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04 March 2019
The Dynasty of Eagles - Launch and Autograph Session at NTB Librarium 05 April 2019
On Friday, April 5th, 2019, from 6:00 p.m., NTB Librarium shall host the launch of Dynasty of Eagles by Alessandro Baussmerth. The third published volume of the author challenges readers to reflect on an ongoing debate: leaders, power, and the way it is used. The event takes place in the presence of the writer Alessandro Baussmerth and the guests: Prof. Vlad Nistor, University of Bucharest PhD Dan Peretianu Univ. Lecturer Serban Tarciziu, Faculty of Theology The moderator of the event is Flori Mihalache. What did good governance mean in the past, but especially now? What is the relationship of those who hold power with others? The time of the narrative takes us through the present, the past, and the future precisely to show the reader how topical the theme of power is. "The third novel with historical pretext by Alessandro Baussmerth uses the circumstances of the ascension and decay of the Hohenstaufen dynasty, as well as many of the events in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries in Europe to actually challenge us to a never-ending debate on power, exercise and the meaning of exercising it. The narrative moves from contemporaneity into the Middle Ages, with a projection to the future, precisely to emphasize the perenniality of this theme - who benefits from the exercise of power, which is the relationship between those who hold it and those who bear the consequences, what is a "good" governance "in the past, but also today. (...) " Prof. Vlad Nistor " When was the future? When will the past be? Time is contemporary: today may be yesterday or may be tomorrow, depends on how we perceive it: in a linear or spiral shape. " Alessandro Baussmerth Alessandro Baussmerth was born in the house of a storyteller. He spent his childhood ina world of colour, sound and life. The child was king. In the grandparents' house, on long and rainy days, little Alessandro looked curiously at the old books of history in unknown languages. Fascinated by pictures and paintings, he sinks into the mysterious world of a mysterious past. Living in the past becomes his hidden pleasure. Over time, he realizes that the present is born from the past. He quickly discovers that the past has different faces that can change according to the narrator. He accompanies his father on long journeys, where he meets special people and secret places. The imagination of the young man always blends the present with the past. History becomes a space into which he can escape. Throughout life, he adapts to reality, practicing various activities. He learns languages ​​and thus, he reaches the sources, searching for the signs of time among them. This further stirs his desire to find out the truth.   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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