970, Medgidia

In the current season the actor plays in:

A Lost Letter No Man`s Land Powder Keg The Inspector General The Tempest

Parts at NTB

  • Ghita Pristanda - "A Lost Letter" by I.L. Caragiale, directed by Horatiu Malaele, 2022
  • Rambo / General Schwartz - "No Man`s Land" by Danis Tanović, directed by Alexander Morfov, 2016
  • Ghela - "Powder Keg" by Dejan Dukovski, directed by Felix Alexa, 2014
  • Stephano - "The Tempest" after William Shakespeare, directed by Alexander Morfov, 2014 
  • The Bodyguard - "The Inspector General" by Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol, directed by Felix Alexa, 2013  
  • Benjamin - "The Tiger" by Murray Schisgal from "Two x Two" directed by Vlad Stănescu, 2012
  • Ghiță Pristanda - "The Letter" after A lost letter by I.L. Caragiale, directed by Horațiu Mălăele, 2012
  • Hofbauer - "The Visit" by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, directed by Alexander Morfov, 2011 
  • The police officer - "Coming Clean" by Petr Zelenka, directed by Alexandru Mâzgăreanu, 2011
  • Robert D'Artois - "Eduard III"by William Shakespeare, directed byAlexandru Tocilescu, 2008
  • The Plumber - "Red Comedy" by Constantin Turturică, directed by Alexandru Tocilescu, 2006
  • Pompilian - "Breaking News"by Mihail Sebastian, directed by Anca Ovanez Doroşenco, 2006
  • Carino - "The Passions Of Saint Tommaso d'Aquino" after Alex Mihai Stoenescu, directed by Grigore Gonţa, 2005
  • Heatcher - "Sweet Bird Of Youth" by Tennessee Williams, directed by Tudor Mărăscu, 2005
  • Kaduk - "The Investigation"by Peter Weiss, a lecture show, coordinated by Liviu Crăciun, 2005
  • Clucer Hrancovici - "The Sunset of the Sun" by Barbu Ştefănescu Delavrancea, directed by Dan Piţa, 2004
  • Marco - "A View From The Bridge"by Arthur Miller, directed by Vladimir Ilniţchi, 2003
  • The Director, Dr. Newyirth - "Temptation"by Vaclav Havel, directed by Mihai Manolescu, 2002
  • The Police Captain - "The Government Inspector"by Nicolai Vasilievici Gogol, directed by Serghei Cerkasski, 2002
  • Tache - "Whims At the Union" after I.L. Caragiale, directed by Gelu Colceag, 2001
  • Nae Girimea - "Carnival Scenes" by I.L. Caragiale, directed by Gelu Colceag, 2001
  • Pedro - "Man Of La Mancha" by Dale Wasserman, directed by Ion Cojar, 2001
  • Korotkov, Petrusin, The Guardian, The Messenger - "The Living Corpse" by Lev N. Tolstoy, directed by Gelu Colceag, 2001
  • Popescu - "The Lost Letter" by I.L. Caragiale, directed by Alexandru Tocilescu, 1999
  • Iancu Ionel - "Dew Drops On A Lotus Leaf In Bright Moon" by Nicolae Mateescu, directed by Gelu Colceag, 1999
  • Tebaldo - "The Good And Righteous Satan" by Tudor Popescu, directed by Gelu Colceag and Şerban Puiu, 1998
  • The Bodyguard - "The Bacchae" by Euripides, directed by Mihai Maniutiu, 1998
  • The Russian Sculptor - "Ghost" after Panait Istrati, directed by Dan Micu, 1998 - Debut


Activities outside NTB


Parts in theatre

Constantin Nottara Theatre, Bucharest

  • Chiriac - "A Stormy Night" by I.L. Caragiale, directed by Toma Enache, 2005


The Romanian Literature Museum, Bucharest

  • Eucelcesus - "Eleada", based on texts by Saviana Stănescu, directed by Dan Victor, 1998


George Ciprian Theatre, Buzău

  • Ipistatu - "Carnival Scenes" by I.L. Caragiale, directed by Şerban Puiu, 1998
  • The Russian Sculptor - "Ghost" after Panait Istrati, directed by Dan Micu, 1998


Parts in movie

  • "Beyond America", directed by Marius Barna, 2008
  • "Waves", directed by Adrian Sitaru, 2006
  • "California Dreamin", directed by Cătălin Nemescu, 2006
  • "Two Brothers And A Sister (Three Brothers Into Trouble)", Media Pro, 2005
  • "Tertium Non Datur", directed by Lucian Pintilie, 2005
  • "Bartali", directed by Alberto Negrin, 2005
  • "Catacombs", Media Pro, 2005
  • "Happy End", directed by Radu Potcoavă, 2004
  • "Dream Woman", directed by Dan Piţa, 2004
  • "Seven Seconds", directed by Simon Fellows, 2004
  • "Pacala Returns", directed by Geo Saizescu, 2004
  • "My Name Is Modesty", directed by Scott Spiegel, 2004
  • "Tank", directed by Andrei Enache, 2002
  • "The Tenderness Of Locusts", directed by Dan Necşulea, 2002
  • "The Impaler", directed by Adrian Popovici, 1999
  • "Mysterious Museum", directed by David Schmoller, 1998
  • "Retro Puppet-Master", directed by David Decoteau, 1998
  • "Cowboys & Aliens, directed by George Erschbamer, 1998
  • "The Excalibur Kid", directed by James Head, 1998
  • "Beowulf", directed by Graham Baker, 1997
  • "Terminus Paradis", directed by Lucian Pintilie, 1996
  • "Too Late", directed by Lucian Pintilie, 1995


TV series

  • "Wackos In NATO", Prima TV, directed by Melia Cerchez, 2007
  • "The Gang", Kanal D, directed by Daniel Sandu, 2006
  • "Emergency", TVR 1, directed by Andrei Zincă, 2006
  • "At The Office", Media Pro, directed by Răzvan Săvescu, 2005
  • "Neighbourhood", Media Pro, 2004, 2005
  • "Big Break", Media Pro, 2004, 2005
  • "Marriage Agency", Antena 1, 2005
  • "Only Love", Acasa TV, 2004
  • "The Last Should Turn Off The Lights", TVR 1, 2003
  • "Family", Prima TV, 2002
  • "Detective By Chance", directed by Silviu Jicman, 2001
  • "The Popescu Clan", Antena 1 Sitcom, 1999 - 2000



  • Radio Romania News - From The Great Poetry Of The World
  • Radio Romania Cultural - Dictionary Of World Literature



  • The National University Of Theatrical And Cinematic Arts, Bucharest, Acting Section, class of 1996, coordinated by professors Olga Tudorache and Adrian Pintea;
  • The National University Of Theatrical And Cinematic Arts, Film School, Advanced Studies, Theory And Aesthetics Of The Film", 1996 -1997.



  • Best Male Interpretation for the part of Mavriki Nikolayevici Drozdov - Demons, after Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky, Sibiu Theatre Festival For Youth, 1996;
  • Best Performance - Demons, after Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky, Sibiu Theatre Festival For Youth, 1996.
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