Studio Hall

The Studio Hall (Building C)


The Studio Hall is unique, having a special stage equipment. Having been supplied since its inauguration in 1973 with a system that transforms the Italian style hall into one of an Elizabethan style or into an arena in only 20 minutes, the Studio Hall has a variable geometry that provides theatre directors with multiple mounting possibilities. Although they have not been used for nearly three decades (the Studio Hall was used by the Operetta from 19... to 2012), the mechanisms which allow for the movement of the central group of chairs, of some mobile lateral steps and of the removable walls – when activated automatically - proved to be fully functional and required only minimal interventions. With a capacity of 541 seats in the Italian style, 594 seats in the arena style and 424 seats in the Elizabethan style, the Studio Hall offers the audience an excellent view from any angle.

After the reconstruction, the stage , with an opening between 8 and 14 metres, enriched itself with a rotary of 7.80 metres in diameter. The 19 "water lilies" (projectors with a special shape) from the loft of the hall are handled mechanically in order to create optimum illumination angles in all of the three hall styles.

Translated by Minodora Tunaru
MTTLC, The University of Bucharest

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