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Arthur H - Amour chien fou

07 May 2019

Within the Romania – France Season, on May 7th, 2019, from 7.30 p.m., the Romanian audience is invited to let itself borne by the grave and sensuous voice of Arthur H in an exceptional concert, Amour chien fou, in the Studio Hall of the National Theatre of Bucharest. The concert promises to reveal an artist who shall amaze through the uniqueness of his music, almost impossible to qualify, the experience of listening to him and seeing him often evoking a catharsis of nostalgia. Author, composer and singer, Arthur H asserts himself on the stage of French music ever since the beginning of the nineties. Unique artist, he alternates musical genres, passing from rock to jazz, not avoiding the electro and funk areas and displaying a deep interest for lyricism and poetry. On a promotion tour of his last album, Amour chien fou, the artist builds a special bond with the audience, each live experience representing an occasion to leave the concepts of time and space behind, in favour of a single unit of measure, sensibility. The 18 pieces that make up this double album are scattered with an eclectic mix of rock notes, shades of jazz and blues, as well as inserts of electro tunes, seducing the audience in a quasi-mystical journey, where the elegant and airy lines of the horizon are intertwined with themes, such as love and family. Album of introspection, the melodies bear the traces of his experiences in Mexico, Tokyo, London, California, Montreal or Bali, Arthur H offering himself without half measures in a series of sensuous ballads, leaving behind the feeling of a mesmerizing spontaneity. Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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Stefan Hrusca: A Tree in Bloom

22 April 2019

Private event hosted by the National Theatre of Bucharest. The organiser is exclusively liable for the quality and content of this event!   Stefan Hrusca brings the spring on the tunes of the song "A Tree in Bloom". After the frosty winter, nothing shall warm our souls like the immortal chorus A Tree in Bloom! This shall be the title of the tour that Stefan Hrusca shall perform all over the country in April! If the Flower Wedding makes your heart race, you are missing The Former Loves Fresh Love or you want to remember Fugitive from Heaven, The Promised Summer or the touching Pray for Our Parents, you are invited to a concert where you shall recover the thrill of the days or yore and the charm of ageless folk songs! Stefan Hrusca's artistic journey started in 1981, with his integration into the legendary Flacara Literary Circle. In a period of only three years, between 1981 and 1984, Stephen crossed the country high and low and sang in over 1,000 concerts, his warm voice caressing the hearts of Romanians from all geographical regions of Romania. With a unique voice, unmistakable candor and the emergence of a distinct simplicity, Stephen Hrusca became one of the most beloved folk musicians in Romania. His reference albums include: Pray for Our Parents (1984), Wish for Lovers (1986), Former Loves (1995), Special Ballads (2007) and, of course, the most loved carol records and Maramures Songs. If in the last 25 years, Stefan Hrusca’s carol concerts have acquired the status of tradition of the Romanian winter holidays, the folk concerts are true cultural events due to their rarity and individual character. About the encounter with the Romanian audience, on the verge of spring, Stefan Hrusca said: "We shall see each other again in mid April at a folk concert like the ones of yore. Songs dear to my soul shall find their place in the programme of an evening like in the good old days." The artist shall be accompanied by Mario Band (Mario Florescu - drums, Radu Rotaru - keyboard, Alex Florescu - percussion).   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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Maintenant Ou Jamel

20 March 2019

The French Institute of Romania, the International Francophonie Organization and the Bucharest National Theatre presents the show Maintenant ou Jamel.   Author and actor: Jamel Debbouze Production: JMD / Slievan Harkin, MIALA / Pierre de Lorme  General director: Sylvain Rénier  Start Time: 19.30 Show in French   Jamel Debbouze returns on stage with Maintenant ou Jamel for a one-man show that shall not leave you indifferent! As part of an international tour, Debbouze joins us as a guest ambassador to celebrate the Francophonie Day. Words of wit and humourshall leave behind the prejudices and fears in a show favouring the joy of transmitting francophone values, such as diversity, solidarity, freedom. The humorous and fine observer of everyday French society, Jamel Debbouze, tackles, without half-measures, personal and international issues. In a performance with highlights of calibrated impertinence and assumed humour, Jamel Debbouze deconstructs power games and critically treats the nuances of racism. The humorist sets new ground with the audience, carrying it naturally through a variety of themes: the relationship with the father, the education of his children seen through his own childhood, the school psychology, or the "Marrakech du rire" Festival, a true showcase for promoting young people everywhere. These are the axes that Jamel Debbouze explores in a spirit of solid humanism fueled by freedom of thought and expression. "Maintenant ou Jamel" - an unparalleled show, consumed at any age, in the form of a theatrical introspection exercise. Institutional partners: the Lebanese Embassy, ​​GADIF, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Francophone University Agency. Main Partner: Lee Cooper. Partners: Total, Bloom Bank. With the support of Novotel, Tarom. Media partners: Pro TV, RFI Romania, TV5 Monde Presentation Jamel Debbouze Actor, humourist and producer, Jamel Debbouze is a multifaceted artist. The first born in a Moroccan family with six children, Jamel Debbouze grew up in the Parisian suburb of Trappes. The meeting who introduced him to the showbiz world takes place in high school years, where, reputed for the oratory talent and voluptuous personality, he encounters Alain Degois, called "Papy", educator and director of "Déclic Théâtre", the "Cité des Merisiers" theatre company in Trappes. Jamel is making his debut on stage, ranking among the finalists of the junior section of the French Improvisation Championship. In 1995, he took the first steps towards a radio career, being the animator of chronicles about the daily newspaper. Soon, he also debuts on television on Paris Première, then joins Nulle Part Ailleurs and becomes the new image of Canal + TV. Seduced by the cinema, the first two roles in the films "The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain" (R. Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 2001) - where he impersonates Lucien and "Asterix and Obelix - Mission: Cleopatra" (R. Alain Chabat , 2002), where he plays the role of Numérobis, propels him to the attention of the general public and critics, establishing him among the most popular actors. Jamel Debbouze changes the register with each role, alternating between author and popular productions, starring for directors Spike Lee and Luc Besson. Also starring in the "Days of Glory" film, which brings him the Best Actor Award at the 59th Cannes Film Festival in 2006. In 2015, Jamel Debbouze goes behind the cameras, signing the direction of the film "Pourquoi J'ai Pas Mangé Mon Père", the film being made entirely by capturing movement - a European premiere in itself. The special interest in transmitting passion for the stage, coupled with the attachment to collaborating with and promoting young talents, prompts him in 2008 to create the Comedy Club structure, a Paris show hall that receives and supports young artists from all social backgrounds. Tireless promoter of the young talents, producers and filmmakers of tomorrow, Jamel Debbouze supports them through the Comedy Club, accompanying them especially on financial and material issues. A telling example is the "Talents en Court" operation in the field of short films. As president of the Les Ami(e)s Comedy Club Association, Jamel Debbouze launched this project in 2003, in partnership with the France Télévisions Foundation and the CNC. Thus, collaborations with various social and institutional partners allowed him to discover many artists, interacting with people of all cultural horizons. Jamel Debbouze engages frequently, with discretion, but with all his heart, in charity projects, and collaborates with various associations working in areas such as education, childhood, family and health. In addition, in partnership with Secours Populaire and Secours Islamique, he launched a fundraising campaign under the "An Aircraft for Gaza" operation to send humanitarian aid to civilian victims of the 2008-2009 conflict. Another topic that particularly sensitizes him is the theme of precarious housing. It is not surprising, therefore, that we also discover Jamel Debbouze as a godfather of the Abbe Pierre Foundation, whose actions he supports with his wife, Mélissa Theuriau, journalist and producer. The Abbé Road Concert in October 2015, an awareness campaign on the issue of precarious housing in November 2016, or the participation in the production of an M6 broadcast at a moment of maximum audience, commemorating 10 years since Abbé Pierre's disappearance in 2017, are some examples illustrating the solidary humanism that defines Jamel Debbouze. Last but not least, Jamel Debbouze works in Morocco, where he created the Marrakech du Rire International Festival. Already at its eighth edition, the Marrakech du Rire attracts an ever-increasing audience, reuniting the trendiest humourists. A special moment in each edition of the Festival is the organization of a charity football match - Le Charity Football Game. It takes place at the Marrakech Stadium with the participation of professional soccer players, as well as artists from all disciplines, and the proceeds are donated to Casablanca's L'Heure Joyeuse (Time of Joy), which has been supporting since 1954 disadvantaged people. Motivated by the roaring success of the Festival and enriched by the experience of the related actions in which he was involved, Jamel Debbouze currently carries out a number of new artistic projects and concepts, especially in Africa, but also in France.   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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People - Aurelian Andreescu Tribute

05 March 2019

Private event hosted by the National Theatre of Bucharest. The organiser is exclusively liable for the quality and content of this event! Among the most beautiful musical professions of love, the hits of the great artist Aurelian Andreescu are performed live within the concert-event People - Aurelian Andreescu Tribute on Tuesday, March 5th, 2019, from 7.00 p.m., at the Grand Hall of the National Theatre of Bucharest. The event organized by the City Hall through ARCUB is initiated and conceived by Aurelian Temisan, who states: "This concert is both a tribute to Aurelian Andreescu and a celebration of the Romanian composers who made their songs known by his voice. We shall listen to a new sound of the songs of the past, interpreted in the accompaniment of a symphonic orchestra. " Aurelian Temisan shall go on stage at the National Theatre on March 5th, along with composers and singers invited to perform live songs by composer George Natsis in the context of International Women's Day, accompanied by Vlad Popescu's orchestra. The concert repertoire includes songs that made history in Romanian pop music, such as "People", "The tree", "You are my spring", "Whistling on the street", "Longing", "Lullaby", " It should be enough", "And it rains" or "From yesterday, until today".   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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If We Love Each Other 2

25 February 2019

Independent show hosted by NTB  On February 25th, 2019, we expect you at the Bucharest National Theatre to an intense and dynamic show! A super teenage musical, If We Love Each Other, is the first generation-fusion musical in Romania. The musical If We Love Each Other is a story imagined by Juliet Georoiu and written by two teenagers: Anastasia Jinga and Rareş Fota, on the music of Holograf. If We Love Each Other - the teenage musical is the first “generation fusion” musical of Romania. The show builds a bridge over generations among Holograf fans - on the one hand, most of them have reached adulthood, on the other teenagers nowadays. With an original script and approaching a theatrical genre gaining momentum in Romania - the musical, being performed exclusively by young people (many of them awarded at major vocal, dance or acting competitions), the show emanates energy, youth and love. The entire score (including instrumental) is performed live by Tomy Weissbuch & Band. A show produced by JG Production.   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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Classical, and Yet Flamenco

13 February 2019

                                          Leonor Leal (dance) and Andrei Kivu (cello) The Cervantes Institute in Bucharest organizes, in collaboration with the I.L. Caragiale National Theatre, on February 13th, 2019 from 8.00 p.m. in the NTB Painting Hall, a recital for cello and flamenco dance. Its protagonists are the dancer Leonor Leal (for the third time in Romania), along with cellist Andrei Kivu. The show is a very daring cross-over experience, born out of the passion of the two artists for Bach's music, but not only, as the programme shall also feature transcripts from works by Claude Debussy and Gaspar Cassado. Tickets can be purchased online or from the IL Caragiale National Theatre box office.   ***Leonor Leal (Jérez de la Frontera, Spain) is a dancer who has been studying classical and Spanish dancing and then flamenco, being asked to dance in renowned companies such as Masters Antonio El Pipa Andrés Marín, Javier Barón or Cristina Hoyos, among others. Over time, the passion for flamenco dancing and her constant training in this genre made her name appear alongside great artists such as Joaquín Grilo, Antonio Canales, Rafael Campallo, Alejandro Granados, pianists Mie Matsumura, Dorantes, Rosa Torres Pardo or Camerata Flamenco Proyect, guitarist Jose Antonio Ruiz or Rafael Bonavita (baroque guitar). The premiere of her first solo show, "Leoleolé", took place in 2008 at the Jerez Festival, where she was extremely well received by flamenco criticism, both national and international. Starting from 2008, she combines both the work as dance teacher and the one as soloist and creative choreographer. In 2011, with the second show, "eLe eLe", she is granted the award for Best Artist - Revelation at the Jerez Festival, a show that tours Germany next year at the Dusseldorf festival, in Luxembourg, in different cities in Belgium and the Netherlands. Also in 2012, the premiere of the "Mosaicos" show takes place in the famous Cánovas Theater in Málaga and she tours with it in France (Paris), United Arab Emirates, Great Britain, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan. At the Sevilla Biennial, 2012, she presents a "La mujer Habitada" street dance piece directed by Víctor Zambrano, with whom she pursues the creation process until the 2013 Jerez Festival, featuring the show "Naranja Amarga." In order to enrich her stylistic range, she creates various short, experimental pieces such as "El verbo en tu Boca" (premiere at the Sevilla Biennial in 2014), "Frágil" - Dusseldorf Festival 2015, and Vídeodanzas, created in collaboration with video artist Félix Vázquez. Also in 2015, she presents the JRT performance in collaboration with the dancers Ursula and Tamara López, directed by Pedro G. Romero, which premiered in February 2016 at Jerez de la Frontera and develops the play "Frágil" which she presents at the Dusseldorf Festival in the company Michio, Maura Morales and Ana Lessing Mengibar. In 2018, she presented the show "Nocturno" with the dancer María Muñoz and the musicians Antonio Moreno (percussion) and Alfredo Lagos (guitar). She participates annually, either as a guest professor or as a soloist at International Flamenco Festivals such as the Ibérica Contemporánea Festival at Querétaro, the Berlin Festival, private dance centers in Frankfurt, Fribourg, Rome, Bologna, France or Russia. She completes her artistic career with university studies on Visual Practice and Visual Culture in the Master's offered by the Reina Sofia Museum.   ***Cellist Andrei Kivu was born on July 26th, 1970 in Bucharest. He studied cello with Anca Vartolomei in Bucharest, musical analysis with Aurel Stroe, phenomenology with Iancu Dumitrescu and harmonic singing with David Hykes in New York, Paris and Bucharest. He performed as a soloist accompanied by the Royal Orchestra of Wallonia (Mons, Belgium) New York University Orchestra, Romanian Radio Orchestra, Radio Romania Chamber Orchestra, Philarmonia Orchestra, Musicales Francaises Orchestra Traditions, New Music Orchestra in Katowice and many others. His concerts were broadcast live on numerous radio and television stations worldwide: ABC Australia, Radio France, Radio Suisse Romande, ORF, TVR, Radio Romania ... He was invited to teach on numerous occasions at the New York University, the Givat Ram Music Academy in Jerusalem, the University of Minnesota, Cal Arts, the Royal Conservatory in Madrid, the Université de Montreal and the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest. Throughout her career, she has received many awards and distinctions, including the „2003 International New Music Consortium Award for Outstanding Activities as a Performer, Teacher and Researcher on the New Music”, and the “Uchimura 2002” Prize awarded by UNESCO. Andrei Kivu is the first Romanian cellist to perform the Bach Suite Integral in a single concert (Paris, 2009), the only cellist who made and sang transcripts for cello after JS Bach Sonatas and Violin Scores by J.S. Bach (Paris, 2017), as well and various other parts for flute, lute or clavecin. He is also the first Romanian cellist invited to perform at the Royal Festival Hall, the Lincoln Center, the Merkin Hall, the Wiener Konzerthaus, the Onassis Cultural Centre, Berghain, and at major international festivals such as Wien Modern, Warsaw Autumn, Parramasala (Sydney, Australia), World Music Days (Switzerland), Japan Expo (Paris), SPARK (Minneapolis, USA), CTM Festival for Adventurous Arts (Berlin) and Sacrum Profanum (Cracow, Poland). His current repertoire (solo and piano accompaniment) includes more than 30 hours of music, with a wide variety of stylistics: from Bach Suites to contemporary, avant-garde and experimental music. He appears as a soloist and / or guest of various ensembles on more than 30 CDs and DVDs with a wide international distribution, among the most honored collaborations being those made with the prestigious Mode Records label (New York) . Since 2009, he has been living in Paris. Since 2001, he is a member of the International School of Ki, and since 2007 he is a member of the Harmonic Presence Foundation (New York / Paris).   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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Extraordinary New Year's Concert

07 January 2019

Extraordinary New Year's Concert, 6th Edition "Celebrate 2019: Classical arias and dances" The Calea Victoriei Foundation invites you on January 7th, 2019, from 7.00 pm, to the Bucharest National Theatre, the Grand Hall, for the Sixth Edition of the Extraordinary New Year’s Concert: "Celebrate 2019: Classical arias and dances"! Start the year 2019 with the musical magic created by conductor Tiberiu Soare and the Symphony Orchestra, along with three remarkable opera soloists: mezzo-soprano Maria Miron (Jinga), bass baritone Catalin Ţoropoc and the coloratura soprano Madalina Andreea Barbu. We propose a journey into the charming world of sounds, where we shall delight in the splendid creations of great composers of classical music and opera: Mozart, Rossini, Donizetti, Brahms, Ceaikovski, Bizet, Strauss, Delibes, Gounod and Puccini. The evening programme shall include famous arias, duets and trios, love stories, animated by the vibrant and colourful voices of the three invited soloists, all on the warm and enveloping arrangements made by the Symphony Orchestra. We shall also enjoy waltzes, marches and dances that animate, beyond centuries and borders, the audience around the world. We will enjoy together a festive moment, of celebration of life, under the inspired wand of conductor Tiberiu Soare. The New Year's Extraordinary Concert - 2019 edition is organized with the support of: Bondoc Law Firm and Associates SCA, FAN Courier and the National Music University of Bucharest. Media Partners: Radio Romania Musical, Radio Romania Cultural, RFI Romania, Free Romania, Forbes Romania, Forbes Life, Unica, Psychologies, Cinemagia, Agerpres,, Bookhub, Metropolis Newspaper, Decat o Revista.   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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Ballet classique from Saint-Petersbourg – Swan Lake

25 December 2018

Private event hosted by the National Theatre of Bucharest. The organiser is exclusively liable for the quality and content of this event!   Music: P.I. Tchaikovsky Libretto: Vladimir Berghicev and Vasilie Gheltzer Choreography: Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov Stage design: Evgenii Gurenco Worldwide premiere: 20th February 1877, at the Bolshoy Theatre of Moscow. The St. Petersburg Classical Ballet of Andrei Batalov Company is created by Andrei Batalov – first soloist at the Mariinsky Theatre. Graduate of the Vaganova Ballet Academy of Russia, Andrei Batalov has been on stage for over 20 years. In 1992, he became a soloist of the “Mussorgsky” State Academic Theatre of Saint Petersburg, and two years later, he became first soloist at the Mariinsky Theatre. He belongs to a rare race of virtuoso dancers with an extraordinary technique, allowing him to be aligned with ballet legends of the past and present, such as Vestris and Nijinsky, Baryshnikov and Julio Bocca. He owns a unique collection of prizes from various international ballet competitions. He won the gold medal at the International Ballet Contest of Nagoya (Japan, 1996) and in Paris (1997). He won the second prize at the Rudolf Nureyev International Contest in Budapest (1996), first prize and Mikhail Baryshnikov prize at Arabesque-96, the Ballet Contest of Perm (1996) and the Grand Prize of the International Ballet Contest from Moscow (1997). In the repertoires from the Mikhailovsky (1992-1994) and Mariinsky Theatre (din 1994), Batalov was performing lead roles in the following ballets: “Cavalry Halt”, “La Sylphide”, “Le Corsaire”, “Don Quixote”, “La Bayadere”, “Manon”, “Scheherazade”, “Romeo and Juliet”, etc. At the Danish Royal Ballet (2000-2002), his repertoire included classical lead roles, such as: Prince Siegfried (Swan Lake), Albert (Giselle) and contemporary ballets by Peter Martins and Kevin O 'Dale. Batalov collaborates with the best dancers of the Mariinsky Theatre - Altynay Asylmuratova, Diana Vishneva, Ulyana Lopatkina, Elvira Tarasova, as well as the legend of the decade 1960-1970 - Nadejda Pavlova (Bolshoi Theatre). As an artistic director of the company, Andrei Batalov intends to pursue the great traditions of Russian ballet, inherited from great masters of the past - Marius Petipa, Lev Ivanov, Alexander Gorsky, Mihail Fokin. Nowadays, Batalov not only dances himself, but also teaches others - since 2010, he has been a choreographer of the Mikhailovsky Theatre. Among his graduates, for instance, the renowned Leonid Sarafanov. And in 2014, he opened in Saint Petersburg the Classical Ballet Theatre, where he became an artistic director.   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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Viennese Delight – Extraordinary Christmas Concert - 2018

24 December 2018

Private event hosted by the National Theatre of Bucharest. The organiser is exclusively liable for the quality and content of this event!     The Ukrainian Radio Symphony Orchestra is acknowledged for its art at national and international level. For several decades, the Orchestra’s activity has contributed to enriching the national treasure of musical culture. The Radio Symphonic Orchestra of Ukraine was created on 5th October 1929. The collective has produced over 10 thousand symphonic musical recordings for the Radio Fund of Ukraine throughout the 88 years of rich creative history. A unique collection has been gathered, comprising the works of national classical music, the creations of modern Ukrainian composers and the masterpieces of world classical music. The orchestra was improved through collaboration with prominent conductors of the 20th century: Mykola Kolessa, Nathan Rakhlin, Oleksandr Klimov, Gennady Rozhdestvensky, Isaac Pain, Stefan Turchak, Arild Remmerit, Rikkardo Kapasso, Herman Adler, Mykhailo Kanershteyn, Petro Polyakov, Kostyantyn Simeonov. Since 2005, the Symphonic Orchestra has been led by Volodymyr Sheiko – Head Bandmaster and Artistic director. Under his wand, the orchestra has performed masterpieces, such as: Requiem by G. Verdi; Symphony No. 9 by L. van Beethoven; Symphony No. 6, Pathetica by P. Tchaikovsky; Symphony No. 2 by S. Rachmaninoff; Carmina Burana by Carl Orff ; Stabat Mater by G. Rossini; The Execution of Stepan Razin by D. Shostakovich; St. John of Damascus by S. Taneyev; Fern’s Bloom by Y. Stankovych; Requiem and Davidde Penitente by W. A. Mozart.; Le Poème de l'extase by A. Scriabin and others. Under the supervision of Volodymyr Sheiko as a conductor, the Orchestra has recorded more than 280 chefs d’oeuvre of world music and Ukrainian masterpieces, thus contributing to the enrichment of the national radio treasure. The most successful performances of the Orchestra have taken place on the main stages of the Ukrainian capital, as well as the National Philharmonic Society of Ukraine, the National Palace of Ukraine and the National Opera of Ukraine. The participation of world-renowned opera singers and instrumentalists, such as Jon Lord (composer and pianist for “Deep Purple” – England), Keiko Matsui (jazz pianist, Japan), Anatoliy Kocherga (bass, Austria), Anatoliy Solovyanenko (tenor, Ukraine), Zurab Sotkilava (tenor, Russia), Tatiana Grindenko (violin, Russia), Victoria Mullova (violin, Austria), Liana Isakadze (violin, Russia), Alexander Knyazev (cello, Russia), Vladimir Krainev (piano, Germany) has become a veritable embellishment of the concerts. The Orchestra toured over the last 6 years in 12 countries from Asia, Europe and Africa – in South Korea, Iran, Algeria, Tunisia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Belgium, Poland and Belarus. The Orchestra’s performances have caught the audience’s attention in the most prestigious concert halls of these countries: Concertgebouw (Amsterdam); De Doelen (Rotterdam); Koningin Elisabethzaal (Antwerp); Philharmonie Luxembourg (Luxembourg); Filharmonia Narodova (Warsaw); Auditorio Nacional de Musica and Teatro Monumental (Madrid); Gran Teatre del Liceu, Palau de la Musica Catalana (Barcelona); Auditorio de Zaragoza (Zaragoza); Kursaal (San Sebastian); Coliseu do Porto, Casa da Musica (Porto); Coliseu dos Recreios (Lisbon); Teatro Petruzelli (Bari), Teatro Ristori (Verona), Teatro Romano di Ascoli Piceno (Ascoli Piceno); City Hall (Seoul); Algerian Teatro National and Palace “Moufdi Zakaria” (Algeria); Palace of Congresses (Tehran); Coliseum, (El Jem), Theatre Antique Cartage (Tunis), Slavyanskiy Bazar Arena (Vitebsk). The orchestra shall perform the most important repertoire of the Vienna Ball Opera, which shall comprise works of the Strauss dynasty, Franz Lehar, Emmerich Kalman, Joseph Lanner and of other famous composers of Viennese music of the 18th and 19th centuries. The orchestra shall consist of 36 instrumentalists, and the „Aniko Ballet” Ensemble shall dance on the Viennese tunes. Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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Fuego - The Carol Singer at the Sky Gates

03 December 2018

Private event hosted by the National Theatre of Bucharest. The responsibility for the quality and content of this event lies solely with the organizer! December will be the month in which Paul Surugiu - Fuego, a Romanian Christmas brand, a true phenomenon, the Artist of the People of the Republic of Moldova and one of the most beloved Romanian artists, shall embark on a tour de force, an eventful tour dedicated to the winter celebrations, the Romanian spirit and the authentic values ​​- The Carol Singer at the Sky Gates! The tour shall start on December 3rd and shall end on December 29th, 2018 and shall be held throughout Romania, but also the Republic of Moldova. Fuego offers his audience a lot of excitement, a celebration of soul music, with news, premieres, but also with his traditional winter songs. So we shall enjoy together, in a show of sound and lights, the most beautiful gifts of winter, feelings connected to parents and loved ones, reunions and childhood emotions, faith and, of course, the wonderful feeling of patriotism, the one that many have forgotten. Together with his band and some unique surprises, Fuego shall offer a fairytale show, two hours of intense, blissful moments, in which nothing shall matter except music and strong emotions!   Translated by Simona Nichiteanu 

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