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21 Jun 2022 NTB Amphitheatre. Summer nights in Bucharest
NTB Amphitheatre. Summer nights in Bucharest

A place high above the National Theatre, 24 meters above University Square, the Open Air Amphitheatre is a unique stage in Romania. Starting from July 1st, 2022 until September, spectators are invited to enjoy a diverse, appealing and relaxing cultural offer. Performances and artistic genres, diversity and summer (but also cultural) debate meet under the summer night sky, right at the Capital's 0 point, in an exciting and varied evening programme for all those who love the arts and the outdoors. Theatre performances, jazz, rock or folk concerts, films, meetings with artists, can all be enjoyed this summer under the starry sky of Bucharest, at the NTB Amphitheatre. Established names and young artists, recitals and independent theatre productions will draw the summer above the bustling city.  To know what to do this summer in Bucharest, watch the NTB Amphitheatre programme!   Translated by Andreea Codrea-Boeriu 

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25 Jun 2022 Record number of long-running performances in the current season!
Record number of long-running performances in the current season!

  More than 650 performances of 3 plays from the interwar period at NTB! Three of the longest-running Romanian plays in the repertoire of the "I.L. Caragiale" National Theatre from Bucharest rounded up an impressive number of performances this season. These plays are: Little Hell by Mircea Ștefănescu, The Man Who Saw Death by Victor Eftimiu and Allegro, ma non troppo by Ion Minulescu. All three are based on beloved comedies written in the interwar period by important writers of our literature. And all three will have a final encounter with the public this weekend, towards the end of the season. We highly recommend them! Mircea Ștefănescu's Little Hell - one of the longest running comedies performed on the stage of the "I.L. Caragiale" National Theatre in Bucharest, will have its last performance of this season on Saturday, June 25, 2022, at 7 pm, at the Studio Hall. Almost 10 years after its premiere, "Little Hell" continues to fill the theatre's halls, offering the audience an extremely topical subject, even though the play was written in 1948. Through the fun and irony of the lines, the mastery of construction and the dialogue, the show proves to be a true human comedy, in which those who come to see it will certainly recognize themselves. Recently, the performance "Little Hell" celebrated 300 performances on the stage of the "I.L. Caragiale" National Theatre in Bucharest. With a captivating cast: Rodica Popescu Bitănescu, Ilinca Goia / Iuliana Moise, Liviu Lucaci, Marius Rizea, Dragoș Stemate, Daniel Badale, Fulvia Folosea, the staging proposed by director Mircea Cornișteanu continues the success of the premiere. We are waiting for you on Saturday, June 25, at 7 pm, at the Studio Hall of the "I.L. Caragiale" National Theatre to enjoy the last performance of this season of "Little Hell" by Mircea Ștefănescu!   On the same Saturday evening, June 25, 2022, at 8 pm, the last performance of the season of The Man Who Saw Death, Victor Eftimiu's comedy staged at the National Theatre in Bucharest by Dan Tudor, as director, will also be played on the stage of the Pictura Hall, a comedy that reached its 200th performance on November 13, 2021. "The Man Who Saw Death", a play from 1928, proves with each performance, to the delight of the audience, the topicality of the lines and the freshness of the comic situations. The late critic Mircea Ghițulescu wrote about the subject of the play and its inter-war recipe: "Victor Eftimiu's comedy still arouses the interest of theatres today because of the main character, the Vagabond, a kind of funny, amusing and intelligent runagate. He will succeed, by means of parallel strategies, in imposing his savior as the favorite among the candidates for mayor of the town". The role is exhibitionist, insolent and funambulist - wrote the critic, somehow anticipating the creation, on the double score, entrusted to the very young actor at the time of the premiere, today one of the most beloved actors of NTB, Lari Giorgescu. The generous dramatic score will give you the opportunity to meet a series of memorable characters, played by several top class actors of NTB: Costel Constantin, Adela Mărculescu, Marius Bodochi, Florentina Țilea, Răzvan Oprea. The set design is by Corina Grămoșteanu and the music by Gabriel Basarabescu. We invite you to spend a relaxing weekend in the company of an extraordinary cast, bringing to life an ageless farce! The performance Allegro, ma non troppo by Ion Minulescu, directed by Răzvan Popa, will be performed on Sunday, June 26, 2022, at 8 pm at the Pictura Hall for the 150th time! "Allegro, ma non troppo" is an ingenious blend of theatre and reality, in which an adultery is committed under the eyes of the husband, in the guise of a fictional play. A plea for freshness in theatre, which must draw inspiration from life. A sentimental comedy with love entanglements and dramatic suspense. A satire of morals with a millionaire, a wife and a playwright, along with other picturesque characters - a mistress, a middleman, a maid - will keep you, for an hour and a half, captivated by the charm and flavour of the inter-war era. Răzvan Popa revealed why he chose this play before his first meeting with the audience: "I found it strikingly topical. It all resembled what is happening at the moment. Arranged marriages, which break down at the touch of the long arm of the law, between millionaires and millionaire politicians, artists who can't find their place in society, made-to-order stars, millionaires who become stars to become even richer... This is what attracted me to the text of this writer, an almost unknown dramatic author, as well as Minulescu is known as a symbolist poet. A dramatic author who was a great success in his time, director of the National Theatre in Bucharest in 1926, Ion Minulescu (1881 - 1944) is known today mainly as the poet of the novels. Although during his lifetime the writer believed that posterity would recognize him mainly for his plays, literary history chose a different destiny for him. His theatre deserves to be rediscovered even today, decades after the first performances at the Bucharest National Theatre, for its lively dialogues, alert humor, naturalness of story, intellectual verve, originality of writing." The last tickets for these 3 exceptional comedies are expecting you at the Theatre Box Office and online at   Translated by Andreea Codrea-Boeriu

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04 Jul 2022 UNITER Awards Gala - between the past and the future
UNITER Awards Gala - between the past and the future

In 2010 the catalogue of the UNITER Awards Gala opened with the following, almost prescient, message from UNITER President Ion Caramitru: „(...) We are a world where the exception to the rule has a revolutionary flavour. I'm convinced that change for the better happens in the laboratory of artistic experimentation. A great Romanian writer, Marin Sorescu, used to say that a brilliant poet can only discover a new star through poetic intuition, which is then confirmed by scientists through parameter calculations. So is our world: without risk and madness, nothing settles. Nothing leaves traces. Nothing happens. UNITER was born out of the need to protect the risk taken in theatre (...).” Now, in 2022, the artistic concept of the UNITER Awards Gala belongs to director Radu Afrim: "An anniversary gala is the most appropriate opportunity to analyse the present of this guild and especially to look to the future. That's why I took the liberty of focusing the 30th edition on portraits of young artists, some of them still theatre students, people who are burning Now, people who need to be seen Now. It's hard to make a selection. That's why I even asked them who their idols are among themselves. There will be collages, video testimonies of young people who have tried to make themselves heard over the last 2 years. Some of them risk formulas that the guild hardly accepts, others just want to do what they understand by performance. I've never been a fan of traditions. That's why I'm going to break yet another tradition and populate the huge screen behind the Gala winners with the faces of artists who could have easily stood in place of any of the nominees now, in recent years or will stand in years to come. Otherwise, about the past, all the best." Radu Afrim The Artistic Director of the 2022 UNITER Awards Gala makes a wonderful team with set designer Irina Moscu and Les Ateliers Nomades. Together they will create a unique event, a real show with some of the most vibrant and unique artistic moments, a show that we can't wait to unveil on the stage of the Palace of Culture in Bistrita on July 4, 2022. Among the artists who will take the stage to present the awards are Mariana Mihuț, Rodica Mandache, Marcel Iureș, Pavel Bartoș, Ioana Bugarin, Nicu Mihoc, Ada Milea and Mirela Oprișor. The presenters of the anniversary edition of the UNITER Gala are the actors of the "I.L. Caragiale" National Theatre from Bucharest Raluca Aprodu and Emilian Oprea. Image creator: Andreea Constantin. The UNITER Trophy was conceived and created in 1992 by the artist Ion Bitzan. The UNITER Awards Ceremony can be watched live on TVR1, TVR International, TVR Moldova and Radio Romania Cultural, online on, and on the UNITER Facebook page   Translated by Andreea Codrea-Boeriu    Nominations and Awards  

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