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Sentimental Tectonics

by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Sentimental Tectonics

by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Translation: Alice Georgescu
Nicolae Scarlat
Ştefania Cenean

Premiere: 18.11.2009

Duration: 2 h 25 min / Pause: 15 min


40 lei

20 lei (reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)

Romantic Drama

Sentimental Tectonics unveils a game of egos where a man becomes the stake for which four women have decided to fight: hope, pure love, the chance they never had, the proof that they can overcome their condition. The story penetrates into the intimate life of nowadays Paris, the sophisticated one, of fine drinks and expensive clothes, but also of the street, of the tough fight for survival. The famous French playwright and writer imagines two characters originating from Romania even, the country of so many preconceptions, where the promise is always elsewhere.   

In a scenery reduced to the essential, Sentimental Tectonics shows us that between black and white, there is also place for red and that loving is not at all easy.

Eric Emmanuel Schmitt has completed the Sentimental Tectonics in 2008, when he decided that he shall enact it himself, at Théâtre Marigny from Paris. The play deals with topics which have constantly preoccupied the author, such as the encounter between humility and pride in love or the confrontation between truth and deceit. „We must accept that we are living in complexity. Let us never simplify! Never amputate! Those who pretend to be able the suppress difficulties or the contradictions of existence, those are frauds!" declared the playwright in an interview. Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, French novelist and playwright, settled in Brussels, is one of the most read French language writers worldwide, translated and performed in over 50 countries and holding countless international distinctions.

Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

Diane: Ilinca Goia                      Richard: Liviu Lucaci
Madam Pommeray: Tamara Creţulescu                      Rodica: Carmen Ionescu
Elina: Valentina Zaharia                     

The manifold repertoire of NTB makes way for contemporary foreign drama.

In the scenery of Ştefania Cenean, simple, elegant, inspired, with a very suggestive chromatics (white, black, red) and a discreet lighting (Georgiu Stan), two love stories unfold, one in the continuation of the other: the woman seeing false symptoms in the couple throws her lover into the arms of a prostitute, presented under the mask of a charming student. On this dramatic thread, unusual situations are embroidered with fine workmanship, subjecting the characters to trials of great subtlety. The actors rise to the level of their roles with difficult compositions.

Alina Boboc, Cronica Română: Love Games, at NTB  

Love remains the favourite topic, both of the ones preoccupied by film or theatre, and of the literature consumers. The topic is exposed under a multitude of aspects, from romantic love to carnal lust and interests any human being. "Sentimental Tectonics" becomes nowadays, for us, directed by Nicolae Scarlat, a countrywide premiere. The reportorial choice is laudable and the premiere announces itself on the billboard on the National Theatre for many seasons, because the show finely speculates this topic, and the cast actresses - Ilinca Goia, Tamara Creţulescu, Carmen Ionescu and Valentina Zaharia – are wonderful, handling with minuteness and nuance their scores.

[...] "Sentimental Tectonics" is a show for all tastes on the "philosophy" of love, a stylish soap opera, attractively performed, worthwhile seeing because it shall not disappoint anyone.

Ileana Lucaciu, Spectator: On Love with Four Wonderful Actresses  

"The enactment of director Nicolae Scarlat with the play "Sentimental Tectonics", from NTB, has an inner spark transcending towards the exterior along the plot. Regardless of the power of artificial light directed towards the stage, the "light" of the show is powerful until the end, when it also warms your soul and whiffs a breeze of fresh theatre. It holds you hostage from the entrance of the first actor until the "drop" of the curtain, fuelling one’s curiosity in the process, the desire to understand the characters created by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, the issues they are facing, but, at the same time, forcing one to analyse the questions raised by the text."

Maria Sârbu, – In Theatre as in Life: Pride Kills Love  

"The NTB enactment remains one of those indispensable performances. Warm, touching and in which actors are obviously acting with voluptuousness."

Monica Andronescu, Yorick - Sentimental Tectonics or the Game of Love  


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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