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09 August 2019

Intrare liberă / Free entrance

Book Launch Constantin Dinulescu 30 November 2019
Saturday, November 30th, 2019, from 5 pm, in the Media Hall of the National Theatre of Bucharest, actor Constantin Dinulescu launches his dialogue-book My World, My Encounters ... together with a carefully hand-written dedication: "To my audience and my readers, a modest attempt to counteract oblivion”. The following will talk about the book and actor: the critics Ileana Lucaciu and Ion Parhon, the publicist Dan Ciachir, friends, colleagues and close friends of the actor, and of course the author of these dialogues, carried out with Adrian and Claudiu Christescu (moderators of the event). Lively conversations, dialogues that are read breathlessly, covering a rich sentimental area, from the childhood of the great actor, with his hometown and his family, going through his apprenticeship years, to the Theatre Institute with his teachers, the beginning of his career in Iaşi and the completion of the profession on the stages of the National Theatreof Bucharest. Fascinating memories and stories from the past, animated by the personalities of the time, from the 68 years on stage and almost nine decades of life. Commenting on one of the actor's top creations, that of "Troubled Waters" by Lucian Blaga, at the "Lucian Blaga" International Festival in Sebeş, in 2018, critic Doina Modola wrote: "All this amount of traits and happenings radiate overwhelmingly from the creature of Constantin Dinulescu, who combines the stage with his bright, luminous presence, seemingly emerging from another world. His ample, penetrating voice, loaded with years and vibrant resonances, seems to be wandering beyond times, into times out of mind. ”You will find the entire commentary in the dialogue-book that appeared this year at Delfin publishing house.” Admission is free, within the available places.   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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