Lucian Iftime

b. 31.03.1984

In the current season the actor plays in:

50 seconds Extended Love

NTB Parts:

Investigator – „50 Seconds” by Daniel Oltean, directed by Eugen Gyemant, 2018

Stalin – „Requiem” by Matei Vișniec, directed by Alexandru Dabija, 2016

Sebastian – „Extended Love” by Lukas Bärfuss, directed by Elena Morar, 2014



Activities outside NTB:

Valerio – „Leonce and Lena” by Georg Büchner, directed by Eugen Gyemant, Unteatru, 2018

Northumberland – „The Life and Death of Richard 2” after William Shakespeare, directed by Radu Iacoban, Small Theatre 2018

William - „Lobby Hero” by Kenneth Lonergan, directed by Radu Iacoban, Jewish State Theatre, 2017

Aaron – „ Driver / Painter” by Hillel Mittelpunkt, directed by Alexandru Dabija, Jewish State Theatre, 2017

Middle Kid – „The Trial of the Goat with a Kid”, direction and text by Radu Iacoban, Metropolis Theatre, 2017

B  – „An Intervention” by Mike Batlett, directed by Radu Iacoban, Act Theatre, 2016

Ghita Pristanda – „A Lost Letter” by I.L. Caragiale, directed by Victor Ioan Frunza, Metropolis Theatre, 2016

Emil Pop – „POLITIK.ON”, directed by Radu Iacoban, POINT, 2016

Tupolski – „The Pillowman” by Martin McDonagh, directed by Eugen Gyemant, Act Theatre, 2015

Janis – „Testosterone” by Andrzej Saramonowicz, directed by  Zalan Zakarias, Godot Café Theatre, 2014

Head of Gendarmes - „The Index”, directed by Ioana Păun, MNAC, 2013

Thomas -  „Demons” by Lars Norén, directed by Lorena Zăbrăuţanu, Act Theatre, Bucharest, 2013

Boss - „Molten Cheese” by Corina Ciubotaru, directed by Mihaela Sarbu, Comedy Theatre, 2013

Father / Horse - „Youth without Old Age and Life without Death” by Petre Ispirescu, directed by Eugen Gyemant, Godot Cafe Theatre, 2012

Brutus - „Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare, directed by Eugen Gyemant, Godot Cafe Theatre, 2012

Koreiko - „The Golden Calf” by Ilf and Petrov, Eugen Gyemant, ArCub, 2011

Ragpicker - „The Madwoman from Chaillot” by Jean Giraudoux, directed by  Alice Barb, Metropolis Theatre, 2010

Kaceala - „Tarelkin” by Alexandr Suhovo - Kobîlin, directed by Gelu Colceag, Metropolis Theatre, 2008

Philip - „The Shape of Things” by Neil LaBute, directed by Gelu Colceag, Sica Alexandrescu Theatre, 2008

Donny - „Bella and the Nameless Knight” by Oliver Emanuel, directed by Vladimir Anton, Comedy Theatre 2008

Dimitria - „Powder Keg” by Dejan Dukovski, directed by David Schwartz, Studioul Casandra, 2007


Film Parts

Pretorian – „Moromete Family: On the Edge of Time”, directed by Stere Gulea, 2017

Gabi –„8”, directed by Mihai Pircalabu, 2017

Toni – „Moon Hotel Kabul”, directed by Anca Damian, 2016

Silviu – „Marița”, directed by Cristi Iftime, 2016

Kebab Man – „Charlie Countryman”, directed by Fredrik Bond, 2013

Receptionist - „When Evening Falls on Bucharest or Metabolism”, directed by Corneliu Porumboiu, 2013

Stefan - „La Pierre de Sel”, directed by Eliza Muresan (Studio Le Fresnoy, Lille), 2012

Silviu -  „The Camp in Razoare”, directed by Cristi Iftime, 2012

Florin -  „July 15th”, directed by Cristi Iftime, 2011

Diţă -  „Week-end with My Mother”, directed by Stere Gulea, 2009

Bogdan –  „Zippo”, directed by Ismail Jamadulin, 2008

Lica -  „12:08 East of Bucharest”, directed by Corneliu Porumboiu 2006



„Octav Bancila” Art High School, acting department, class of Prof. Emil Coseru, Iasi, 2001 – 2003

Bachelor’s degree – Theatre Faculty, acting department, UNATC, class of Prof. Ion Cojar, 2003 – 2007

Master’s degree in the Art of the Actor, UNATC, class of Prof. Gelu Colceag, 2007 – 2009


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu

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