Letters and Characters – Georgeta Năpăruș

20 September 2017 - 24 October 2017

Intrare liberă / Free entrance

Exhibition Soulful Paintings 03 December 2019
The ArhivaDeArta Gallery in collaboration with KinetoBebe Association and Mrs. Elena Luminița Radu have the honour to invite you to the opening of the Charitable Exhibition Soulful Paintings from December 3rd, 2019, at 5.30 pm, hosted by the I.L. Caragiale National Theatre. The charity exhibition Soulful Paintings brings together over 40 artists who have enthusiastically expressed their willingness to support the cause of children with disabilities, so we would be honored and delighted by the support given to this project through your direct participation, donations or sponsorships. With this project we bring together a joy for children who have to spend their months, or maybe even their childhood years in therapy centres. There they play, read, learn, laugh and cry, take their first steps, say their first words and enjoy every moment with therapists and parents. The event Soulful Paintings will be curated, alongside artists, by art critic Pavel Susara, who assures us that it is not easy to paint either a landscape, a portrait or a still life, but it is quite an adventure, the calligraphic transparency of the Roman aquarellas, the Nabis avalanches of colour and all that indescribable development so specific, along with the artist's graphic art, carry an indisputable personal imprint, whether they recall pre-existing formulas or they are almost objective chromatic works, beyond any model and author. This event will be attended by about 200 guests from the non-governmental organizations in the field, media partners, personalities from the artistic and business environment who support the projects of the collaborating organizations, representatives of the different institutions, parliamentarians, members of the diplomatic corps as well as of the Romanian Presidency, Home Ministry, Doctors of the Romanian Academy. Special guests Anca Pandrea Irina Margareta Nistor Ana Raluca Chisu Founder of KinetoBebe Association   ArhivaDeArtaGallery We are an independent art gallery in Romania, founded in 2019 by Ingrid Stegaru. ArhivaDeArta Gallery is a contemporary art gallery dedicated to promoting national and international artists seeking exposure on the global art market. ArhivaDeArtă links artists both in the online environment, through the platform managed by us and offline, through the artistic events we manage every month of the year. All this in one place creates a growing family dedicated to the world of fine arts. KinetoBebe Association For 10 years, in the Pediatric Recovery Centres KinetoBebe, we have helped over 8000 children, often diagnosed with neurological, orthopedic, severe prematurity or various genetic diagnoses (West, Down, Reth, etc.). The activities of the KinetoBebe Association include thousands of free motor assessments in schools and social clinics, advising future parents on the neuromotor development of children, awareness events and informing parents and teachers about the importance of children's development in the first years of life; all to prevent and trigger alarms before the little ones develop spinal disorders or other neuromotor problems. For those who cannot afford their therapy financially, the KinetoBebe Association has launched the "Therapy Scholarships" programme and, thus, dozens of children diagnosed with serious illnesses, benefit from free integrated neuromotor recovery programs (kinetotherapy, speech therapy, psychology) from the earliest days of life. We experience the greatest joy when we manage to complete the many therapy sessions and see in the eyes of the little ones the happiness of their success!   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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1178? - Gesture for Heroes 12 September 2019
Officially, 1178 people died in the Revolution, but the number is not yet final, many files are waiting for a verdict even now. The project 1178? - Gesture for Heroes aims at reuniting artists from all fields in a symbolic effort of remembrance, documentation and gratitude. We invite 1178 artists to join our project by paying tribute to a missing person. A fine artwork, a text fragment, a film scene, a piece of music or any personal contribution to our gesture against oblivion. A simple and discreet artistic gesture that reminds us of those who disappeared in December 1989 and maybe, from the collective memory. The artistic gestures will be reunited in electronic format and presented in the form of projections (plasmas, tablets, video projections) held simultaneously between December 17th and 22nd, 2019 at the headquarters of the host partners: Galateca, NTB, ArCuB, MNLR Crețulescu, CNDB, Cotroceni National Museum (TBC). The website of the project (work in progress) will function as an archive-document of the gestures and heroes dedicated to them. The project is an open call and the organizers will also launch a list of guests, personalities of our culture, from the country and from the diaspora. The project is a cultural and civic attitude, without political involvement. The organizers reserve the right to reject applications that cause image damage to the event, the organizer and the partners. Partners: Association December 21st, UNARTE, UNITER, TNB, Museum of Romanian Literature, Galateca Gallery, ArCuB, Union of Composers and Musicologists, National Dance Centre Bucharest, Cotroceni National Museum (TBC). Project launched by the Fine Artists’ Union - Drawing Department and carried out with the support of all partner institutions, with the pro bono involvement of the artists and the project team.  The form for participation in the project can be downloaded here This, alongside the work- artistic gesture will be sent to: Anca Boeriu - // 0722 357 212 Stefana Marmureanu - // 0724 245 565 Deadline for sending the application November 20th, 2019. The project team is composed of: Anca Boeriu, Stefana Marmureanu, Ariadna Ponta, Maxim Trikhanov, Alexandru Simion-Boeriu and Dragos Tudor.
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