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The Inspector General - UNATC

by N.V. Gogol

The Inspector General - UNATC

by N.V. Gogol

Translation: Slava Sambriș
Slava Sambriș
Assistant Director:
Nicole Burlacu
Szoke Dalma Zsuzsanna, Alexandra Constantin
Szoke Dalma Zsuzsanna, Alexandra Constantin
Sound design:
Adrian Piciorea

Premiere: 01.10.2019

Duration: 2 h 30 min / Pause: 15 min

13 Mar 2020 (The Small Hall) 19:00
27 Mar 2020 (The Small Hall) 19:00

40 lei

16 lei (cu reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)

Show presented by NTB in ​​partnership with the "I.L. Caragiale" National University of Theatre and Film in Bucharest.


Show not recommended for minors under the age of 12

Due to stroboscopic and light effects, of short duration and intensity, the show is not recommended for people with photosensitivity and those who suffer from epilepsy!

The show The Government Inspector presents the socio-political and religious situation located in the Romanian contemporaneity, in a universe in which forms of superstitions come to life. At the same time, it captures the bureaucracy, mediocrities and the phenomenon of corruption that have nested in the management like rats. The rats that appear in the mayor's dream represent the coming of the demon. The plot of the show is guided by rats - the sleep demons, everything takes the form of a mayor's nightmare, a paralysis caused by fear, and the characters have fat and round faces like huge and well-leavened breads from the countryside, others on the contrary, like wrong- leavened breads, like the people in Goya's paintings. The show creates the world of rich, mediocre provincials, important in their world, who take hypocrisy, duality and cowardice to the extreme, which makes them silly and absurd up to grotesque. The space is an archive with metal, movable cabinets, a place where rats nest as the devil nests in man.

Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 


Photo by Florin Ghioca

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The Small Hall 19:00 Buy tickets
The Small Hall 19:00 Buy tickets
Anton Antonovici Skvoznik-Dmuhanovskhi: Matei Arvunescu                      Anna Andreevna, his wife: Adriana Aldea
Maria Antonovna, his daughter: Minodora Broscoi                      Luca (Lukici) Hlopov: Vlad Brumaru
Hlopov`s wife / Avdotia: Andra Meda Topîrceanu                      Ammos (Fiodorovici) Liapkin-Tiapkin: Radu Chirev
Liapkin-Tiapkin`s wife: Nicole Burlacu
Marina Fluierașu
                     Artemii (Filllipovici) Zemlianika: Dan Coza
Ivan (Kuzmici) Şpekin: Iulian Burciu                      Piotr (Ivanovici) Dobcinski: David Drugaru
Alex Mirea
Dobcinski`s wife: Corina Butnaru                      Piotr (Ivanovici) Bobcinski: Alin Potop
Robert Iosif
Bobcinski`s wife: Mirabela Butnaru                      Ivan (Aleksandrovici) Hlestakov: Alexandru-Mihai Popa
Osip: Cătălin Nicolau                      Stepan (Ilici) Uhovertov: Moldovan Alexandru
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