It is so much fruitful to believe the impossible than the calamitous.

Victoria Dicu

b. 23.09.1981, Galaţi

Parts at NTB:                                                     

  • Mary Midlleton - "The Welkin" by Lucy Kirkwood, directed by Gelu Colceag, 2022
  • The Mute - "A Lost Letter" by I.L. Caragiale, directed by Horatiu Malaele, 2022
  • Annoying Lady - "Kiritza or The game of...", a performance by Gigi Căciuleanu based on the famous texts of the poet Vasile Alecsandri, 2021
  • Lady Montague - "Romeo and Juliet" after William Shakespeare, directed by Yuri Kordonsky, 2018
  • Breda - “Eden” by Eugene O`Brien, directed by Cristina Giurgea, 9G at NTB Programme, 2016
  • Florica - "Allegro, ma non troppo" by Ion Minulescu, directed by Răzvan Popa, 2014
  • The Woman - "Powder Keg" by Dejan Dukovski, directed by Felix Alexa, 2014
  • Pudney Officer - "Rumors" by Neil Simon, directed by Ion Caramitru, 2013 
  • Zoe, The Mute - "The Letter" after A lost letter by I.L. Caragiale, directed by Horatiu Malaele, 2012
  • Marllene, the mayor`s assistant - "The Visit" by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, directed by Alexander Morfov, 2011 
  • A Witch - "Macbeth" by William Shakespeare, directed by Radu Penciulescu, 2011
  • Lizzie Berrill - "The End of the Beginning" by Sean O`Casey, director Horatiu Malaele, 2010
  • Sue Bayliss - "All My Sons" by Arthur Miller, director Ion Caramitru, since 2009
  • „Ivan Turbincă" by Ion Creanga, director Ion Sapdaru, 2009 
  • Marie - „The Lesson" by Eugène Ionesco, director Horatiu Malaele, 2009
  • Cloud Choir - „The Clouds" by Aristofan, director Dan Tudor, 2009
  • Marina - „Seven by One Shot" by Lia Bugnar, director Ion Caramitru, 2008      
  • Angry lady - „The Heart of a Dog" by Mihail Bulgakov, director Iuriy Kordonskiy, from 2008 

Activities outside NTB:                     

Theatre Parts:

L.S. Bulandra Theatre

  • Mother superior - "Drinking habits" by Tom Smith, directed by Mihai Constantin, 2012 / 2023

Metropolis Theatre

  • Carolina - "Jubilee" by Jean Marie Chevret and Michele Ressi, directed by Radu Beligan, 2012  


  • Flaminia - „Love at test"by Basilio Locatelli (played at the Suceava Festival), 2007
  • Miss Pomponette - „The Lady`s Tailor" by George Feydeau, 2007
  • Marghiolita - „The Burden in the House" by Vasile Alecsandri, 2006
  • Grandmother,  Nanny,  Lesbian, (Charlie),  Florist gipsy  - „Don Juan Comes Back from the War" by Odon von Horvath (Diploma show), 2006


  • Founder of "Tu și Rasul - Curs de Actorie si Voie Buna" (You and Laughter - Acting and Good Will Course)

  • Founder and teacher Victoria Art - acting classes 
  • Screenplay writer and director „S.O.S. My freedom..." (show with the subject: the financial exploitation of children) Organizaţiei Salvaţi Copiii (Save the Children Organization) - Bucharest (Educational Centre), 2007
  • Collaboration with Omide Theatre, Bucharest, 2007
  • Local Galaţi coordinator on Children's Rights Salvaţi Copiii Organization - Iaşi (Screenplay writer and director for the children's Rights show Libertate, Liberta, Liberté..."), 2006
  • Human Trafficking Problems Educator Salvaţi Copiii Organization, Galaţi (Screenplay writer and director Human Trafficking Problems  Show„Maria 4Ever"), 2004 - 2005

Movie parts

  • Zenovia - "Mandatul", directed by Cristian Comeaga, 2023

    Ivan's mother - "The Legend of Ochi", directed by Saxon Isaiah Slavetsky, 2021

  • Mother Agapia - "The Second Coming of Christ", directed by Daniel Anghelcev, 2015
  • Aggressive trafficker - "Breaking the Cycle", directed by Naima Mohamud, Sweden 2014
  • Niculina - "1969", directed by Alex Ispas, short subject, 2013
  • The Gypsy Woman - "Second Voice" directed by Daniel Sandu, short subject, 2012
  • The make-up artist - „Into The Rabbit Hole”, directed by Mara Trifu, 2011
  • Chef - "Carmen", directed by Doru Niţescu, 2011
  • Wife - „Apartment 13", short subject, director Dan Cimpoeşu, 2009
  • Geta - „The Stranger", short subject, director Andreea Ciolacu, 2009
  • Gluttonous and The woman hitting the table with her fist - videoclip "Sofia", Montuga band, 2008


  • Elastic - "Clanul", Pro TV series, directed by Anghel Damian, 2023

    Penelopa / Village woman - "Las Fierbinți", Pro TV series, directed by Dragos Buliga, in 2022, 2021 and 2018

  • The secretary - "The office", directed by Simona Gherman, 2011
  • Olga - "Making of", directed by Cristian Bajora, 2007


  • The Woman - "Portret picture", Mellina feat. Vescan, 2014
  • The TV obsessing woman - video "Stray dog" - Puya featuring Doddy, Posset, Mahia and Alex Velea


  • The Theatre and The Culture of Japan - first edition, Japanese theatre courses sustained by The UNESCO Culture Sector of the International Theatre Institute, 2010
  • Ion Sava Centre for Theatre Research and Creation, National Theatre Bucharest - creation workshop: „Inspiring and Refreshing the Acting Abilities " guided by director and professor  Radu Penciulescu and choreographer, professor  Florin Fieroiu (11.08 - 23.08 2008, Ipoteşti -"Mihai Eminescu" National Studies Centre)
  • Puppet show actors courses (the making of Bi Ba Bo puppets), 2006
  • Participated at International Workshops for the art of acting in Sibiu - organized by UNESCO-ITI - Sinaia Summer Course show - „The Bear" by A. P. Cehov - role Popova, 2005
  • Antique Greek Theatre participation, role: Mebyea - coordinated by prof. univ. Yannis Paraskevopoulos, 2005
  • Participated in Kabuki dance show, coordinated by prof. Sayoko Shirotani, 2005
  • Participated at International Workshops for the art of acting in Sibiu - organized UNESCO-ITI - „Caucasian Chalk Circle" by Bertolt Brecht and „Bloody Wedding" by Lope de Vega, 2004
  • Cehov Workshop - „Pescăruşul" (Polina) - coordinated by prof. univ. Andrei Andreev University of Sankt Petersburg, Russia, 2004
  • Stanislavski workshop, coordinated by prof. univ. Andrei Filshtinski, 2004
  • Speaking and diction workshop coordinated by prof. univ. Valeria Covatariu, Târgu Mureş, 2004
  • Participated at International Workshops for the art of acting in Sibiu - organized by UNESCO-ITI - „The Sea Gull" by A.P. Cehov and „The Well of the Herds" by Lope by Vega, 2003
  • Improvization workshop in Meyerhold and acting courses - „The Physiology of Dialogue" - Bymidov with prof. univ. Maria Ganeva, University of Sofia, Bulgaria, 2003


Arts Faculty Galaţi, Acting section, professor Stelian Stancu,assistant Dan Chiriac, class of 2006


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