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The Girl Soldier

by Mihaela Michailov

The Girl Soldier

by Mihaela Michailov

Silvia Roman
Bianca Veșteman și Sabina Veșteman
Assistant Scenography:
Grigore Pușcariu
Original Music:
Bogdan Balea
Sound design:
Bogdan Balea
Adi Bulboacă
Daniel Octavian Nae
Cristian Ciopată

Premiere: 05.11.2016

Duration: 1 h 30 min / Pause: No

03 Jun 2023 19:00
18 Jun 2023 19:00

30 lei

16 lei cu reducere (ultimul rând)

Show with general access.


Production under the Auspices of the Ion Sava Creation and Research Centre under the 9G Programme at NTB


The Girl Soldier is a story for all ages and all times, bearing the scent of childhood since time immemorial. The world seen through the eyes of a 9-year-old girl is filled with candour and unpredictable like a serious game of life and death.

The show is composed as a childish puzzle from the memories about Grandmother, the main character of this Cosmos, the mistress of games and owner of all small and big questions in the universe. Grandmother means childhood, the world, life. This is why she is not allowed to disappear and little Ami decides to save her grandmother from death, training an entire army of soldiers in her defense…

A one woman show – with two interpretations (Silvana Mihai and Cristina Juncu) –, powerful, sensitive, humorous, contemporary in terms of message and approach, where psychological realism may reach abysmal depths. A show which, with the delicacy of innocence, raises necessary questions about life, death, society, education, tolerance.

“The Girl Soldier is a play about the politics of emotions. A play about a girl imagining an entire world, a cluster of defense actions to save her grandmother. A play about a subject not taught in school: empathy. A play about what we want to become when we grow up. Or about what we did not get to become because the grown-ups have molded us into what they wanted.

A play about the grandmothers and grandfathers who created our solar childhoods, helping us to understand the meaning of this world. A play about children inventing the most awesome strategy game: the defense of the loved ones. Because solidarity and love can make a difference. And because unimagined, change cannot occur. The Girl Soldier is a play about emotional connections which are never lost”. Mihaela Michailov

“A small breathing space, a brief moment of reflection, of honesty towards ourselves. A patchwork of unanswered questions about love, courage, empathy, nostalgia, life and death through the eyes of a girl with an unpredictably rich imagination and an age-specific curiosity. A playful and candid universe, which shall certainly reactivate memories of yore. A collective exercise of return to childhood. A show about and for those who have wished to save a loved one, with love”. Silvia Roman


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 





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The girl soldier: Silvana Mihai / Cristina Juncu The grandmother`s voice (audio): Mariana Mihuț


“There is in the writing style of Mihaela Michailov, well identified by Silvia Roman and performed by Cristina Juncu, a defence mechanism in the face of pain which the child develops instinctively: the creation of stories and games in which heroes are those who always win the fight. In the realm of toys (stage designers Bianca Veșteman and Sabina Veșteman create a domestic-fabulous interior in which the realistic elements – television set, jars, ladder etc. – fulfil magical functions, becoming instruments of play and characters), Ami imagines illusory strategies of mending a painful reality.

(...) The plays of Mihaela Michailov, with the delicacy of the closeness to the universe of children and the poetic style, are singular in contemporary drama. Silvia Roman’s show depicts in a delicate manner a suffering innocence, learning to grow up, among toys and games.”

Oana Stoica, Dilema Veche – Children and Grandparents  

“Playwright Mihaela Michailov, director Silvia Roman, stage designers Bianca and Sabina Veșteman and the actresses Cristina Juncu, Silvana Mihai with an off partner through the voice of Mariana Mihuț, have joined their creative and inventive spirit for a project with a sensitive theme – the love for the close ones.

(...) “The Girl Soldier” proves once again that the young generation of creators cherishes values capable of theatrically reading in depth a dramaturgical proposal. It is a felicitous show launching new names and confirming the writing prowess of the author of the text, as a personality in the field”.

Ileana Lucaciu, Spectator – A Delicate Poem, with Many Meanings  

“Ami plots an admirable plan, filled with humanity, whose sole purpose is to save Grandmother, who is slightly ill. This rescue does not fail, as we could be precipitated to believe, but turns into a superb life lesson about the meaning of life and the path of each being, about how nobody can and must ever be turned back.

(...) Of course, The Girl Soldier is a show for all ages and for all times. At the representation which I could witness, many children were also present in the hall, who listened in a superb silence to all utterances on stage by Silvana Mihai. Their attentive silence which in theatre is a sign of involvement certified better than any critic that Silvia and Silvana have won”.

Mircea Morariu, Adevărul – Romanian Dramaturgy at NTB   

“The show The Girl Soldier by Michaela Michailov, the most recent premiere of the 9G programme proposed by the Ion Sava Centre for Theatre Research and Creation within the „I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre of Bucharest, is a brilliant feat: on the one hand due to the dynamic text, written with bitter humour proposed by the author; on the other hand, due to the mastery with which the young team conceives the world of joys from the eyes of the protagonist”.

Mirela Nicolae, Revista Teatrală Radio – A Show about Unconditional Love between Grandsons and Grandparents  

“The merit of the show „The Girl Soldier” is that of being like a brief psychoanalytical therapy, with the benefit that you can sit under the shelter of darkness and feel deprived of the effort to stir into the endless sack of memories all alone. A show for both children and adults, as it ventures with the whole panache into a sensitive topic, especially for those whose childhood is told in anecdotes with the grandparents as main characters, and not with the babysitters, the „step by step” schools or video games meant to replace a universe which only the grandparents’ love could decipher.

Oana Bogzaru, Yorick – The Girl Soldier and her Army against Death   


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