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Placebo (D)Effect at the Hungarian State Theatre of Cluj

30 April 2017

Placebo (D)Effect, one of the successful shows of the 9G at NTB Programme (dedicated to young theatre creators) shall have 2 representations in Cluj, in the opening of a new project of the Hungarian State Theatre, Shortcut.

Through Shortcut, the Hungarian State Theatre of Cluj aims at inviting to Cluj a series of shows signed by young directors and/or teams of young creators. The curator of the Shortcut Programme is theatre critic Cristina Modreanu, who shall select for the stage of the Hungarian Theatre the most interesting directorial voices or creation teams of Romania.

The show Placebo (D)Effect has been created within the second edition of the 9G at NTB Programme, when a group of young graduates of the Theatre Faculty of Cluj (class of Miklós Bács) were proposing a brave and unusual idea, risky and captivating at the same time. Coordinated by actor Ştefan Lupu, according to the formula work in progress, the project was concluded with a show born from improvisation.

Placebo (D)Effect is a vivid show, engaging, challenging, about the artificiality of the world we inhabit, about the loneliness caused by excessive communication, about the humanity within ourselves and the peril of technological upgrade. About the things we have forgotten or have replaced with technology, about the fear to return to real life, because the virtual one has become more satisfying.

Placebo (D)Effect is a show with guaranteed therapeutic effect. Because both laughter and emotion, but also the stories sincerely narrated, dancing and especially music belong to our human identity. A show reminding us of how important real life is.

Details about the Show  

On Sunday, 30 April 2017, from 5.00 p.m. and 8.00 p.m., Studio Hall, Hungarian State Theatre Cluj

The representations shall have English subtitles!

After the 8.00 p.m. representation, a debate with the audience shall ensue.

Tickets can be purchased online from the website and from the Theatre box office (Monday to Friday, from 10.00-14.00 and 1h 30’ before the show).


Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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Researching and Theatrical Creation Center “Ion Sava” is that place where theatre can be a game, at large, in absence of the institutional pressure, of the dictatorship of deadlines and the final product obligations named spectacle. More than everything, it expects to be an open space for ideas and for attempts, first of all for the creative process, even if it is about the professional development or about the exploration of new territories of scenic art.

It came into existence by means of a government issue in 2005 and functioning since 2006, Researching and Theatrical Creation Center “Ion Sava” is on the one hand an informal “school” of perfectioning artists and technicians who work on the Romanian stage, and on the other hand an open platform for theatrical and interdisciplinary experiment and investigation.

The workshops which evolve inside the Center attend to cover a large spectre of theatrical areas, from dramaturgy to scenography and from neo-avant-garde to recovering the lost memory of the Romanian stage. The center organizes master class handled by distinguished professionists, Romanians and foreigners, and it offers creation space for artists in searching for new dramaturgy or performative language, in the guise of practice, lectures and meetings.

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