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13 June 2018
Project Contest. 9G at the NTB - 6th Edition 12 June 2019
The IL Caragiale National Theatreof Bucharest, through the Ion Sava Centre for Theatre Research and Creation, launches the fourth edition of the programme 9G at NTB (New Generation), which addresses young theatre makers, graduates of relevant faculties of up to 35 years of age, not employed in performance institutions. The programme was launched in January 2014, so far 22 projects have been selected, 17 of them being included in the 9G Season at TNB. 9G at the NTB takes place in the Small Hall, space reserved exclusively for young artists. 9G atNTB. Proceeding: - The "IL Caragiale" National Theatre of Bucharest through the "Ion Sava" Centre for Theatre Research and Creation ensures the space for the preparation of the show at the Small Hall or in one of the theatre’s rehearsal halls for a period of four weeks including a week on the stage of the Small Hall). Depending on the rehearsal schedule of the theatre and the availability of spaces (rehearsal rooms, foyers, etc.) or the difficulty of the proposed project, the time allowed for the preparation of the show may be prolonged. - NTB provides the technical facilities at the Small Hall, the costume stock, the scenery stock, the props, the theatre workshops, without any additional investment related to the production of the show, but also the logistical support and consultancy from the theatre. - The performances resulting from the selected projects will have 3 free performances, with free entrance, without payment of copyright or related rights. - Following the public performances, and with the agreement of the NTB Artistic Council, the show can be taken over for a season (with the possibility of contract extension) in the Small Hall repertoire, in the 9G Season at NTB, benefiting from minimum investment in production, copyright, according to the representation, revenue and promotion recipe. Conditions for participation in the pre-selection of projects: - The project team should consist of independent artists, faculty graduates, up to the age of 35. - There is no type of requirement or restriction with regard to the written texts (classical and contemporary dramaturgy) or the kind of aesthetics proposed, but concepts of performance are preferred that rely mainly on the art of the actor. Projects will be sent per e-mail to: They will include (according to the attached form): the directorial concept of the show (maximum 2 pages); cast, resume of team members. (Links with recordings of shows to which team members have worked can be added or can be sent by recorded shows). Also, the technical needs of the project will be detailed. The play, the drama, the script (any text underlying the project) must be included in a separate document. Projects will be registered from June 12th until July 31st, 2019 and the shortlisted titles and teams will be announced on September 20th. Following a discussion with the teams, the titles will be decided to begin the rehearsals in the first stage of the 9G programme (as per regulation). Fișa de înscriere 9G 2019   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu  
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A New Premiere 9G at NTB: Catch-up in the Dark 10 May 2019
On Friday, May 10th, 2019, from8.00 p.m., the Small Hall of the National Theatre of Bucharest shall host the premiere of a new show within the 9G programme at NTB, "Catch-up in the Dark", based on a text written by the Israeli writer Edna Mazia and directed by Radu Stoian. "Catch-up in the Dark" is a reinterpretation of the title "Games in the Backyard", one of Edna Mazia's plays. Written in 1993 and relying on a real case that has deeply affected Israeli society, the text recreates the drama of Dvori Manhes, a 14-year-old girl and a group of four adolescents accused of rape. Everything starts from a game, but - "as in any game" - non-observance of the rules can always lead to the loss of control, with serious consequences for all participants ... Theviewer is offered both perspectives, of the defense and prosecution. The roles are reversed and the victim becomes guilty and the accused plea innocence. The young team of creators explores psychologically intuitive themes such as abuse, both physical and mental, or the failure of the legal system. The play does not provide answers, but rather invites the spectator to reflect on the human nature, the understanding of the other, the discovery of truth. "The real case underlying this text is not a singular one, unfortunately, and TV news or shocking reports are not always able to convey a message or be completely touching. I believe that through the energies of this show, through the mirror that the theatre illuminates in front of the spectators, we shall be able to uncover such abuses and sound the alarm. The show will primarily address young people, whom we hope to bring to the theaters to understand that childhood games have repercussions in the future, that what we learn in childhood applies throughout adulthood. " (Radu Stoian, director) The show features the following cast: Alexandra Spataru, Radu Stoian, Florin Craciun, Adrian Georgescu, Adrian Loghin. The creative team: Radu Stoian (director), Teodora Budescu (choreography and direction assistance), Samuel Mikhailovich (stage concept), Aurel Ciucur (musical composition), Cristian machine (light design), Daniel Octavian Nae (sound) and Daniel Buglea (stage direction).   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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