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The Silent Parrot - Nearly true histories of a nearly forgotten spy

Play in 30 scenes by Nae Caranfil

The Silent Parrot - Nearly true histories of a nearly forgotten spy

Play in 30 scenes by Nae Caranfil

Nae Caranfil
Nae Caranfil
Assistant Director:
Tamara Creţulescu, Andreea Nae
Dragoş Buhagiar
Costumes Assistant:
Iulia Gherghescu
Decor Assistant:
Vladimir Iuganu
Stage Movement:
Florin Fieroiu
Master of sheepskin:
Ionuţ Deliu
Technical Director:
Laurențiu Andronescu, Andi Tuinea
Ștefan Stanciu, Liviu Stoica
Lighting design:
Cristi Șimon, Bogdan Golumbeanu

Premiere: 12.12.2018

Duration: 2 h 15 min / Pause: No


70 lei

50 lei

20 lei (reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)


"The Silent Parrot" - an incredible but real story, centered around one of the most enigmatic and fascinating figures of the eighteenth century, the transvestite spy Charles d'Eon / Lia by Beaumont. Ambiguous being, as long as he lived, d'Eon skillfully maintained the mystery of his identity: was he a man or a woman?

After nearly thirty years, the cinematographer Nae Caranfil ("Filantropica", "Asphalt Tango", "The rest is silence", etc.) returns to the theatre with a show on his own text showing an episode of the fascinating life of the knight d'Eon: His mission to the court of Czarina Elisabeth I, where he acted as an agent of influence in favour of France. Realizing that a woman could quickly gain the confidence of the suspicious Czarina, d'Eon chose to be a woman. Thus, taking the identity of the granddaughter of Knight Douglas, the head of the French delegation, he / she shall be able to carry out his mission, but at the same time shall disturb minds and hearts.

A show with real historical characters and deeds, fun, charm, boldness, spying, political and amorous intrigue at one of the most extravagant imperial courts in the world.


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

D`Eon Knight: Vlad Logigan Douglas: Claudiu Bleonţ
Catherine: Miruna Biléi Empress Elisabeta: Raluca Petra
Worontov: Mihai Calotă Peter Ulrich: Eduard Cîrlan
Madame Dumonet: Magda Catone Wolff: Tomi Cristin
Bestujev: Marius Rizea Sir Williams: Alexandru Georgescu
The Prince of Conti: Dragoş Stemate Captain of Guard, Chamberlain, Tyrant 1: Eduard Adam
Volodea: Cosmin Dominte Aliosa: Dragoş Dumitru
The Painter, Tyrant 2: Axel Moustache Rich guy, Dinner companion, Innkeeper: Daniel Badale
Master of Ceremony, Rapist, Executioner, Tyrant 3: Mihai Munteniţă Live music: Trio Mirea
Young Court: Alexandra Cotfas
Mădălina Iagăr
Cătălina Gulan
Ruxandra Bobleagă
Adela Mihai
Ionuț Terteci
Alecsandru Dunaev
Nicolae Dumitru
Marian Dumitru
Cristian Constantin

”The Silent Parrot” is the star of the current NTB season, an unmissable show. Both the text and the enactment reveal us Nae Caranfil as a director and playwright who has attained full maturity, a true artist excelling both in theatre and in cinematography.  

Alexandra Ares, Radio Theatre Magazine - A Superb Debut at the National Theatre of Bucharest: ”The Silent Parrot” by Nae Caranfil  

The silent parrot from the czarina’s bird cage shall sing in the end, to remind you the present of history repeating. The echo of the representation among the audience can be different, some shall applaud the spectacularity and performance of central characters, others the subtle thematic, and some shall be amazed at the encounter with history, which they naively ignore. “The Silent Parrot” is an event-show, theatrically inventive, presented in a refined manner for the contact with a historical story, always topical.

Ileana Lucaciu, Spectator – A Refined Show with a Witty Story  

The theatre and its stories. Many stories can be told about theatre and its stories; about how they are concocted, how they live and die every night, how their news is spread, how they become a legend. The stories told by the theatre have a vibrance that only the life of a few hours originating from under the dusty reflectors, in a pasteboard scenery, can generate.

Alina Epingeac,Yorick – The Silent Parrot” – A Voiceless Show  

In a scheduled festive year, in which history is obligatorily regarded as a collection of heroic and majestic deeds, no more inspired artistic counterpoint could be set than this show signed by Nae Caranfil, a charismatic production, in whose tissue we find humour, irony, but also emotion – everything entering the composition of the fascinating parable of history seen from the perspective of posterity.

Razvana Nita, Blog – History Delights. Silence! Action! Passion!  

Diplomacy, politics, espionage and alcove stories, all fit into an effervescent show. The mere thought that the main character really existed, being an enigmatic personality of the 18th century, Charles-Geneviève-Louis-Auguste-André-Thimothée d’Eon de Beaumont, makes one believe that the time spent at the show is not only for entertainment, but is also a history lesson.

Eveline Pauna, Blog – The Silent Parrot  


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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