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Titanic Waltz

by Tudor Musatescu

Titanic Waltz

by Tudor Musatescu

Dan Tudor
Dan Tudor
Original Music:
Dan Tudor
Ştefan Caragiu
Liliana Cenean
Assistant Scenography:
Alexandra Caragiu, Clara Ștefana Dumitrescu, Maria Pană
Stage Movement:
Florin Fieroiu
Technical Director:
Costi Lupșa

Premiere: 10.04.2022

Duration: 2 h 45 min / Pause: 15 min


80 lei

60 lei

30 lei (cu reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)

The most successful comedy in the history of Romanian theater, Titanic Waltz by Tudor Mușatescu, - played almost 100 times in the debut season 1932-1933 on the stage of the National Theatre from Bucharest - is brought back to light by one of the most inventive directors of the comic genre, Dan Tudor. As gifted as the author Tudor Mușatescu, with a generous fantasy and the inspiration to transpose, with the ability of a magician of fun, the everyday spirits into situations full of flavor, Dan Tudor manages a staging that does not lack gentle satire and quality sense of humor.

However, the success of the play is guaranteed only by its admirable cast - Adela Mărculescu, Amalia Ciolan, Irina Cojar, Alexandra Sălceanu, Afrodita Androne, Oana Constantinescu, Armand Calotă, Lari Giorgescu, Ionuț Toader, Mihai Munteniță, Dragoș Ionescu, Axel Moustache, Daniel Badale - whose headliner is the beloved Dan Puric, who returns (after a long wait from the audience) with a real acting recital of interpretive virtuosity. Playing the role of the modest clerk always caught between the more and more pretentious pretensions of his mother-in-law and his wife, Puric creates an authentic character of a special charm, woven of humor and sadness, exuberance and tenderness. Mimicking naivety and obedience one by one, the gentle Spirache weave in his mind the prank he plays on his family, because he is the owner of two capital secrets…

If you miss a sophisticated comedy, in which you can find the atmosphere of the interwar years on the chords of the hand organ, the intrigues in the intimacy of the conjugal home or of the political life (never changed!), even 90 years since its premiere, Titanic Waltz still is the right choice for a perfect evening of theater, because on the stage of TNB, the formidable artists Dan Puric and Dan Tudor return in the full form of their creativity. Long live comedy!


Translated by Andreea Codrea-Boeriu


Photo Florin Ghioca

Spirache: Dan Puric Dacia: Amalia Ciolan
Chiriachita: Adela Mărculescu
Carmen Tănase
Sarmisegetuza: Alexandra Sălceanu
Gena: Irina Cojar Traian: Lari Giorgescu
Decebal: Ionuț Toader Petre Dinu: Axel Moustache
Gigi: Mihai Munteniţă Nercea: Armand Calotă
Procopiu: Dragoş Ionescu Nanny: Afrodita Androne
Leana: Oana Constantinescu The Photographer: Daniel Badale
The Neighbor: Dan Tudor The Woman with the Carpet: Tatiana Oprea

“(...) we are facing an indisputable success. First, a directing success. Dan Tudor resorted to a classic staging without being rigid, in the sense that he made some changes to the text to make it more current (Traian Necșulescu, for example, no longer buys horses but a race car), without betraying however, the spirit of the play. He especially avoided the temptation of the overly accentuated touches, the so-called thick humor, which would have altered the authenticity of the situations and characters through a forced ridicule, turning this comedy into a joke.”

Alexandru Mamina, argumenteș - Reinterpretations at the National Theater in Bucharest   

“For a very long time, I haven't seen an audience with a smile on their face and a laugh in their soul from the beginning of a comedy to the end. (...) A very well-chosen cast by director Dan Tudor, who specializes in comedy, acts with a tremendous frenzy. Looking in cold at this hot Romanian comedy, (...) we notice that it is not the satire of comic politics that is dominant, but the characteristic unmasking of the fauna of newcomers subject to insatiable greed, eager for wealth and power.”

Dinu Grigorescu, Rinocerul Cultural Magazine – Laughing out loud at TNB

“Dan Tudor has managed a well-deserved popular show, in the best sense of the word, and a frothy comedy that guarantees a delightful evening.”

Alexandra Ares, Metropolis Newspaper – Titanic Waltz at TNB. The ballad of the jovial opportunism   

„(...) a necessity for the cultural repertoire of Bucharest. Titanic Waltz invites us to 3 hours of disconnection from our everyday lives, a time that we can leverage to infiltrate the story, and enjoy the subtle humor of the text. (...) it is certain that Dan Tudor managed to make an exceptional staging, with a cohesive cast, well developed and suitable for the parts played, offering the public of all ages a new meeting with Tudor Mușatescu's theater”.

Andrei Bulboacă, - Titanic (Retro) Waltz  


Translated by Andreea Codrea-Boeriu

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