Current Repertory

Matilda and the Grave-diggers

by Stela Giurgeanu

Matilda and the Grave-diggers

by Stela Giurgeanu

Mircea Rusu
Gabi Albu
Lari Giorgescu
Vlad Lãzãrescu
Technical Director:
Silviu Negulete, Paul Tănase

Premiere: 07.02.2020

Duration: 1 h 15 min / Pause: No


50 lei

30 lei (balcon, cu reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)

A production of the "Ion Sava" Center for Theater Research and Creation

Written on the note of magical realism, Matilda and the Grave-diggers by Stela Giurgeanu - "The Play of the Year 2018" at the Uniter Gala - is a psychological survey in the life stories of three women for whom sacrifice represents a form of existence.

The dramatic writing of Stela Giurgeanu breaks the conventional and invites to the decryption of the common things, of the sentences with subtext, of hidden thoughts and, above all, to the separation of the fantastic from the reality. The kaleidoscopic interplay of situations, the mixture of elements and strange visions, the dialogues, at times, of an absurd and grotesque humour, give birth to a tasteful dark comedy.

A show ‒ pleading for the freedom of women so powerful in all their frailty. A text about a generation that buried their demons to give the next generation the right to happiness.


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

“Who wants to laugh like champagne? They should go to "Matilda and the Grave-diggers". Who wants emotion, suspense, fun, fear, happy ending? They should go to "Matilda and the Grave-makers". Who wants feminism with a shovel? They should go to "Matilda and the Grave-diggers". Who craves for intellectual satisfactions, such as reinterpretations of the Chekhovian "Three Sisters", "Cherry Orchard", but also a bit of Beckett's "Waiting for Godot"? They should go to "Matilda and the Grave-diggers". Who wants smart work done, they should go see "Matilda and the Grave-diggers" on the stage of the Bucharest National Theatre. "
Eugen Istodor, Hotnews - Murderous! It is "Matilda and the Grave-makers", this play by Steaua Giurgeanu from the National Theatre  

"The show, staged by Mircea Rusu, enjoys the same honesty in approach as the text by Stela Giurgeanu. It flows naturally, driven by routine, by inertia, by humour, together with the story that unfolds, among eloquent silences and emotional tremors, with enough suspense and twists and turns to keep the viewer captive on the morbid terrace (very solid the setting / reliquary of Gabi Albu, a convention that easily and naturally places the characters in the story, without killing them, in anticipation of the verdict), among the threatening fluttering of the evil-foreboding crows. ”
Luciana Antofi, Blog - Tomb silence or love and honesty with "Matilda and the Grave-makers" at the National

"The play Matilda and the Grave-diggers talks about domestic violence, about freedom, about frail and yet, at the same time strong women, about traumas and about loves that have the capacity to heal. The show Matilda and the Grave-diggers is impressive, it triggers emotions among the spectators and determines them not to be fooled by appearances and to think twice before saying something or putting a label. That is if they have patience with the confusing beginning of the show and enjoy the story. "
Raluca Uluiteanu, Blog - Matilda and the Grave-makers  


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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