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The Tragedy of Man

Adaptation after the dramatic poem The Tragedy of Man by Imre Madách

The Tragedy of Man

Adaptation after the dramatic poem The Tragedy of Man by Imre Madách

Diana Mititelu
Diana Mititelu
Ioana Ungureanu
Corina Boboc
Light design:
Alexandru Bibere

Premiere: 05.05.2018

Duration: 1 h 20 min / Pause: No


30 lei

16 lei (reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)

Show not recommended for minors aged under 14: nudity, scenes of sexual nature.


Show presented by NTB in partnership with the „I.L. Caragiale” Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography of Bucharest

Thesis show coordinated by Alexandru Darie (M.A. professor for Theatre Direction), Ștefan Caragiu (M.A. professor Scenography) and Vladimir Anton (associate professor).

The Tragedy of Man is a ritual of initiation conducted by Lucifer. After the expulsion from Heaven, the fallen angel guides the first pair of human beings, Adam and Eve, on a journey through time and space, aiming at the enlightenment of the two in the end. Thus, in Egypt, Man learns that the abuse of power causes suffering, in Rome – pleasure without love is like the pest, in Byzantium – the faith which kills in the name of God is a lie, in Prague – superior knowledge used only for individual force darkens the mind. In Chaos, death can be defeated through love.

The Tragedy of Man truly presents a cycle of falls, a graveyard of shattered kingdoms. It is not by chance that Lucifer only unveils the ages of decline of the great Empires. Despite all atrocities from history, man owns the supreme weapon – Freedom – to change, to search, to Choose.

“The Tragedy of Man" is a show about Freedom. It presents a world in which God is silent, Lucifer rules over time, History is an illusion and man, a tormented being who tries to rebuild a Paradise Lost having a single weapon – Free Will”. Diana Mititelu

Translated by Simona Nichiteanu

Lucifer: Dorin Enache                      Adam: Denis Hanganu
Eva: Maria Veronica Vârlan                      The Spirit of the Earth: Alexandru Beteringhe
Group of the Luciferic Spirits: Andrei Atabay
Adrian Loțcu
Claudian Șiman
Claudiu-Răzvan Negoiță
Bogdan Trifan
Ionuț Terteci
Ion Tudorache
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