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09 Oct 2017 4 x NTB at FNT plus a VIP Prize!
4 x NTB at FNT plus a VIP Prize!

In the current edition of the National Theatre Festival, the greatest number of shortlisted shows from a single theatre belongs to the I.L. Caragiale National Theatre of Bucharest. In other words, 4 times NTB at FNT! In order to mark once again the success of the past season, where the billboard of the National Theatre of Bucharest has reunited great names of classical and contemporary drama, remarkable actors, as well as top-class Romanian and foreign directors, we have undertaken to meet the most loyal NTB spectators at FNT with a prize. The spectators who shall witness all four NTB productions to be presented on the theatre stages in the time frame 20 - 30 October 2017, within the National Theatre Festival, have the opportunity of winning a Special VIP package from the hosts. Behold, thus, the four shows who have received the endorsement of the demanding selection of the National Theatre Festival, 2017 edition: On Monday 23rd October 2017, from 6.00 p.m., the grand stage awaits you with King Lear by William Shakespeare, a spectacular staging filled with surprises, of a very special visual inventiveness, on the specific note of Georgian director David Doiashvili, one of the trendiest directors of the moment. On Wednesday 25th October 2017, from 8.00 p.m., in the Studio Hall, Old Clown Wanted! In a surprising atmosphere proposed by Ion Caramitru, who directs the show and stage designer Florilena Popescu – Fărcășanu – and performed by the three musical clown-actors: Petre Ancuţa, Florin Călbăjos and Emilian Mârnea, Matei Vişniec's play puts on new clothes and unveils unsuspected meanings even for the connoisseurs of the work of the most enacted Romanian playwright. On Thursday 26th October 2017, from 8.00 p.m., in the Studio Hall, a troubling story, based on the script of an Oscar-awarded movie, No Man’s Land! – now also in a version for the stage, directed by Bulgarian Alexander Morfov, well-known to you due to his previous enactments from NTB, The Tempest and The Visit. A wonderful team of actors, led by Mihai Călin, Richard Bovnoczki (nominated for this role for the UNITER Awards) and Ciprian Nicula impersonate one of the most human and unpredictable stories derived from the wars of contemporary world, signed by Bosnian writer Danis Tanović. On Friday 27th October 2017, from 8.00 p.m., in the Black Box Hall, Shadows – the play by Spanish writer Marilia Samper, herself the authoress of a successful enactment of her own text. This time, the director is a young man on the rise, Vlad Cristache, starring exclusively actors of the current NTB troupe (!), where you can applaud Ana Ciontea, Gheorghe Visu, Mircea Rusu, Gavril Pătru, the younger Alice Sălceanu and Emilian Mârnea, alongside the unrivalled couple Mariana Mihuţ and Victor Rebengiuc… Come and see all our shows from FNT, keep the tickets and register for the competition! Do not miss the chance to win an exceptional ”VIP package” at the National Theatre of Bucharest! For details regarding the competition, you are invited to access the web page, as well as the official Facebook page - "I.L. Caragiale" National Theatre of Bucharest. Media partners: TVR, RFI, Gold FM and Radio Romantic. You are welcome to the theatre! Contest regulation

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09 Oct 2017 „The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” – Best Show Award, at TEEN-FEST
„The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” – Best Show Award, at TEEN-FEST

The jury of the Teen-Fest Festival, composed of pupils, has awarded on Sunday, 8th October 2017, the Best Show Award to the NTB production The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time after Mark Haddon, directed by Bobi Pricop. The production, extremely popular and appreciated both by the audience and by the specialised critics, has received over the last years several distinctions and nominations, including: Best Show Award, Best Director (Bobi Pricop) and Award for Best Actor in a Leading Part (Ciprian Nicula), at the International Theatre Festival of Oradea, UNITER nomination to the Best Director Award (Bobi Pricop) and UNITER nomination to the Award for Best Actor in a Leading Part (Ciprian Nicula). Director Bobi Pricop and the team of the show The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time after Mark Haddon, adaptation Simon Stephens, translation Andrei Marinescu, stage design Adrian Damian, video projections Dan Adrian Ionescu & Mizdan Negatron, score Alexei Turcan, light design Andrei Florea, starring Ciprian Nicula, Emilian Oprea, Ana Ciontea, Rodica Ionescu, Carmen Ungureanu have received the Grand Prize in the Theatre category, at the Radio Romania Cultural Awards Gala, 17th edition.   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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01 Mar 2017 Make a Gift Together with NTB: The Theatre Gift Vouchers
Make a Gift Together with NTB: The Theatre Gift Vouchers

  Because people love beauty, they want to make gifts and because people who love beauty belong to our faithful audience, we have thought of meeting them with an unusual gift: the theatre voucher. The theatre voucher is the special gift we are launching on 1st March, but it is dedicated to all special moments of this year. Initiated last year, the Make a Gift Together with NTB campaign has launched for the first time on the market of cultural products, the theatre gift vouchers, meant to assist the ones who wish to give their loved ones the possibility of choosing their favourite theatre show from the repertoire of the ”I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre of Bucharest, on various anniversary occasions. The ones who had received a theatre gift voucher, were able to purchase from the NTB box office, to the extent that there were places free, tickets to the theatre shows, at prices falling within the value inscribed on the voucher. This year, we are bringing to your attention an offer consisting of three types of theatre gift vouchers, addressed to the various audience categories: The Gift Voucher, worth 100 lei, gives the possibility of purchasing in the range of low and medium prices within the NTB offer. The Premium Voucher, worth 200 lei, is the voucher that can be exchanged for tickets within the category of maximum prices from the offer of the National Theatre. The Student / Senior Voucher, worth 40 lei, is a special voucher, dedicated to students and seniors (our theatre-loving grandparents!), enabling the purchase from the NTB box office of tickets from the category for students and retired people. For exchanging this special voucher, the ones coming to the box office are kindly asked to show their student ID or a pension slip. Unlike last year, when vouchers could be exchanged only at the theatre’s box office, this year, the vouchers from the Gift and Premium categories can also be used online, for the purchase of tickets via the websites and On the online ticketing site,, the shows for which you can purchase tickets with the aid of the series inscribed on the vouchers, shall bear a distinctive mark indicating this possibility, so that they can be easily identified. Vouchers contain barcodes and can be read with the aid of a special sensor, should they be exchanged at the box office. In case of their exchange on the online platform, the inscription of the voucher series shall be necessary, matching the barcode, in the space intended for the validation of vouchers, by the purchasing software of The ones willing to join this campaign, through the purchase of a larger number of gift vouchers, are asked to contact us, as the print-run of these vouchers is limited. Translated by Simona Nichiteanu  

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