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After Hours

by Radu Iacoban

After Hours

by Radu Iacoban

Radu Iacoban
Codrin Iftodi, Eugen Kelemen
Ana Ularu
Conrad Mericoffer (elemente)
Light design:
Bogdan Gheorghiu

Premiere: 20.09.2015

Duration: 1 h 10 min / Pause: No

06 Mar 2020 (The Small Hall) 20:00
26 Mar 2020 (The Small Hall) 20:00

30 de lei

16 lei cu reducere (ultimul rând)

Show not recommended for minors aged under 14; licentious language / of sexual nature.


Production under the Auspices of the Ion Sava Creation and Research Centre under the 9G Programme at NTB

Building on a joke, After Hours develops a dialogue of the absurd superficiality surrounding us, into a scenic discourse about communication or its absence, about loneliness or refuge. A simple story, highlighting through bursts of laughter, small or big life issues. One night, two men meet in a bar… They are drinking, joking, telling stories. An encounter like any other between two people having nothing in common. Until alcohol or despair pushes them towards confessions. Jealousy, hidden plans, adultery, depression… And a twist of fate… like in life! The two are not complete strangers to each other and the encounter was premeditated.

We communicate more and more "poorly" by using the same verbal "crutches", not for accepting the other’s presence, but moreover to confirm to ourselves that we are always right. We have become selfish and have forgotten to truly listen to the other. Very often, we enter a bar and notice that people at the tables are clinging to a glass of alcohol, staring blankly and not communicating (anymore). We have parallel paths and we are afraid of leaving the "citadels" of our ego. We have become "solitary".

After Hours is an absurd and comic discourse, or comic and absurd, narrating about loneliness, social inadaptability and emotional numbness.

The starting point is the beginning of a joke: "Two guys enter a bar". The two "rogue heroes" are resorting in a "no man's land of non-communication" to the well-known arguments of a talk over a drink: politics, money, women, cars, literature”. Radu Iacoban


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu


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: Cătălin Babliuc
Anghel Damian
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