Current Repertory

Don Quixote

after Miguel de Cervantes

Don Quixote

after Miguel de Cervantes

Dan Puric
Doina Levintza
Dan Puric
Svetlana Zotina
Sergiu Negulici / Matei Branea
Dan Puric
Literary Secretary:
Ilinca Theodorescu

Premiere: 23.04.2005

Duration: 1 h 20 min / Pause: No


70 lei; 50 lei; 20 lei (reducere pentru elevi, studenți și pensionari)

„A new universal theatrical language is at the service of Cervantes' major work. A theatre performance beyond words, beyond the barriers of language, mentality, culture or the obsessions of political ideology. An easily accessible language, just like Don Quixote's soul. Classic pantomime, the jocular spirit of commedia dell'arte, dance under various forms, the comedy of silent films have all been summoned to translate the spirit of the knight errant into a universal language." Dan Puric

Show produced with the support of: National Theatre of Bucharest, Passepartout D.P. Company, Art Production Foundation, Embassy of Spain and the Cervantes Institute in Bucharest.


Photo by Florin Ghioca

: Dan Puric
Ileana Olteanu
Silviu Oltean
Carmen Ionescu
Violeta Huluba
Lelia Marcu
Axel Moustache
Ștefan Ruxanda
Claudia Susanu
Nadejda Dimitriu
Toni Dumitrescu
Valentina Popa
Petre Voicu
Florin Roșu
Ion Parea
Adriana Nicolae
Sebastian Petrovici
Emanuela Ciucan
Beatrice Rubică
Ionuț Marcu
Andreea Ghiță
Bogdan Durlicioiu
Rareș Zimbran
Andreea Moustache
Gabriel Zaharia
Filip Popa
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