09 June 2022


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Street Spirit Exhibition 04 October 2022
At the NTB, starting October 4, 2022, the international photography exhibition Street Spirit On Tuesday, October 4, 2022, starting at 6:30 pm, we welcome you in the Media Foyer of NTB (Intercontinental wing) to the opening of the international street photography exhibition Street Spirit, which brings together the work of 45 photographers from 12 countries, on a unique theme: the spirit of the street captured in the vision of each author, through strange moments, original characters, unexpected associations, inventive overlaps or other situations that the street bring to the photographers who immortalize the everyday. The whole exhibition is therefore surprising in its non-conformist and sometimes playful tone, but it shows the authors' particular spirit of observation. At the same time, the exhibition brings together for the first time 3 street photography groups / communities from Romania: On Spot, Eye Patch Collective and Photo Team Romania, details of which can be found below. Exhibitors: Alexandru Ilea, Mihai Ciama, Andrei Furnea, Romulus Maier, Tudor Drăgan, Cornel Petrescu, Eli Driu, Gabriel Dulinszky, Florin Stanca, Drago Slav, Cornel Hlupina, Cristina Gârleșteanu, Mirela Momanu, Cosmin Gârleșteanu, Gina Buliga, Alex Cruceru, Cristi Mihăilescu, Jens F. Kruse (Spain), Simone Mantia (Italy), Yulia Olhansky (Israel), Tam Nolludap (Philippines), Dipanjan Chakraborty (India), Alain Dornier (France), Marci Lindsay (USA), Orna Naor (Israel), Simone Christina Sander (Germany), Santanu Dey (India), Nur Hadi Santoso (Indonesia), Roberto Bartolini (Italy), Martin Tomaska (Slovakia), Ohad Aviv, Randy Arisgado (Philippines), Melvin Anore (Philippines), Paul Raymond Paule (Philippines), Stephan Krecina (France), Elpi Juan (Hong Kong), Magda Fulger, Mircea Maieru, Mihai Marcolț, Lucian Husac, Silvia Dinca, Cezar Niculescu, Csiki Zoltan, Alejandro Ilukewitsch and Jeffrey De Keiser (Belgium). "Street photography represents joy for us, along with the pleasure of going out to look for interesting subjects to be immortalized, the joy of walking the streets and finding those moments or expressions that fascinate us, of managing to capture them. These searches drive us to go out on these photographic walks in the streets and give us great satisfaction when we manage to overcome the monotony of the everyday in which we are immersed daily, and find those special moments, rediscovered or reinterpreted through our eyes, filtered through our imagination and vision, and then offered to viewers as a gift. Last but not least, it motivates us the joy of sharing the results with the other members of the group, united by the same common passion, photography. We learn from each other, we motivate each other by working together, we exhibit and promote the results of our teamwork together" said Mirela Momanu, president of the Exposure Association and co-founder of the OnSpot group. The exhibition "Street Spirit" will be open in the Media Foyer of NTB (Intercontinental wing) until October 16, 2022 and can be visited daily from 10 am to 6 pm. About On SpotThe OnSpot group was born out of a simple idea to have a team that started out shooting on the street and grew by learning from each other while spending quality time together. The group was created by Mirela Momanu and Fred Fogherty, following the street portraiture workshop held during Bucharest Photo Week, the first international photography festival in Bucharest. Currently On Spot's activity is carried out on social media (Facebook in particular), with members regularly organizing street photography sessions in Bucharest and its surroundings. At the same time, future plans involve the organization of exhibitions outside the country and involvement in larger cultural projects. About Eye Patch CollectiveEye Patch Collective is a street photography group from Cluj-Napoca, founded by Andrei Furnea, Virgil Mleșniță, Alexandru Ilea, Mihai Ciama, Adrian Mihoc and Romulus Maier, which aims to bring quality photography to the public's attention, but also to organize various exhibitions or events focused on street photography. You can find them on Instagram here: and you can also use the hashtag #eyepatchcollective when posting images to be selected and featured on their page. Two of the group's members are also behind the Photo Cell zine, our first project of its kind. Now reaching its fifth issue, the publication was launched in March this year and, in the words of Maier Romulus, is "a kind of amuse-bouche offered before the main course of a photographic feast. It's more than a teaser, a sneak peek into the photographer's work, making you familiar with his vision and looking forward to the release of a photobook. It's also an attempt to bring as many photographic perspectives as possible into the homes of photography lovers, at a good quality and a decent price. Out of a desire to honestly promote as many Romanian photographers as possible." You can find the zine here   About Photo Team RomâniaThe group was born in 2011 and started from the idea of the founding members - Dan Moruzan, Cornel Hlupina, Mirela Momanu and Eli Driu - to work together and promote each other, going through a series of projects based on common themes, exhibitions, organizing street photography contests and carrying out actions and interviews, in order to promote and grow this photographic genre in Romania.   Translated by Andreea Codrea-Boeriu 
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A double painting exhibition at NTB - ”Us-2022” 07 September 2022
  Starting September 7, 2022, in the Media Foyer of NTB (Intercontinental wing) a double exhibition of paintings will be launched, that of the twin brothers (!) Cezar and Ovidiu Popa, under the suggestive title Us-2022! The artistic biographies of the two artists seem to be "paper copied": they both graduated from the Nicolae Tonitza High School of Fine Arts in Bucharest (1994 - 1998) and then from the UNA University of Arts (2008 - 2011), after which they devoted themselves to restoration and conservation activities, working together at the Palace of Justice in Bucharest, restoring church frescoes and occasionally painting on glass and furniture. However, their paintings differ substantially in style and subject matter and are marked by the distinct personalities of the two artists. After participating (also together!) in several group and solo exhibitions, the last one being in 1997, at Casa Radio, Cezar and Ovidiu Popa will exhibit on the NTB cyma some representative works of their creation. We invite you to discover them at the opening on Wednesday, September 7, at 7 pm, in the presence of the artists and the curator and art critic PhD. Marius Tița, who will present the exhibition. "It's a unique situation, they are twin brothers, now 45 years old, who have always walked steadily and thoroughly on the path of plastic creation. They have studied and worked together, and on the all-too-rare canvases they make they are still together. The whole evolution of the work of the Popa brothers, Cezar and Ovidiu, is a normal one, without any search or insistence. The plastic approach is also strong in the naturalness of the surrealist expression, the intensity of observation and involvement in artistic expression. Here I am, in modernity and contemporaryity, with a message of opinion, with touches of detail, describing metaphors and allegories that are close to us, that we could have thought of but didn't". Marius Tiţa The exhibition We-2022 will be open in the Media Foyer of the NTB (Intercontinental wing) until 30 September 2022 and can be visited daily from 10 am to 6 pm.   Translated by Andreea Codrea-Boeriu
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