The Nutcracker 2019

24 December 2019

200 lei

La Vie en Rose 07 March 2020
Concert-Show Emy Dragoi & Grande Orchestra What happens when the music in the "City of lights" encounters the music in Little Paris? A show loaded with energy, colour and passion, a show that brings along, then transmitting them to the public, the melody of the accordion, the perfume of music from famous Parisian neighborhoods and authentic Romanian folk harmonies reinterpreted. Grande Orchestra and Emy Dragoi set the stage for a musical collaboration full of fantasy and originality, which will take the spectator from the streets of Paris, from the bridges of the Seine, from the small bistros in Montparnasse to the Bucharest bridge Mogosoaia, the famous Royal Palace and the well-known passage, Lipscani. All in a festive atmosphere, in the style of the twenties and thirties, on the rhythms of some musical genres - swing and manouche - with a special charm, which have made and continue to make history. A milestone show that faces the audience with total artists: Emy Dragoi, Catalin Crisan, Ion Caramitru, Toni Grecu. Along with them will appear on stage Grand Orchestra - an orchestra that gathers valuable instrumentalists: 20 violinists, piano, percussion, bass, guitar, etc., Alls'choir - a choir consisting of soloists from the Romanian Opera in Bucharest, but also Magic Violin. The hypostasis in which artists present themselves to the audience may seem unusual, but is fully justified by their artistic background. Emy Dragoi is an artist who does not need any more introductions. He has won countless competitions, played on the most important stages of the world, reached the performance of being designated, even in France - the homeland of the accordion - as the "Accordionist of the year". “I was born in Prahova, to a family of musicians from the Slanic Valley. My parents, uncles, distant relatives, were all in the news, being called to weddings and other parties. My father was giving accordion lessons and I keep alive the image from the summers of my childhood when, under the walnut tree in the yard, he sat for hours surrounded by students. Both parents performed both instrumentally and vocally, being cherished especially for the performance of old songs. My whole childhood, like my whole life, is related to music. There are many memories, but I have never forgotten nor will I forget the day when, at the age of only 3, I received my first accordion as a gift. I feel best on stage. Out of respect for the audience, I am never satisfied with what I do and I always set my mind on more. I have always admired those who managed to excel in one field or another, thus also in the musical one. Of course I compare myself to the best in the field, but not in order to copy them, but to succeed in my turn to become better and better. We promise you a show that has never been created in Romania and you may not miss it ”. Emy Dragoi   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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The Oak 04 February 2020
The film "The Oak" (1992), the first Romanian production restored in 4K digital format by Fundatia9 and BRD - Groupe Société Générale, will celebrate the gala premiere on February 4th, 2020, from8:00 p.m., in the Grand Hall of the National Theatre of Bucharest, in the presence of the actors and intimatesof the great director Lucian Pintilie. Directed by Lucian Pintilie, "The Oak" is a Romanian-French co-production and premiered in 1992 at the Cannes Film Festival. The film presents the story of a young teacher and physician from a local hospital, who tries to cope with the last days of communism and struggles for normality in a Romania marked by stereotypes. The original negative of the film was digitized in the Hiventy laboratory, in France, and the 4K restoration was performed in Romania by the Avanpost Media studio, with the support and advice of the image director Florin Mihailescu, an intimate friend of director Lucian Pintilie. The restoration process lasted for over 6 months, aimed at improving the image and sound and translating the film into 4K digital format. The cast features: Maia Morgenstern, Razvan Vasilescu, Victor Rebengiuc, Marcel Iures, Dorel Visan, Mariana Mihut, Gheorghe Visu, Magda Catone, Dorina Lazar, Florin Calinescu. "The Oak" will arrive in Romanian cinemas on February 6th, being distributed by Transilvania Film. Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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Alina Ciolca & Band - Darkness and Light 03 February 2020
Private event hosted by the National Theatre of Bucharest. The organiser is exclusively liable for the quality and content of this event! Dusty Ride Cultural AssociationA Vlach folklore concert reinterpreted with Alina Ciolca and her guestsGrigore Lese, Altona Ensemble, Cristian Chiriac, Anca Constantin at the NTB Painting Hall."Darkness and light: incursions into the Vlach song from the northern and southern Danube bank" - a conceptual folklore concert reinterpreted "otherwise", scheduled for February 3rd, 2020 at the Painting Hall of the National Theatre of Bucharest.Alina Ciolca (voice), accompanied by Adrian Chepa (percussion, bass, drum) and Bogdan Binga (electric guitar), (re) interprets traditional songs not only in different Romanian Northern-Danube tongues, but also in Aromanian, Meglenoromanian and Istroromanian, highlighting a musical heritage of the reunited and reconstituted oriental Romanianhood, historically rendered under the generic concept of "Vlach". A unity in diversity, relatively unknown to the general audience, beyond any commercial approaches.Alina Ciolcă will have as guests: the well-known artist and researcher Grigore Leșe, the ensemble of dances and traditional Meglenoromanian songs "Altona", Cristian Chiriac (the voice of the ethno-rock band Iarba Fiarelor), actress Anca Constantin.The show will also include the launch of a video of a traditional meglenoromanian love song entitled "Chitu Mila" ("Dear Chitu" in Daco-Romanian), filmed in the commune of Cerna (Tulcea County), where the only compact community of Meglenoromanians in the country lives.The repertoire and the staging will illustrate, with variations of intensities and frequencies, antitheses and thematic tensions revealed in the Vlach folklore of the northern and southern Danube bank, probing, in fact, nothing but luminous or darker, yet always complementary, transfigurations of the human soul, ranging from love to jealousy, from longing to alienation, from rebellion to reconciliation. The unique accompaniment and a vocal performance that keeps the elements of traditional song unaltered will tell the stories of these songs in all their regional colour.Beyond the cultural purposes of this show, it does not aim to be and is not an elitist one. At the entrance to the concert hall there is no need for theoretical initiation, but only for feeling and opening to a stirring of the soul ...Media partners: Radio Seven, Radio Romania Cultural, Sunete, The Romanian Journal, "Remix" (TVR3), Days and Nights Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 
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