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11 Dec 2022 Zorro premiere
Zorro premiere

“Zorro, a Hermit on the Sidewalk”, for the first time at TNB, with Ioan Andrei Ionescu The "I.L.Caragiale" National Theatre announces the premiere of a new show as part of the "Open Doors for All" program, Zorro by Margaret Mazzantini, a text translated and presented in National Premiere. A one-man show by actor Ioan Andrei Ionescu, directed by Toma Dănilă, the new production at Pictura Hall will premiere on December 11, 2022, at 8 pm. The audience is invited to the preview of the show on December 4th to discover, in the setting signed by Mara Nicola, one of the most moving contemporary stories about the unpredictable, multi-faceted way in which fate can play tricks on us and life can change without warning. How a good man can become both victim and executioner at the same time, when everything in his life goes haywire and he can no longer rely on anything that used to be ordinary, safe... Come and discover a moving dramatic monologue that will remind you how fragile and exposed to chance we are. "I invite you to do an exercise of imagination together," proposes Toma Danila, the director of the play. Let's walk together into the story of Zorro, the faceless man we can meet on the street corner or at the traffic light in a busy intersection, the faceless man who blends into the landscape, the man we avoid because he could spoil our normality, he could hijack our daily routine. I invite you to find out his story, and perhaps, afterwards, we will take a closer look at those we used to call "street people" or "homeless". Maybe we'll just call them "People". An actor with multiple interpretative skills, Ioan Andrei Ionescu continues to surprise his audience by tackling a variety of characters and by dissecting, in depth, the particularities that make each character he plays a special human type. From a rich artistic record, we recall, selectively, the part in "Anonymous Venetian" - a show that he has successfully performed for almost a decade with his partner, Ilinca Goia, the role of Lopahin in "The Cherry Orchard" or his recent and remarkable creation in "Machinal. The Musical", Mr. Zero, an acting performance of great virtuosity! Of the more than 20 different characters he has played over the years on the NTB stages alone, Ioan Andrei Ionescu considers Zorro to be his most demanding and moving part. The author of this touching story, Margaret Mazzantini is a famous Italian writer and actress who has given up the stage in favour of writing. For her novel "Don't Move" (2002) she received the Strega Prize and the Grinzane Cavour Prize, Italy's most prestigious literary awards. Translated into 35 languages, the book immediately became an international bestseller, selling more than two million copies, and was screened by Sergio Castellitto, starring Penelope Cruz. She wrote the stage monologue "Zorro, a hermit on the sidewalk" in 2004 for her husband, actor and director Sergio Castellitto. "Zorro helped me to uncover a fear we all have. Because within each of us, unacknowledged, masked, there is this extreme possibility: the sudden loss of the threads, the ballast that holds us anchored to the ordinary world. How many of us, on a night when our souls were gulping, sheltering under a portico, with the shutters up, have not felt towards that body, towards that pile of rags under which a body hides, the possibility of being ourselves in its place? Homeless people are wanderers who have escaped from our homes, who have the smell of our closets, the smell of what they don't have, but also of what we lack." The performance given by the actor of the National Theatre in Bucharest, Ioan Andrei Ionescu, will convince you that the bet with life is worth winning every day, with sincerity and empathy towards those around us. You are invited to the theatre, Zorro is here, and everywhere, there is more than you would expect...  “Zorro, a Hermit on the Sidewalk” by Margaret Mazzantini, with Ioan Andrei Ionescu, on December 4 and 11, 2022, at the Pictura Hall!   Translated by Andreea Codrea-Boeriu 

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03 Dec 2022 Perpetual peace - a new 9G show by TNB
Perpetual peace - a new 9G show by TNB

A new performance created by young artists premieres as part of the 9G Program at NTB. Launched in 2014 and now in its eighth edition, 9G offers independent artists the support to produce their productions at the National Theatre's Sala Mică, a space exclusively dedicated to this approach. Perpetual peace by Juan Mayorga (translated by Luminiței Voina-Răuț), directed by Alejandro Duran, set design by Delia Ghizdăveț, will have its first performances on December 3, 4 and 20 December, at 8 pm, at the Sala Mică of NTB. Mayorga's play makes reference to the famous political essay by the philosopher Immanuel Kant, whose title it borrows, and becomes an occasion for reflection on the ethical dilemmas of human reasoning and action: "Does any means justify the end? Is the life of a single man quantifiable? Where does prevention and security end and where does the abuse begin?". Without offering a clear-cut answer, Juan Mayorga invites us to examine our own conscience. Starting from these questions, the young Colombian director Alejandro Durán, a graduate of U.N.A.T.C. "I.L. Caragiale" in Bucharest, builds a vibrant and topical show, with emotional impact, which urges the audience to become aware of these questions. In the play Perpetual Peace, three dogs are in the running to win the most desired prize - admission to an elite anti-terrorist unit. Three distinct personalities, with only seemingly similar sets of values and ambitions, reveal themselves over the course of the successive trials the three undergo, sparking an intense, life-and-death debate about power, sacrifice and the moral pitfalls of fighting terrorism. "Through physical and psychological tests, to which the three competing dogs are subjected, Perpetual Peace proposes a debate on ethical dilemmas in today's political and social life. It is a shocking metaphor for our world under the absurd threat of terrorism, a text that features animals as protagonists but is deeply rooted in the psychology of human nature." (Alejandro Durán, director) The Spanish playwright Juan Mayorga is one of the most powerful and relevant voices of contemporary theatre. Winner of numerous awards - the Princess of Asturias Literary Award (2022), the Valle-Inclán Award (2009), the National Theatre Award (2007), the Max Award for Best Playwright (2006, 2008, 2009); he has taught drama and philosophy at the Royal School of Dramatic Art (Madrid); he is currently head of the Masters in Theatre Creation at Carlos III University in Madrid. Production by the Ion Sava Centre for Creation and Research within the 9G program at NTB.   Translated by Andreea Codrea-Boeriu

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24 Nov 2022 In Memoriam Eugen Crăciun Exhibition
In Memoriam Eugen Crăciun Exhibition

Painting Exhibition In Memoriam Eugen Crăciun - 100 years since the birth of the artist At the "I.L. Caragiale" National Theatre, in the foyer of the Media Hall (Intercontinental and Tudor Arghezi wings), November 24 - December 31, 2022. From November 24, 2022, in both exhibition halls of the Media Hall of NTB will be exhibited a rich selection of paintings by the master Eugen Crăciun (1922 - 2001), considered as one of the Romanian painters responsible for opening spiritual and technical paths in the Romanian art, from whose birth we celebrate 100 years. This is the second In memoriam exhibition dedicated to the painter on the occasion of his centenary, after the one at the Roman Gallery in May 2022. The current exhibition will present works of art made mainly in the last period of Eugen Crăciun's artistic career, since 1988, a period in which neo-expressionist or non-figurative and spiritualist tendencies dominate. Works characterized by contrasts, freshness and chromatic exuberance, as well as a rich compositional imagination. Separately, there will be an exhibition of earlier, figurative works made between 1960 and 1976. The opening will take place on Thursday, November 24, 2022, at 6 pm, in the Media foyer (Intercontinental wing), in the presence of Eugen Crăciun's son and wife (Daniel and Michaela Nica-Crăciun), who are also visual artists.  Presented by art critics Prof. Doina Mândru and Prof. Marius Tiță. "The exhibition is waiting for you to see it - Daniel and Michaela Nica Crăciun invite us - to remind you not only of Eugen Crăciun at his centenary, but also of the fact that his art is alive, unrepeatable, a path-breaker or even a mind-changer. He believed in redemption through art, in the mission of art to educate, to bring the public closer, so that they can always ask themselves questions to which they can find answers - the ones that are really necessary". The exhibition will be open to the public during the month of December 2022, from 11 am to 6 pm, except on public holidays.   Translated by Andreea Codrea-Boeriu 

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