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14 Jun 2024 Summer Nights at the NTB Amphitheatre
Summer Nights at the NTB Amphitheatre

When the city goes on holiday, we invite you to meet us on the roof of the National Theatre, at the Open-air Amphitheatre, for the opening of the Summer Season! We have prepared an attractive and relaxing treat for you. We look forward to spending this summer with meetings, performances, concerts, films and unforgettable evenings. The open-air Amphitheatre is a unique stage in Romania, a place high up on the National Theatre, 24 meters above the University Square. Here, from mid-July to September, culture and artistic genres, diversity and summer (and cultural) debate meet under the summer night sky, right at km 0 of the capital, in an exciting and varied evening program Concerts, theatre and dance performances, vintage films or the latest film productions, meetings with artists, can be watched and experienced this summer under the starry skies of Bucharest, at the NTB Amphitheatre. Tickets for the events at the Amphitheatre will be sold exclusively online. NTB Amphitheatre - Summer Nights, up on the theatre is a project supported by PPC Romania!   Translated by Andreea Codrea-Boeriu

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04 Jun 2024 Exhibition Romania in Watercolors 3
Exhibition Romania in Watercolors 3

TNB Media Foyer hosts the 3rd national exhibition of watercolor painting Starting June 3, 2024, the third national exhibition of watercolor painting will commence in the Media Foyer of the NTB (Grand Hotel wing), under the title Romania in Watercolors 3 - organized by the Romanian Watercolor Painters Association (A.P.A. - IWS Romania), with the support of Globe Art Network (International Watercolor Society). More than 60 works signed by 49 watercolor artists are on display. The opening of the exhibition will take place on June 4, 2024 at 18:30. Special guest: soprano Felicia Filip who will perform a micro recital. The International Watercolor Society is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 by the Turkish artist, resident in Canada, Atanur Dogan, and since 2016 has been operating in Romania under the name of International Watercolor Society Romania (I.W.S. Romania), chaired by the artist arch Ovidiu Iovanel. I.W.S. was founded with the aim of promoting the oldest painting technique in the world, Watercolor. We quote from the "Mission Statement" of IWS Romania: "Our aim is to promote respect, peace and harmony through the use of art - the common language of the whole world. Our activities involve bringing together watercolor painters and lovers of art, of watercolor. Watercolor painting has long been neglected and even despised, to the detriment of other techniques. In order to bring the art of watercolor to the forefront as we grow, we are promoting and popularizing watercolor painting in every country. (...) We have embarked on a monumental task and success is only possible if we work together. So far we have succeeded. Thus, in our group in Romania there are more than 100 more or less known artists, professional or amateur. We show respect, practice courtesy and diplomacy at all times, listen to each other, are open to new ideas and welcome innovation." The exhibition will be open until the end of June 2024 and can be visited daily from 10.00 to 18.00.   Translated by Andreea Codrea-Boeriu 

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15 May 2024 Space Memory – Site specific multimedia installations
Space Memory – Site specific multimedia installations

Workshop The Centre for Theatre Research and Creation "Ion Sava" of the National Theatre "I.L. Caragiale" in Bucharest will organize, with the support of OISTAT Romania, a multimedia scenography creation workshop for students and graduates of the faculties of art, performing arts, design, architecture and scenography interested in interdisciplinary creation in the creation of installation-type scenography spaces. The workshop will take place from June 11 to 17, 2024, in the Media Hall, in the foyer of the Small Hall and in one of the NTB rehearsal rooms. Space Memory is a multimedia scenography workshop. The workshop is mentored by Adrian Damian, scenographer, creator of scenic spaces and multimedia installations. He will be assisted by Dilmana Yordanova, video artist, and Mihai Dobre, composer. During the 7 days of sessions, trainees will be guided to establish their creative concepts and work teams and will then be guided in the creation of site-specific multimedia installations in the chosen locations of the NTB. The only material used will be paper, in its many forms (cardboard, paperboard, etc.) which will be provided by the organizers. Participants will also be encouraged to use video art, lighting design and sound design as means of artistic expression. The organizers will provide the necessary equipment.  The daily schedule will be agreed with the participants. Application / Submission requirements: Biography / CV and Portfolio of works Useful website links, behance, fb, instagram. Short presentation video (2 min) in which the applicant introduces him/herself, his/her interests and expectations from the workshop. All applications will be emailed to by June 8, 2024. A maximum of 20 participants will be selected. Adrian Damian: He is a stage designer, creator of scenic spaces and multimedia installations known for his innovative and spectacular creations. He stands out for his ability to often integrate elements of technology and new media into his sets, transforming them into fascinating interactive spaces. He has created over 80 set designs in prestigious theatres in Romania and abroad, collaborating with renowned directors. He has been awarded multiple prizes, including Best Set Design - UNITER and Best Set Designer - Union of Artists. Interested in the multimedia area, he has created several installations including Network of Emotions for Romanian Design Week and The Bridge, an installation that represented Romania at PQ 2023. In 2022, he re-established and is the president of the Romanian OISTAT Centre (International Organization of Set Designers, Theatre Technicians and Architects) and is involved in projects relevant to the artistic community. Dilmana Yordanova: With a rich portfolio and over 25 years of professional experience, Dilmana Yordanova works as an interdisciplinary artist, cultural manager, art curator and university lecturer. Dilmana Yordanova is a founding member of KOTKI visuals studio and AVmotional Association, both oriented towards production and promotion of new media arts. Dilmana Yordanova collaborates with contemporary dance studios, theatre directors, set designers, electronic music producers, architecture studios and interactive designers. Her personal and collaborative projects have been presented in leading cultural events and initiatives in Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Austria, Spain, Germany, UK, Thailand and the United States. Her recent activities include interdisciplinary processes and collaborative formats, working predominantly with time-based media and interactive technology. Mihai Dobre: is a composer and founding member of Suie Paparude. He has written the music and editing of the special TIFF awards/ 2002-2011, the music and editing of the Gopo awards/2009-2023 and the music of the films Sarajevo- Museum of Broken Relationships (short film)/2009, Love Building/2010, Another Love Building/2012, Playback documentary/2022, directed by Iulia Rugina. Since 2015 he also creates music for theatre performances, where he has collaborated with some of the most renowned directors of the moment, including Mihai Maniutiu, Radu Afrim, Vlad Massaci or Razvan Mazilu but also with younger directors such as Andrei and Andreea Grosu, Andrea Gavriliu or Stefan Lupu, contributing greatly through the quality and inventiveness of his creations to the value of the performances. He has collaborated with set designer Adrian Damian on several installations such as Atman (Binar 2019), Network of Emotions (RDW 2021), and The Bridge (PQ2023).   Translated by Andreea Codrea-Boeriu 

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