Current Repertory


by Neil Simon


by Neil Simon

Translation: Oana Ioachim
Ion Caramitru
Cătălin Ionescu Arbore
Liliana Cenean
Ion Caramitru

Premiere: 14.12.2013

Duration: 2 h 30 min / Pause: 15 min


70 lei

50 lei

30 lei (reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)

A strange event took place at the house of New York's deputy-mayor, while he was celebrating his wedding anniversary. Murder? Suicide attempt? Or, maybe both? The mystery must be solved on the spot by the party guests, since any information
leakage could endanger their careers.

We are the witnesses of such a critical situation, that the suspense only increases, the fright turns into comedy and everything
is bursting with humor.

The famous script writer and American playwright, Neil Simon, wrote this play by using a type of storyline created to match that of whodunits, but set on a comedy rhythm, therefore providing the perspective of a real life occurrence. If the news that a certain „character" tried to kill himself, but the bullet touched nothing but his ear seems familiar to you, that is nothing but mere coincidence...any resemblance to actual persons is purely coincidental.

Translated by: Zbarcea Bianca-Lidia
MTTLC, The University of Bucharest

Chris Gorman: Monica Davidescu Ken Gorman: Marius Bodochi
Claire Ganz: Cecilia Bârbora Lenny Ganz: Silviu Biriş
Cookie Cusack: Rodica Ionescu Ernie Cusack: Armand Calotă
Cassie Cooper: Florentina Ţilea Glenn Cooper: Gavril Pătru
Officer Pudney: Victoria Dicu Officer Welch: Dorin Andone
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