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Three Sisters

An (Un)usually Free Script Based on Chekhov

Three Sisters

An (Un)usually Free Script Based on Chekhov

Translation: Raluca Rădulescu
Radu Afrim
Radu Afrim
Assistant Director:
Mădălina Ciupitu
Irina Moscu
Assistant Scenography:
Mădălina Sandu, Arina Balaș
The costume of the goat made by:
Cosmin Florea
Andrei Cozlac
Sound design:
Călin Țopa
Sound universe:
Radu Afrim
Lighting design:
Mircea Mitroi, Cristian Șimon
Technical Director:
Adrian Ionescu

Premiere: 05.12.2019

Duration: 3 h / Pause: 15 min

13 Feb 2020 (The Studio Hall) 19:00
15 Feb 2020 (The Studio Hall) 19:00
16 Feb 2020 (The Studio Hall) 19:00

70 lei

50 lei

30 lei (cu reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)

Due to the stroboscopic and light effects, of short duration and intensity, the show is not recommended for people with photosensitivity and those suffering from epilepsy!

The show can be watched by children up to 14 years old, only with the consent or together with the family! (physical, mental and language violence, minimum duration, intensity and number of scenes, nudity)

After the great success of "The Forest of the Hanged" at the end of last year, Radu Afrim returns to NTB with "Three Sisters" - An Un(usually)  Free Script Based on Chekhov. It is known that Afrim rarely stages classic drama, directing either contemporary texts or his own scripts. However, when he sets about dealing with classic works, he produces highly personal and exciting adaptations, with a strong impact on viewers. The worlds he recreated based on classic texts might have been controversial, disturbing, but his shows never left anyone indifferent.

Radu Afrim challenges the audience once again, offering a remix of a classic play, a hallucinating and highly topical revival of a story told hundreds of times before.  A powerful, original and shocking production that, like all the works made by Afrim, will take the viewers out of their comfort zone. Far from the theater shows in which the Russian spirit is rendered through clichés, "Three Sisters" by Radu Afrim proposes a surrealist vision, a mixture of absurd, comic, grotesque, but also of deep sensitivity, which places the story of the three sisters in today’s Romania. In his new NTB show, Afrim creates a universe that is molded to the receptivity of the contemporary public, with obvious references to the present, but which integrates so well into the world imagined by Chekhov over 100 years ago. 
NTB’s "Three Sisters" is not a "Chekhovian" enactment in the established sense of the term, but it offers a distinct, recognizable vision, in the style that imposed Radu Afrim as one of the most unconventional and gifted theatre directors in Romania.
The show boasts a cast comprising some of the most famous actors of the moment and is created alongside a team of innovative artists, with whom Afrim constantly collaborates (Irina Moscu - stage design, Andrei Cozlac - video design, Calin Topa – sound design).

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The Studio Hall 19:00 Buy tickets
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The Studio Hall 19:00 Buy tickets
Masha: Raluca Aprodu                      Olga: Natalia Călin
Irina: Flavia Giurgiu                      Prozorov: Marius Manole
Versinin: Emilian Oprea                      Tuzenbach: Istvan Teglas
Versinin`s wife: Irina Movilă                      Natalia Ivanovna: Ada Galeș
Bobi k68: Ciprian Nicula                      Kulighin: Florin Călbăjos
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