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A New Premiere 9G at NTB: Catch-up in the Dark

10 May 2019
Improvisation premiere 13 June 2018
On Wednesday, 13th June 2018, 7:00 p.m., the Small Hall of the National Theatre hosts the first representation of the show Improvisation by Eugène Ionesco, bachelor’s degree exam of the Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography 2017 (Best Show Award, Graduate Gala, 2017). Welcoming young theatre creators, NTB in partnership with UNATC presents a series of shows created by students. „Improvisation is a play where I attempt to imitate Moliere, being, at the same time, a criticism of some critics. I reproach to critics dogmatism, not understanding art, their refusal to understand theatre. The critics I enact in this play are militant critics. If the harm people inflict upon each other changes its appearance, its profound nature remains the same. I have written to ask myself about this issue, about this mystery.” Eugène Ionesco “Far from being a pretentious discussion on philosophy and theatre, it is a still topical parable about society who does not want you different, but brainwashed, wants you to think and live according to its dictates. And most of the times, society wins. This is the nightmare of the world we live in and this has also been the nightmare of Eugene Ionesco. The show wants to be a sign of alarm, pulled for us all (regardless whether we are artists or corporatists), who must ask ourselves whether we ever stopped telling our truth and why we have started preaching the one of others.” Andreea Ciocîrlan (director)                    — Where? — In Ionesco’s study. — When? — In a dream of Ionesco. — Who? — Three critics in search for an author, an author on the quest of freedom of expression and a maid searching for normality. — What? — A discussion on theatre and philosophy culminating with the author’s manipulation by the critics. — Why? — To become aware of what awaits us if we want to be like butterflies… free.   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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