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06 Nov 2020 NTF 30 / NTF Otherwise
NTF 30 / NTF Otherwise

The 30th edition of the National Theatre Festival will take place in multimedia format (online, TV, radio) from November 22nd to 29th, 2020, under the slogan NTF 30 / NTF OTHERWISE. The artistic direction and the selection of the programme belong to the theatre critics Ludmila Patlanjoglu, Maria Zărnescu and Călin Ciobotari. Sections The current edition of the National Theatre Festival is built on the intention to put in dialogue the past with the theatrical present, the aesthetics of the creators of yesterday with the new forms of a present that is still looking for its identity. NTF 30 / NTF Otherwise provides premises for a deep meditation on the future. The structure below reflects this principle and puts it into practice. NotforgettingTF aims to highlight part of the spectacular Romanian heritage established in recent decades. It is a section that involves revisiting and recovering the past, but also redefining the archive as a living space of memory. The ten selected shows are exemplary by the force of creation, by the depth and ability to articulate stage discourses about man and humanity. There are shows that impose a mandatory quotation in any type of history of the Romanian show after 1990. UnrestTF refers to young people whose voices have been heard distinctly and constantly in recent years, certain bets of the present, increasingly well-formed figures in what could be called the new wave of Romanian theatre creators. The art of the great ACTOR celebrates grace, virtuosity and fulfilment in the profession, qualities that have proven over time the leading artists of our theatre. The proposed recitals represent as many memorable art lessons of the actor. They stimulate and inspire, rejoice, and uplift spiritually. At the same time, they prove the strength of a creative triangle: actor - playwright (with an emphasis, in this section on Romanian drama) - director. Premiere in NTF, continuing a tradition of the festival, presents for the first time a show of the TVR Production House, Caligula by Albert Camus. The Hidden Show, a formula that borrows the title of a book by director Alexa Visarion, shifts the focus of interest from the finished stage product to the dynamics of the work process. It contains testimonials of creation, portraits and self-portraits of major creators, glances thrown inside the laboratory, revelations of the hidden show that always doubles the visible show. Invited performances continue a successful tradition of the National Theatre Festival, highlighting the opening to the international artistic discourse and enabling the encounter of the public with great performances of the world. "Words, words, words ..." is the discursive component of the current edition of the Festival. It proposes a series of colloquia and theatrical dialogues meant, on the one hand, to discuss major issues of the present, and on the other hand, to mediate the meeting with contemporary theatrical personalities. The aesthetics of the pandemic represents shows born amid a crisis as a reaction of art to nothingness and as an effort of several creators to identify new aesthetic solutions, exits from deadlock. They are argument-shows, pleas for a lofty idea: no matter what happens, theatre must continue to exist. NTF ON AIR is produced in partnership with Radio Romania Cultural and Radio Romania News. It contains a focus on Cristian Munteanu, the emblematic director who decisively influenced the Romanian radio theatre, revealed through seven shows and a play that bears his signature. The theatre man Emil Boroghină enjoys special attention, a unique voice in the Romanian theatre, founding director of the "Shakespeare" International Festival of Craiova and initiator of the only poetry theatre in Romania, the Poesis Theatre. The well-known show Vorba de cultura will host a series of exciting dialogues with young artists present in NTF. Further seven radio theatre performances validated by multiple international awards will complete this consistent ON AIR section. Producers: UNITER - Romanian Theatre Union and Romanian TelevisionCultural project financed by the Ministry of CultureProject created in partnership with Bucharest City Hall through the Expo Arte Cultural CentrePartner: Romanian Cultural InstituteSponsor: „PROCULTURA” Foundation of Magdalena and Ovidiu BulucMain partner: MOL RomaniaWith the support of: Dedeman Find out the latest news about NTF 2020 on the website, on the Facebook page and on the Festival’s Instagram account.   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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18 Nov 2020 Project competition. 9G at NTB - 7th edition
Project competition. 9G at NTB - 7th edition

The “I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre of Bucharest, through the “Ion Sava” Centre for Theatrical Research and Creation launches the 7th edition of the programme 9Gat NTB (New Generation) which addresses young theatre creators, graduates of the specialized faculties, up to 35 years old, not employed in entertainment institutions. The programme was launched in January 2014, so far 23 projects have been selected, 18 of them being included in The 9G Season at NTB. 9G at NTB takes place at the Small Hall, a space intended exclusively for young artists. 9G at NTB: - The “IL Caragiale” National Theatre of Bucharest through the “Ion Sava” Centre for Theatrical Research and Creation provides the space for the preparation of the show, at the Small Hall or in one of the theatre's rehearsal halls, for a period of four weeks (of which one week on the Small Hall stage). Depending on the rehearsal program of the theatre and the availability of spaces (rehearsal rooms, foyers, etc.) or the difficulty of the proposed project, the time given to the preparation of the show may be extended. - NTB provides the technical facilities at the Small Hall, the costume warehouse, the set store, the props, the theatre workshops, without making any additional investment related to the production of the show, but also the logistical support and advice from the theatre. - The performances resulting from the selected projects will have 3 free performances, with free admission, without the payment of copyright or related rights. - Following the performances with the audience, and with the agreement of the NTB Artistic Council, the show can be taken over in the repertoire of the Small Hall, in the 9G Season at NTB, benefiting from minimal investments in production, payment of royalties, according to the recipe and performances, and promotion. Conditions for participation in the pre-selection of projects: - The team proposing the project must be composed of independent artists, graduates of the specialized faculties, with a maximum age of 35 years. - There is no requirement or restriction in relation to the written texts (classical and contemporary drama) or the type of aesthetics proposed, but it is of advantage the concept of the show that relies mainly on the art of the actor. The projects will be sent by email to: They will include (according to the attached form): the directorial concept of the show (maximum 2 pages); cast, resume of team members. (Links to recordings of shows the team members have worked on can be added or recorded performances can be sent via transfer). The technical needs of the project will also be mentioned in detail. The play, the adaption for the stage, the script (any text underlying the project) must be put together in a separate document. The registration of the projects is made starting with November 19th, 2020, until January 31st, 2021, and until February 28th, the shortlisted titles and teams will be announced. Following a discussion with the teams, the selected titles will be decided to start rehearsals, in the first stage of the 9G programme (according to the regulations).   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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03 Sep 2020 New rules for the audience
New rules for the audience

The obligations of the audience regarding measures to prevent contamination with SAR-CoV2: Ensuring the health of employees and the audience are the priority objective of these measures. - wearing the mask (medical / non-medical) throughout the event, from the entrance into the lobby and throughout the show, until leaving the building. To provide effective protection, the mask must cover the mouth and nose. Attention! The theatre reserves the right to perform an observation screening at the entrance and to prevent access by persons with symptoms of respiratory infection (cough, sneeze, rhinorrhoea, general altered state) and temperature exceeding 37,3 °C. - The thermal scanning will be carried out by the theatre staff. People who refuse to have their temperature checked will not have access to the theatre. - Disinfecting hands with alcohol-based disinfectant to be made available on entry. - Observance of a minimum distance of 1,5 m between persons - from the entrance to the theatre, the showrooms, the toilets, and the exit from the hall. - The performances will take place without breaks to avoid crowding in the lobby areas; - The distance between the stage and the spectators must be at least 3 m; - As regards the distribution of seats in the hall (both online and at the box offices): An empty seat will be allocated between spectators; - Viewing the show is only allowed by keeping the individual seat in the hall and wearing of protective masks; Staff will make sure that social distance is observed during the show; - Spectators shall not consume food and drink within the premises of performing establishments and/or concerts, except for pre-packaged liquids. Ticket sales will be made as much as possible online, so that physical contact is minimized at locations. In the case of ticket purchases at the ticket office, the use of contactless card or telephone payment is encouraged. Thank you for your understanding and you are most welcome to the theatre!   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu

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