Requesting public interest information

Responsible person in the National Theatre of Bucharest for the provision of public interest information is:
Anca Constantin van der Zee| Head of Department | Marketing and Public Relations Department
Phone: +40 21 313 9175
Address: 2 Nicolae Bălcescu Boulevard, Bucharest 030167

For requesting public interest information under Law 544/2001, fill in the following form:
Standard form for requesting public information | Completion time: 10 minutes.

Requesting public interest information can be done verbally or in writing, electronically or on paper, using the contact details specified above.
The National Theatre of Bucharest ex officio publishes a series of public interest information relevant to its type of activity on the website We invite you to consult them.
For what is not available online, please contact us.

How to challenge the decision and related forms for the administrative complaint (refusal and late reply)

The legislation in force regarding access to public interest information regulates the ways of challenging the decision of the public authority or institution in the event that the person is considered injured in the right of accessing the public interest information requested.

We read below the provisions of GD no. 123/2002 approving the Methodological Standards for the application of Law no. 544/2001 on free access to public interest information:

Article 32

If a person considers that the right to access public interest information has been violated, he/she may address an administrative complaint to the head of the public authority or institution from which he was requested information.

Article 33

The person who considers himself / herself to be injured in his / her rights may file the administrative complaint provided in Art. 32 within 30 days as of the acknowledgment of the explicit or tacit refusal of the employees within the public authority or institution to apply the provisions of Law no. 544/2001 and these methodological standards.

Article 34

(1) The reasoned reply to the administrative complaint shall be sent to the person who filed it within 15 days since the date of registration, regardless of whether the solution is favourable or unfavourable.

(2) If the complaint is substantiated, the reply shall contain the public interest information requested initially and, as the case may be, shall mention the measures ordered, namely the notification of the discipline commission, in the case of the civil servant, according to law.


Article 36

(1) Under the conditions of Art. 22 par. (1) of Law no. 544/2001, with the subsequent amendments and completions, the person who considers himself / herself injured in his / her rights provided by Law no. 544/2001, as subsequently amended and supplemented, may lodge a complaint at the court's administrative division.

(2) Exemption from the stamp duty provided in art. 22 par. (5) of Law no. 544/2001, as amended and supplemented, for the complaint to the court and the appeal to the court of appeal does not include the exemption from the payment of copy services of the public interest information requested.

Template - Administrative complaint for receiving a negative answer
Template - Administrative complaint for exceeding legal deadline


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